Resume Speed Musically Nyt Crossword

Resume Speed Musically Nyt Crossword – Double the speed of sound / DHU 7-14-22 / Kirin alternative / Find a dry Italian wine / Actress Alexander from Living Single

THEME: H2O (69A: Fireman, familiar … or a phonetic hint for this puzzle’s theme)— simple letter change: “H” goes “to” “Oh, ” wackiness follows:

Resume Speed Musically Nyt Crossword

Resume Speed Musically Nyt Crossword

Word of the Day: Roger KAHN(66A: Roger who wrote “A Season in the Sun”) — Roger Kahn (October 31, 1927 – February 6, 2020) was an American author, best known for his 1972 baseball book The Boys of Summer . (wikipedia) // [On A Season in the Sun (1977)] In 1976, Roger Kahn spent an entire baseball season, from spring training to the World Series, with players of every kind and ability. The result is this book, in which Kahn reports on the successes and hopes of a small college team, a fledgling New England ball club, a failed major league franchise, and a group of heroes on the national stage. (Google Books)

The Ny Times Aims To Diversify Its Crossword Puzzles With New Fellowship

There are a lot of “ugh”s and frowns in the margins of this one. The theme itself is so thin that the hilarity payoff should be huge, and it isn’t. It’s a simple letter change – a theme as old as the hills. Very 20th century. And I don’t mind a throwback theme if you can do something awesome with it, if you can make your little changes yield genuine LOL wackiness. But these answers are all pretty lame. I don’t know how hard it is to find words that will allow you to turn them into other words by making an “H” and “O,” but I’m guessing pretty hard. Still, you have to do better than NA SOAVE or POD PROGRAM. You especially need to do better than NA SOAVE and POD PROGRAM when the rest of your grid is so lumpy and outdated. It was one of those where I knew I was in for a rough ride before I even got out of the little NW corner. TAD ASAHI OHOHOH REHEM OMANI *don’t* promise things, especially if that portion of the grid isn’t even compromised by a theme answer. And sure enough, the short fill continued in this vein, despite the theme not being particularly dense or otherwise difficult to pull off. TAD and SLEW and A LOT . If we could find ATON and SCAD, we’d have a Crosswordese Amounts basketball team! You have GeneralMEADE and his STENO and of course MNEMENEMEMEMENMO or whatever Her name is, wow, yes, and then the TEAROT, yuck, those are the worst, I drink my tea without rats, thank you. OMNI ANNO ONIT NAW . Truly an onslaught. You get one good longer answer, “I CAN’T EVEN!” and you get Natalie PORTMAN (who I forgot ever won an Oscar, sorry Natalie, my bad), and then you get, what, HONORS? CAR LOAN? Someone named BEA HERO? Oof, BE A HERO , which has a great EAT A SANDWICH energy (BE A HERO ! EAT A SANDWICH! There’s your new slogan, delis of the world! It’s all yours!). The only difficulty in this puzzle was coming up with the themes, which are somewhat difficult to see if you don’t already know the trick, since the grid phrases are nuts and the base phrases can only be understood after you grid phrases. Other than that bit of resistance, the grill doesn’t offer much of a fight.

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I thought the muse was MNEMO (41A: Muse of memory), which happens when your brain crosses “mnemonic” with Mets outfielder Brandon NIMMO. Actually, MNEMO is just the first five letters of “mnemonic”, so it felt right. Wrong. Oh well, SLEW to the rescue, I guess. I had trouble with DEAF because I didn’t know what the “signers” were signing (I counted contracts). I had trouble with NONRANDOM because the clue just doesn’t seem correct (35D: Like the results of loaded dice). The “results” of dice rolls…are they truly random? Obviously, your odds of rolling certain numbers are greater than those of rolling other numbers, but I’m probably confusing mathematical concepts here. Anyway, whatever the clue, for me it’s hard to like NONRANDOM. I thought KAHN was a songwriter and “A Season in the Sun” was a song from some musical. This despite owning Roger KAHN’s “The Boys of Summer.” Last little screw up came at the very end, where I thought the [Precious Diamond] was ICE. But it was ACE. You know, playing cards.

Probably shouldn’t have known PORTMAN via the Oscar, since “Oscar” is part of EGOT (57D: Feat for a performer, for short). And was there no other MARCO you could have gone with in that MARCO MADNESS clue!? I mean, just the weakest, most boot-licking twerp there is in the Senate. Let the former president push him around. I mean, I almost respected him when he called Trump a “con” and said Trump was “completely unprepared to be president of the United States,” but then he gave the bully all his lunch money and tell him what a great man he was. Anyone with integrity and self-respect would have broken with his party. But no. Huge embarrassment. It’s bad enough that I have to suffer through the resurrection of Reagan/Bush propagandist Peggy NOONAN (36A: Political columnist Peggy) , but to have her cross Rubio, ugh, that’s a LOT to take in one puzzle. I know the puzzle feels very strongly about right-wing representation, but show some restraint. Anyway, I hope you digital solvers didn’t have 2 much trouble entering the “2” into the grid today. And I really hope you enjoyed it a lot more than I did. Good day.

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P.S. good morning to my readers in São Paolo, Tel Aviv and Beirut. I see you! (Google Analytics is fun sometimes…)TV journalist Pressman with a Peabody and 11 Emmys / DHU 7-22-21 / The sportsman buns and ironic t-shirts say / The closest living relative of whales / Home of Planck Einstein and Heisenberg when they won their Nobel Prizes / the Autopilot inflatable balloon character in Airplane / Ziff Marge’s ex-boyfriend on the Simpsons

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Double The Speed Of Sound / Thu 7 14 22 / Kirin Alternative / Seeking A Dry Italian Wine / Actress Alexander Of Living Single

THEME: JOIN AT THE HIP (57A: Inseparable … or like three pairs of answers in this puzzle?)— HIP runs along HIP three times (how you’re supposed to make sense of the crosses, I don’t know) :

Word of the Day: GABE Pressman (11D: TV journalist Pressman with a Peabody and 11 Emmys) — Gabriel Stanley “Gabe” Pressman (February 14, 1924 – June 23, 2017) was an American journalist who was a reporter for WNBC- TVin has been New York City for over 60 years. His career spanned more than seven decades; the events he covered include the sinking of the Andrea Doriain in 1956, the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr., the Beatles’ first trip to the United States and the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. He was one of the pioneers of American television news and is credited as the first reporter to leave the studio for on-the-scene “street reporting” at major events. Dubbed the “Dean of New York Journalism,” Pressman’s numerous awards include a Peabody and 11 Emmys, and he is considered a New York icon. (wikipedia)

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There must have been some misprint. The Downs don’t make sense if HIP and HIP occupy completely separate squares, so I thought the newspaper version of the puzzle should have used enlarged cells, like a double decker cell for the “H” and the “I” and the “P” so that they can be part of both Acrosses, but still only represent one letter in the Downs. But that’s not what the newspaper version looks like. It also has HIP next to HIP. So I’m back to the first and most obvious problem, which is… the crosses. The Downs. They make no sense. Point. The end. I really don’t understand how you can just ignore the Downs. The roster is now full of nonsense like AIIR and TEPPID . Amazing. The NYTXW really lost its ears this past week. The puzzles are either extremely poorly or lazily executed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a summer puzzle dump quite like this. We are now in a brutal run. I hope it’s over. Tomorrow is Friday. Hope springs forever on Fridays.

Resume Speed Musically Nyt Crossword

I got the theme concept early… or so I thought. See, I’m one of those people that the Acrosses *and* the Downs will make sense, so my first instinct was that the Downs had to work and that the gimmick had something to do with leaving certain squares empty. Here’s what my puzzle looked like after just half a minute or so:

It’s Morrissey, Man! (1961)

REHAB ARISES LOU . I got RAT (1A: Bad Singer?) and then immediately got *all* those Downs. When one didn’t match I thought I was wrong, but when they all didn’t match, and they all didn’t match exactly the same one-too-many letters, I “knew” there was a disappearing letter theme to it the corridor.

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