Resume With Employment Gap Examples

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Employment gaps are not uncommon, but they can be very scary. Mainly because recruiters assume they are bad when they see them on a resume.

Resume With Employment Gap Examples

Resume With Employment Gap Examples

However, in most cases, employment gaps are nothing to fear. From going back to school, deciding to travel, to taking time off and caring for growing children, there are many legitimate reasons why someone may take a career gap.

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So what we’re getting at here is this: employment gaps aren’t a big deal if you know how to explain them well in your resume.

We’ve put together this guide for you to learn how to describe an employment gap on a resume. Here’s what we cover:

To better communicate the employment gap (and the reasons behind it), you should touch on it in 3. So below, we’ll explain the best way to explain your resume, cover letter, and job gap during a job. Interview:

After all, you don’t want to omit a two-year work gap from your resume, for example, only revealing it during your interview.

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Therefore, it is very important that you are honest about your employment history – or lack thereof – in your application.

The important thing here is that potential employers find out about your employment gap – especially if it’s long or recent. So, trying to hide it will damage your resume and give recruiters even more reason to believe you have something to hide.

And, if you’re worried about it, remember that recruiters are human too, and you’ll understand if you’re upfront about your job gap – and what’s causing it!

Resume With Employment Gap Examples

Here’s some good news: If your work experience is old, you can omit it from your resume entirely.

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For example, say your employment gap was 10 years ago. Chances are — especially if you’re a seasoned professional — you won’t include jobs from 10 years ago on your resume. Above all, your resume should be as relevant as possible (and stay within the recommended 1-page resume length).

Therefore, it is perfectly fine to avoid employment gaps that are long before your most recent employment history (or very short, such as 6-month employment gaps when you were between jobs).

When it comes to resumes, writing down the dates of your employment gap won’t cut it – it only leaves things open to interpretation by recruiters.

The only thing that this candidate will clarify to the recruiters is that he has not worked for a period of 3 years. Besides, recruiters don’t know if the gap in employment is due to a valid reason or if the candidate decided to be a couch potato for a few years.

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This is why it is better to write the exact reason for the work gap between your work experience records.

From September 2009 to January 2012, I traveled through Europe and East Asia. This was my goal before I turned 30.

If your employment gap is longer than a few short months, you may benefit from using an entirely different resume structure.

Resume With Employment Gap Examples

For example, the functional application format and the admissions format place more emphasis on your skills and abilities than on your work experience, which is a great way to shift the focus away from your work experience.

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Taking advantage of a different resume structure doesn’t mean you have to skip employment altogether on your resume. Lying is never the right thing to do and it always ends badly for you (even if you get the job).

If you’re suddenly between jobs and worried about how this will reflect on your future job applications, take action!

Instead of simply explaining your future employment gap as a “career break” or “job search,” start a personal plan and create something more valuable to put on your resume.

For example, you can enroll in one or more online courses related to your career when you take a break from work, or start a project you’ve always wanted to work on but never had the chance to!

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That way, you’ll have more to say than simply saying you’re looking for a job or taking a self-discovery break, and you’ll effectively show recruiters that you’re constantly growing — even outside of the office!

Highlighting your skills and acquired knowledge is a great way to cover past employment gaps. Sure, you might not be working, but you might still be working on developing yourself as a professional or as an individual.

I took a year off from my career to focus on personal and professional development. Throughout the year, I was able to:

Resume With Employment Gap Examples

Want to go deeper into your employment gap? Your cover letter is your chance to do so.

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Unlike your resume where you leave 2-3 sentences to explain yourself, you can be more detailed in your cover letter.

In particular, you can use the body of your cover letter to provide more details about your employment gap.

If your application and cover letter make a good impression, you will be invited for an interview. Also, even if you’ve already explained your job gap, there’s nothing stopping recruiters from asking you about it again.

Unfortunately, I lost my job due to cutbacks within the company. During my job search, I took online courses to improve my skills, stay up-to-date on all industry trends and developments, and focus on my mental well-being. I am now in the perfect position to apply everything I have learned throughout my new ventures.

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There can be a myriad of reasons behind an employment gap, and unless it’s related to something like incarceration, it shouldn’t hinder your job prospects.

It’s hard to build a strong resume without explaining the employment gap. Struggling with other aspects of creating a resume? Check out some of our best resources:

Any employment gap in your resume that you can’t explain to recruiters will cast a shadow over your job application.

Resume With Employment Gap Examples

Shorter work breaks (eg time between jobs, illness or injury recovery) are more acceptable than 3-year breaks in your recent work history.

How To Explain Gaps In Employment (resume & Cover Letter)

So, while there is no specific time limit for a very long work break, if it is long enough, it will be difficult for employers to ignore it.

If your work gap is due to illness, a failed business, a family emergency, and more, an employment gap is definitely not bad! All you need to do is to be honest with the employers and prove that you are a reliable employee.

If your work hiatus is for a less socially acceptable reason, such as serving time for a crime or being in rehab, it will be more difficult to explain your work hiatus—and, more likely, hurt your job application.

The best way to explain such an employment break is to name it a “planned career break” and write down the exact period you were on leave. Below, you can add a sentence or two about why you took it (eg three years off work to look after my growing children, who are now in primary school).

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In addition, you can also mention personal projects or other work-related experiences you have had during that period. For example, if you’ve taken some online classes or started a personal project, this is a great way to let recruiters know that you weren’t completely idle during your work break.

114 million people lost their jobs in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you’re infected and quarantined due to Covid-19 (or if you’re unlucky and have serious health issues from the virus), take note. “Work break related to illness” or due to covid-19 on your application.

In a sentence or two, you can explain that you had to take time off from work due to Covid-19 and that you are now fully recovered and ready to return to work.

Resume With Employment Gap Examples

Similarly, if you worked for a business (such as an airline) affected by Covid-19, you can mention that you were laid off due to the impact of the pandemic and what you did. Meanwhile look for a job or improve your skills.

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Employers don’t like breaks on the job when they say the breaks are due to criminal, abusive or addictive behavior or simple laziness. In such a situation, employers assume that you are not a reliable employee and you may exhibit similar behaviors while working for them.

On the other hand, if you have a reasonable explanation for your job gap, employers won’t think twice about hiring you as long as you’re a good fit.

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