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Resume Io Free Trial – The Dutch are mostly known for their organization and simplicity, two qualities you definitely need when applying for a new job. And – a company founded in the Netherlands in 2012 – can make that wish come true, especially for those who have never tried creating an online resume before. Whether you choose the free version or either of the two subscriptions, you’ll get a brutally simple – and you might say minimalistic – resume editor with which you can create an endless number of resumes and cover letters in TXT, PDF, or DOCX. Everything provides is built on minimalism: you can choose from 18 different templates, add only the sections you need, and search for jobs through a simple job board. However, if you run into trouble, you can always count on the friendly, fluent English-speaking staff and enjoy adventures like a seven-day money-back guarantee, a “Refer a Friend” promotion, and the chance to save up to 75% on a longer subscription.

Once you access, you are greeted with an extremely simple resume builder, which is both a plus and a minus. Although is very easy to use and has a clear dashboard, it is so simple that many of the customization features that anyone would expect from such software are completely absent.

Resume Io Free Trial

Resume Io Free Trial

First, you can’t upload existing documents, be it resumes or cover letters, and upload options are limited to just three formats: PDF, DOCX, and TXT (with the first two only available to signed-in users). You also cannot print documents unless they are uploaded in PDF format. Second, if you want to customize your resume, you can only edit the available templates and color scheme, and everything else is more or less fixed.

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However, everything else is self-explanatory. The only section you cannot move is the personal details where your details are filled in automatically. However, if you want to change the information displayed in this section, you can do so at any time, except for your email address, which is fixed. As for the other sections, the defaults are education, work history, and skills. There are up to 11 different sections in total, the order of which can be changed as you wish. Additional sections include courses, extracurricular activities, languages, and even a custom section, all of which have the same attributes as the three default sections and the option to remove them at any time.

See Also  Yoga Instructor Resume Pdf includes a simple job search engine based on ZipRecruiter, and also allows you to create cover letters for which you have to manually select a template (since they don’t automatically match your resume). The creation process has the same minimalist editing and formatting options. And yet, unlike resumes, cover letters can only be downloaded by subscribers and only in PDF format. has a very minimalistic design and offers only the most essential features; It’s not nearly enough on a computer, but if you want to create a resume from a mobile browser, it really comes in handy. However, despite the advantage, mobile editing is still not perfect: you need to hold the phone horizontally, but more importantly, the job board and cover letter editor are not available on the mobile version of the website. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t start the editing process unless you create an account, but once you do, you can create as many resumes and cover letters as you want.

The editor helps you write with a built-in spell checker and automatically updates the preview of your resume on the right side of the screen so you can see changes immediately.

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Providing 18 templates and the ability to change the color scheme for all of them, ensures that you end up with an original resume. However, as we’ve said before, if you’re not a signed-in user, you can’t see your resume at its best, as you can only upload your resume in a virtually unusable TXT format, not in its full PDF glory.

The templates themselves can only be selected when you think your resume is ready, except for the very first resume, for which you can choose a style in advance. If you want to further customize your resume, there are five preset color schemes and one completely custom one, or you can also enable the photo upload feature for the three templates. As for everything else, customization is mostly out of the question.

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Unfortunately, the pricing policy of this resume writing company is quite dubious. Of course, you can create an account for free, and you are not limited to the number of resumes and cover letters you can create. But the most important feature – PDF download – is only available if you subscribe to paid plans. Fortunately, there is a way that you can temporarily access the paid features as many times as you like: if you successfully convince a friend to sign up for one of the paid plans, you can download your resume as a PDF once.

Resume Io Free Trial

Apart from the above workaround, there is no other option but to opt for the subscription, although it can be canceled at any time. You can sign up for a monthly subscription that allows you to try for seven days for $2.95, after which you can either cancel your subscription or continue paying $24.95 per month. Another option is to skip the trial period and pay $75 upfront for one year ($6.25 per month) of unlocked access to all premium features and use the services for a full year without limits, saving 75% on subscription fees in the process.

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We have to tip our hats to the folks at for their toll-free phone service, which is available every day (though not 24/7) during regular business hours in the US – a huge thing considering the company is based in the Netherlands. They also have a ready contact form for when phone service is not available.

Unfortunately, that’s where the benefits end, as other support options are either weak or non-existent. Neither the social media pages nor the blog have an acceptable number of entries (in fact, the Twitter account has only one post), while the FAQ contains only 11 answers: three each for the service and user accounts, respectively, and regarding invoicing. If were a newly launched service, the lack of additional support would be acceptable, but from a company that has been in the market since 2012, it raises serious questions. is like Spirit Airlines for resume creation: it gets the job done and is fair when it comes to pricing (at least compared to competitors with similar pricing policies), but instead of the expected fireworks, you get a pitiful bang for your buck. There are very few customization options other than entering your details, the limited download options in the free version are downright unacceptable, and some aspects of the customer service are a joke.

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If you’re fine with a resume builder that only knows the basics but is at least mobile-friendly, then might be a good choice for you—provided you’re willing to try out the tools for seven days. after paying a small amount of money which can be fully refunded. Simplicity doesn’t always work for resume creation, but we suspect that might know something we don’t already know… Each template is expertly designed and follows the exact “rules” that hiring managers are looking for. Stand out and work faster with tested templates.

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Use this template PDFCape Town. Get noticed with this template that features a vibrant font with bright, vibrant colors.

Use this template PDFLisbonA great way to showcase your expertise, this creative template stands out with artistic touches.

Use this templatepdfCopenhagen Emphasizing your personal story above all else, this template combines a traditional style with an eye-catching design.

Resume Io Free Trial

Use this TemplatepdfChicagoBold and pass a structure that cannot be ignored. When you really need to make an impression and showcase your profile.

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I have tried so many online resume building sites and this one is by far the best! I hope it brings me luck too!

Great template, but unfortunately it’s not free. You will have to pay if you want to use their services for your setup. Still, it’s been a great experience using this website.

Like our examples and tutorials, our templates are free to download. With our free plan, you can use the designer tool to create a great project from scratch using our free templates. Once logged in, you can download a free .txt file to create yourself.

To make things even easier, you can also download our templates in .pdf or Word format. Our designer allows for maximum customization so you can add,

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