Resume Paper Office Depot

Resume Paper Office Depot – What is paper? What do you need paper for? What is the best paper for you? So how do you choose what paper to print on? Paper color: One or the other Paper weight: Your weight in words Paper material: The material you write on, not about the texture of the paper: Full finish Where to buy Paper takeaways

Yes, paper is still ‘a thing’ … sometimes. For those occasions when you must print copies, the number of paper options and deciding factors may surprise you. Here to guide you with information and tips for choosing the best paper.

Resume Paper Office Depot

Resume Paper Office Depot

Is paper still a thing? The answer is yes—paper is a relevant commodity today for the same reasons it was before the digital age, even if there is little need for printed hard copies. In fact, the number of considerations that go into making an informed choice about printing paper may surprise you, both practically and aesthetically.

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That the overall quality of the paper is better than normal printer paper. In general, it feels heavier and looks significantly better than regular printer paper. But with so many different types of paper available, comparisons between them are less straightforward.

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It’s easy to tell what paper isn’t. Other than letter-size dimensions, the paper is not the same as regular printer paper (sometimes called “copy” paper—as in an office copier). The paper is specially designed for printing s and cover letters, and can also be used as stationery for a variety of other special purposes.

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Your only choice for paper should be letter-size quality — 8.5 by 11 inches in the U.S. or A4 in other parts of the world — like regular printing paper.

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Of course, the content of a legacy should always be worth more than the paper it’s printed on. But there’s no question that when placed on a desk or in one’s hand, the look and feel of a document can make a significant difference, for better or worse.

So when exactly does it matter? With online job applications being the norm these days, how likely is it that anyone at the hiring organization will print you out on special paper, if at all? Shouldn’t the PDF version be your only hobby when it comes to design elements?

Resume Paper Office Depot

There are three modern-day situations where job seekers need their copies printed on the best quality paper they can afford:

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Your choice of paper will affect the overall impression on those who first see the printed copy you provide and hold it in their hands while reading. What do you want recruiters to see and feel? Optimizing the way your print “experiences” is choosing the best paper for your target employer.

As a major departure from career writing guides and examples, we emphasize the importance of tailoring each version of your resume to the specific job you’re applying for, along with the employer and industry. Then take that custom approach a step further by choosing a design template with compatible formatting elements, perhaps aligned with the employer’s visual identity.

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Paper options add another layer of compatibility considerations. Take cues from your design template to find the perfect paper fit. Just as financial or legal professionals are best served by a carefully buttoned-down design template, a paper that exudes minimal, premium quality vibes with their printed documents. Justice will do.

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A managerial or executive job application paper should convey a polished sophistication that reflects attention to detail. An exceptionally simple look on paper—without sacrificing quality—will be just fine for most entry-level job applicants. In the creative and artistic fields there are more avenues to consider with less traditional paper colors and textures. Other papers lend themselves to manufacturing or high-tech job markets.

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Choosing the best paper is largely a matter of personal preference — not just yours, but also your best judgment of those on the receiving end. HR research data can be somewhat helpful in determining which printing paper is your safest bet or can land you in the reject pile without reading. But when people are asked to pick this or that favorite, it still comes down to subjective evaluations.

The good news is that each of the following decisions about the perfect paper doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re going to keep it as simple as possible so you don’t have to think too much.

Resume Paper Office Depot

Although HR research has not yet reached a definitive verdict on any overall “best” choice of paper, consensus on these two characteristics is solid.

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White or ivory? Rarely should any other paper color be considered…and then only in special creative situations when you’re sure the employer will be excited. Despite dozens, or even hundreds, of different white and ivory shade variations, your paper color can be limited to this “either” choice.

But not so fast…because the question of white vs. ivory is often not simple or clear-cut. It may require tougher judgment than any other paper consideration.

Deciding whether you look better on a white or ivory background depends on the design template you choose, along with the image you want to project. Experimenting with both paper colors is the only way to be sure.

Our New York template is monochromatically clean and refined with beautiful graphic touches. You can never go wrong with white or ivory paper, but ivory can give you a certain edge.

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Sydney makes a dynamic modern statement by adding side columns of transparent text and graphics against a solid dark fill. White or ivory paper is equally effective, but ivory shows more originality. Make sure your printer is up to the task of producing accurate and deep color for high-quality results.

Our Amsterdam template also has a side column with solid background padding. But instead of 100% dark, it’s a lighter shade of gray that doesn’t even show up on the ivory paper. So white paper is a better choice in this case.

With leading job search experts yet to unanimously rule the board in favor of white or ivory paper, we can only offer these general areas of consensus.

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Resume Paper Office Depot

The greatest assurance of clarity is critical for graphics, non-black colors, light colors and any color shade at less than 100% opacity.

Southworth Cotton Business Paper, 8 1/2

This may actually be your least weighted decision about the best paper for printing. Paper weight refers to the thickness and density characteristics that affect printed appearance as well as feel and durability. Thinner, lighter-bodied sheets of paper are more transparent and less crimp-proof.

Increased paper weight comes with improved product quality and professionalism – real and perceived. A who looks and feels stronger and less vulnerable will stand out in the stack with good reason, psychologically solidifying the job application.

The weight of printing paper is measured in pounds per “ream” – the equivalent of a package of 500 sheets. 20 lb. Along with being a standard printing paper weight, paper is also commonly available in two heavier weight options: 24 lb. and 32 lb.

Of the three paper weight options that are commonly available—20 lb., 24 lb. and 32 lb. — you’ll never regret splurging on the 32 lb.

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Materials take on a whole new concrete meaning when we talk about what the paper itself consists of. Paper content is an important quality indicator of your printed document, sometimes related to weight and texture.

The most important make-up or break effect of paper material comes from the percentage of cotton content. From 0% to 100% relative to the composition of standard wood pulp, the higher the cotton content in your paper, the better the quality and durability. With low light reflection, cotton enhances the richness and depth of ink color. This contributes to both the softness and crispness of the feel of the paper.

As a preferred paper material, cotton gets extra marks for eco-friendliness. Other environmentally sustainable materials include bamboo and linen, the latter appreciated for its beautiful resemblance to fabric made from the same flax plant.

Resume Paper Office Depot

We’ve saved paper structure for last to address here, but it’s by no means the most important. Paper “finish” – in both the visual and tactile senses of the word – can make the biggest difference in achieving your finished product.

Parchment Specialty Paper, 24 Lb Bond Weight, 8.5 X 11, Copper, 500/box

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