Resume Template In Spanish

Resume Template In Spanish – Over the past decade, the labor market in the Spanish-speaking world has experienced admirable growth and diversification. Every year more and more people want to know how to study Spanish, how to write formal emails and most importantly how to write a strong CV in Spanish.

Unsurprisingly, the most sought-after international markets are Spain and Mexico. Spain, a member of the European Union, is the fifth largest economy in Europe behind Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy, and the fourteenth in the world in terms of nominal GDP. Mexico, on the other hand, is the United States’ largest trading partner, accounting for nearly half of all exports in recent years.

Resume Template In Spanish

Resume Template In Spanish

If you want to search for a job opportunity in these Spanish-speaking countries, the first thing to do is to create an impressive Spanish CV from scratch. (No, translating your CV into English will not suffice!). A great resume that respects local customs and conventions will get you more interviews and help you stand out in a competitive world.

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Below, you’ll find some essential tips to wow your employers with the best Spanish CV they’ve ever seen. But if you’re a little impatient and want to see what your CV will look like when you’re done, check out a free Spanish CV template on Europass.

Sections of a Resume in Spanish Headshot Personal Information Work Experience Education Languages ​​and Skills Tips for Writing Your Resume in Spanish Use Bullets Keep Your Grammar Simple Learn Proper Vocabulary Have a Spanish Speaker Proofread Your Resume Spanish Resume Example: Ideal Model

Just like American CVs, Spanish CVs have different sections that make it easier for potential employers to find the information they need to see if a candidate is suitable for a specific position. Let’s take a look at these sections.

In the United States, if you put a photo on your CV, there is an 88% chance that you will be rejected. In Spanish-speaking countries, however, recruiters expect applicants to include a professional photo on the front page. This photo should be the size of a passport photo and should show your head and shoulders.

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Next to the profile photo, it is customary to include a header dedicated to contact data and basic personal information. If a recruiter wants to discuss your application, they should be able to easily find your contact details, which is why they are included in a separate section at the top of the page.

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International applicants may also want to include an identification number proving that they can legally work in the target country. Check what is the name and nature of this permit in the country where you want to settle.

The work experience section is a list of the most important jobs you have held in recent years. In Spanish CVs, these posts are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first) so that potential recruiters have a good idea of ​​a candidate’s career progression.

Resume Template In Spanish

If you compare your English CV with a Spanish CV template, you will probably notice a big difference. Normally, in resumes for the United States or other English-speaking countries, descriptions of work experience and other sections are written in paragraph form. In a Spanish CV, however, it is better to use bullet points instead of writing whole paragraphs. Candidates should express their key skills and accomplishments using action verbs such as

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This is the section devoted to demonstrating the applicant’s formal education, qualifications and certificates, especially those relevant to the position for which they are applying. As with your work experience, you should list your qualifications in reverse chronological order.

As with the sections on education and work experience, the main skills you should include in this part are those that allow employers to see why you are the ideal candidate for the position in question. The best way to do this is to research the vacancy and use the job description as a guide to find the type of skills required for that particular position.

One of the most crucial abilities to highlight on a Spanish CV, of course, is knowledge of the Spanish language. But what’s the best way to list your Spanish skills on a resume?

If you are applying for a job in Spain, it is advisable to list your language skills according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. The CEFR is an internationally recognized framework that assesses the overall linguistic performance of speakers on a scale ranging from A1 (basic user) to C2 (native-like fluency).

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If you are applying to work in Mexico, in a Spanish company in the United States or elsewhere, you can use more general terms, such as these:

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Listing your conversational skills on your resume is a great way to show your confidence in your ability to handle the communicative demands of a job in Spanish. If you’re unsure of your current level, you can take a free trial lesson with one of our native teachers and find out where you stand!

Although the type of information you will find in a Spanish CV template is more or less the same as in an English CV, there are a few conventions you can follow to make your CV more Spanish.

Resume Template In Spanish

As we’ve said before, in the Spanish-speaking world it’s more common (and far more preferable) to list your skills, accomplishments, and qualifications in concise bullet points rather than writing full paragraphs. As well as making your CV more appropriate for a Spanish audience, it provides the perfect excuse to avoid having to use complex sentences whose structure may be unfamiliar to you. This brings us to the next point…

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Since the bulk of your CV will be devoted to recounting the professional and educational experiences that qualify you for the position you are applying for, you won’t need (and shouldn’t try to use) unnecessarily complex grammar. . Stick to the simple past tense verb form to explain your accomplishments, tasks, and responsibilities from past experiences and you should be fine.

Identify the action verbs that best match your professional profile. Find out which skills they value most in your profession and make your vocabulary choices accordingly. For example, if the target company is all about teamwork, use verbs like

(I coordinated). If your post is one in which you are expected to solve a lot of problems, describe your previous work experiences by saying things like

No matter how much effort you put into your Spanish CV, it’s completely normal to make a few mistakes, whether in spelling, grammar or vocabulary. If you want to make sure your Spanish resume is spotless, have a native speaker of the language read it before submitting. You don’t know any? No problem. Contact us and we’ll connect you with a native tutor for a one-on-one lesson so they can teach you all the ins and outs of writing your CV in Spanish, proofread your production and give you feedback.

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Now that you’ve read all of these tips, it’s time to see how they combine to create a great CV in Spanish. If you’re considering creating your own resume, use this Spanish resume template as your template and be prepared to wow any potential recruiters in the Spanish-speaking market.

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Do you still feel like you could benefit from personalized help? No problem. Just send us a quick message and we’ll connect you with a qualified native Spanish teacher for a tailored one-to-one lesson. No, you don’t need to purchase an entire course! In fact, the first lesson is for us. Yes, we offer a free trial lesson, without obligation. Contact us now and get started! Are you applying for a job in Spain? This guide contains advice, examples and the format requirements needed to write the perfect Spanish CV. Create your today!

Your CV in Spain should include a solid work history, detailed education, photo, contact details and date of birth. It’s part and parcel of your Spanish job search that your CV doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons – it should be eye-catching because it’s a great CV, not because it’s missing key information.

Resume Template In Spanish

Layout: Use clear headings and sections – you want employers and recruiters to be able to scan your resume quickly and efficiently.

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Photo: “In Spain, it’s completely normal to include a photo on your CV,” according to Spanish Town Guides. An image directly on the CV is ideal, but you can include an image separately if needed.

Personal Information: At the top of your resume, include your name, date of birth, nationality, full address, phone number, and email address.

Personal Summary: A personal summary is not required, but if you wish to include a few lines briefly describing your professional background or career goal, that is acceptable.

Work Experience: List your work experience in reverse chronological order. Use this section to sell yourself and your experience – focus on your accomplishments, but be sure to also include your responsibilities. Use bullet points to

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