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Resume Services Fort Lauderdale

Resume Services Fort Lauderdale

A well-organized, easy-to-read layout keeps employers from reading and navigates them to your key qualifications and strengths. Then you can convince them that you are the right candidate for the job.

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To get the job you want, your content needs to be compelling. The Super Yacht Resume will reinforce and align your qualifications with your goals, maximizing your chances for success.

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We are a dedicated team here to help you with a professional yachting CV, advice, and industry connections to find the perfect job for you. If you’re applying for a Hotel Receptionist role, you’ll need a killer resume to make sure you’re at the top of the application stack. Our Hotel Receptionist resume sample below is full of information and examples to help you create an application that wins the interview. Hotel Receptionists are the face of the establishment they represent, but the job requires more than a bright smile and good manners.

Other job titles you can look at under the Hotel Reception category include Resort Receptionist, Guest Liaison, Front Desk Clerk, Greeter, Member Service Representative, Motel Assistant, Cruise Line Receptionist, Front Desk Scheduler, Hotel Reservations Clerk or Client Relations Agent.

2. Profile Summary: The elevator pitch of your resume should grab the reader’s immediate interest, prompting them to continue looking at the rest of your resume. Include a broad synopsis of your background, years of industry experience, and qualifications. We have included examples of profile summaries below this guide.

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Resume Services Fort Lauderdale

3. Qualification Summary: For Hotel Receptionist roles, a high school diploma is usually all that is required. However, some job openings may also require post-school certifications in the Hospitality, Tourism, Business Administration, or Culinary fields.

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4. Relevant Hotel Reception Experience: Provide information about your working history in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Use bullet points and punchy sentences to list your most valuable receiving activities.

5. Other Work Experience: This will include permanent work history outside of reception duties, but still in a client relationship setting or temporary and vocational jobs where you are in direct contact with clients or customers. Only detail it with job descriptions if you don’t have five years of admissions experience. Otherwise, simply list the company by job title and duration to eliminate gaps in your employment history.

6. Summary of Skills/Key Skills: Include terminology, required skills, and keywords from the job posting. You should weave this through your resume to strengthen your compatibility.

7. Education/Licensing/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training: Hotel Receptionists have access to comprehensive post-school education options through courses, in-house training, workshops, and development programs. Demonstrate that you have achieved relevant theoretical knowledge to complement your practical experience.

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Recruiters are constantly inundated with resumes, especially in the hospitality and tourism sector where employee turnover is relatively high. If your resume isn’t seen by many, you may find yourself spending hours and hours sending out applications with zero return on effort. Instead take the extra time now to tailor your resume perfectly to each position and apply for smaller roles. The focus should be on quality applications and not quantity ”spray and pray” efforts.

Where do you start? Consider the important functions of a Hotel Receptionist and convert each task into a value-adding activity (benefit statement).

The first activity of a Hotel Receptionist is greeting guests and patrons of the establishment. What does this mean and how can you convert this activity into an added value for a potential employer? Perhaps the fact that you have a confident, approachable disposition makes the guest feel welcome when they walk through the lobby doors by giving them your undivided attention.

Resume Services Fort Lauderdale

Then comes the check-in process. Hotel receptionists must be quick and efficient to ensure guests are checked in, given their room keys, and informed about the hotel’s layout, amenities, and upcoming events. All this in less than 15 minutes (according to industry standards) so that tired guests can be taken to their rooms to relax and unwind, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

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Another aspect of responsiveness is your ability to handle guest inquiries and complaints in a professional manner. Hotel receptionists often substitute Google Maps, events calendars, and tourist directories. Also, a Hotel Receptionist is also the first point of contact to calm angry guests and deal with problematic issues from noise complaints to faulty air conditioning while remaining cool. calm and collected under scrutiny.

Next comes the telephone/switchboard function to facilitate reservations, change bookings, or provide information about hotel rates and facilities. You should define your term on the phone by giving examples of a ”typical office day” (how many calls you take, frequency of phone bookings made, etc.).

What goes in must come out. The Hotel Receptionist is also the last face guests see upon departure (apart from the doorman perhaps). A friendly, fast check-out procedure is paramount to put a final cherry on the cake of a positive guest experience. Hotel Receptionists are responsible for processing payments such as room surcharges and also providing deposit refunds when required.

You can make an excellent first impression by showing prospective employers that you can be a brand ambassador for their establishment and be instrumental in increasing repeat reservations in the long term. One way to do this is through a Feature and Benefit Matrix, like the one below:

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Empathize with tired arriving guests by offering them a complimentary drink or sending extra amenities to their rooms.

Willing and eager to go beyond the scope of the KPI to improve guest satisfaction, for example, offering to take them on an informal excursion or organizing champagne and roses for an anniversary or special birthday.

Offer a solution before a problem occurs such as pre-ordering a crib or bottle warmer into a family’s room with a small child.

Resume Services Fort Lauderdale

Advise guests about off-the-grid attractions to visit, provide directions to great restaurants or exciting local events they can enjoy.

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Able to participate when crises occur and to be on standby to offer alternatives, for example recommending a dentist for a broken tooth or a hairdresser for a bride who was left to her own devices on her wedding day.

A career summary can make an impression or cause screening depression. This is the introduction to your resume and should go on the top page, preferably in bold or a different font than the rest of your resume script. You have 6 seconds to grab the reader’s attention, so make it count!

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Start your career summary with your years of industry experience and primary duties (aka the purpose of your role). Enhance the impact of your summary by using a key phrase or two borrowed from the job advertisement. Then finish by mentioning your highest (most relevant) qualifications or certifications. Spice it up with metrics or numerical values ​​to reinforce your message.

Energetic Hotel Receptionist with five years of experience in luxury hotel settings. Highly skilled at developing a relationship with new and returning guests alike, proven by a 95% review rating over the last few years. Ambitious and dedicated to improving guest satisfaction every time. Completed a Bachelors in Hospitality with summa cum laude results.

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Enthusiastic and intelligent Front Desk Receptionist with 3+ years of work in a corporate hotel and conference center. Skilled in facilitating the number of check-ins, approximately 30 per day. Skilled in Amadeus and holds CGSP Certified Guest Services Professional) accreditation.

Efficient front desk receptionist with over 15 years of experience serving guests of rural motels and inns. Proficient in POS terminal use and fluent in German and French often acting as a translator for European visitors on travel tours.

An employer expects to see specific foundation duties and skills within a Hotel Receptionist resume. Here are some examples of the main duties of a Hotel Receptionist in different sectors.

Resume Services Fort Lauderdale

Humility is a must-have attribute for any Hotel Receptionist, not just on your resume. You should dedicate a specific section just for success statements. Don’t be tempted to copy and paste the list of tasks you performed under your accomplishments section. Leave them where they belong (in your job description).

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Think about the most difficult problems you have solved, promotions obtained, positive reviews accumulated, and value-adding activities deserve their own space in your resume document. Feel free to bold them or use a

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