Resume In Chinese Language

Resume In Chinese Language – Professional translators are responsible for converting information from one language to another, working in the fields of business, technology, law, literature and science. Translators must have the ability to accurately assess meaning and context, and translate material correctly and accurately. To be successful in this job, you must have an excellent command of at least two languages, exceptional proofreading skills, a collaborative approach, and the ability to work with technology.

To create a resume that outlines your qualifications for a translator job without getting “lost in translation,” keep these resume tips and our resume examples in mind:

Resume In Chinese Language

Resume In Chinese Language

A professional translator with the most advanced information on Chinese language and culture. Has the ability to quickly translate written documents and audio recordings. Excellent listening and communication skills in a formal and structured manner. More than six years of related expertise.

Chinese Teacher Cover Letter Examples

Don’t worry about coming up with the right layout for your resume – just use one of our professional templates in our resume builder.

This two-column layout is a great space saver, giving you plenty of room to list your skills and work history. The subtly shaded subject gives a good look.

This template is perfect for any job, with clever use of space to make each section easy to see and read. A strong headline adds a touch of authority.

With a simple layout, bold section headings, and a nice header font, this design is easy for potential employers to scan.

Resume Formats In Various Countries: How Do They Differ?

Your ideal format will depend on your specific skills and work experience. If you can’t demonstrate a lot of work experience as a translator, use a chronological resume format, focusing on your work history. If you have less experience or are transitioning to a different career field, choose a composite resume format, which provides a balanced mix of relevant accomplishments and skills from previous jobs. If you’re new to professional translation work, go with a professional resume format, focusing on skills, training and outside experiences (eg, internships or volunteer work) that show you’re ready to handle the job.

Employers, as well as the applicant tracking systems (ATS) they use to scan CVs, will be looking for keywords in your CV that indicate you are a good fit for the job. To find the right keywords for your document, analyze the job posting and note specific characteristics the employer is looking for, such as “interpreting at parent/teacher meetings” or “intercultural understanding.” In your summary, skill categories and work history, describe them in ways that match these keywords. For example, you can list “cultural sensitivity” as a skill, or mention work experience where you provided interpretation. For more keyword tips, see How to Use Keywords Effectively.

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The second sentence makes more of an impact because it uses an action verb to describe what was accomplished. Instead of passive phrases such as “be guilty” or “assistant,” always choose a strong verb, such as If you are thinking of working in China or a Chinese company, you will probably need a Chinese resume – 中文简历(Zhōng wén jiǎn lì)

Resume In Chinese Language

The formatting, tone, and information of Chinese resumes are often slightly different from those in the West, which can make it very difficult to prepare!

Esl Teacher Resume Examples & Writing Guide

In this post, we’ll guide you step-by-step in writing a Chinese resume, from the overall format to use all the way down to the practical information to include and a TON of resume-related vocabulary.

In the West, we prefer clean, clear, and simple formatting for our resumes. Many times our formatting, font style, and even the paper we use is what can set our resume apart from others at first glance.

But in China, you will find that the format is often the same for all different resumes. The most common resume is made up of several boxes and looks similar to the official application form:

Now, while this ‘application form’ style is the most common, there are other resume styles out there that are more creative and aesthetically pleasing – so it’s really up to you which template or format to use.

Language Skills & Proficiency Levels On Resume

Another major difference from Western resumes is that most Chinese resumes contain an individual image. A Western company asking for a photo on your resume is unusual, but in China it’s normal!

Although this is common, it is not necessarily ‘necessary’. If you’re not comfortable putting your photo out there, you don’t have to – it’s usually a ‘plus’ in the eyes of an employer.

You will notice, however, that there is some personal information that you will not find on Western resumes. Some of them include:

Resume In Chinese Language

! That might not be very appropriate for a Western reboot, but it’s unheard of in China!

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Resume Examples That’ll Get You Hired In 2022

Don’t worry, if you’re not comfortable answering some of these fields, just avoid including them in your resume. But don’t be surprised if the interviewer asks about some of these topics during the interview!

Here is a sample resume with the above information included. Feel free to customize yours to include only the fields that are relevant to you or that you feel comfortable including:

Most of these fields are self-explanatory, but here are a few tips for filling in some tricks:

*TIP: Not sure how to type the Chinese character 女 (nǚ)? Check out this blog post and learn how!

Life Planning Information Website

Notice the order of the day, month, and year. In Chinese, we work from largest to smallest, so it’s ‘year, month, day’.

For example, February 21, 1985 would be 1985年 (yī jiǔ bā wǔ nián) 2月 (èr yuè) 21日 (èr shí yī rì)

Be sure to include the country code in your phone number and the country you live in in your address.

Resume In Chinese Language

You can fill this up depending on your situation. If you can speak multiple languages, list them along with the level of courses you have completed or standardized tests you have passed. If this does not apply to you or the position, you should not enter it.

How To Write A Resume

, and you can add the level you passed, such as Level 4 – 四级 (sì jí)

* Tip: Haven’t taken the HSK yet? Check out this blog post on How to Prepare for HSK!

You can also list courses you have completed, such as “Yoyo Chinese Beginner Conversational Course”, “Yoyo Chinese Character Course I”, etc.

We will also be offering a certificate of completion for our online Chinese course soon! Stay tuned for more news about the update!

Medical School Resume Sample

Some people also list their specific disabilities or illnesses in detail, but we suggest you go with “good” or “healthy” or if your condition is not that good, leave this field out.

This field is included in the resumption especially in those positions that are healthy and have some physical strength (such as lifting, walking or standing for a long time, etc.). But now it is very common to include this on your resume regardless of the physical requirements of the job.

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In the past, whether or not you were married would have affected the benefits you could apply for as an employee, and it would have given employers an idea about your financial stability.

Resume In Chinese Language

Today, it is not absolutely necessary to include this field, but employers may ask about it during the interview.

Starbucks Resume & Writing Tips

Most companies in China focus on monthly salary instead of annual salary, so it is usually better to think about monthly salary expectations, and if in doubt, specify monthly.

While adding this field can help ensure that the applicant and job offer are a good match relative to salary, you may want to leave it off, especially if you want more room to negotiate during the interview.

For example, you can write any position you want – in our sample, we have Project Manager – 最门电影 (xiàng mù jīng lǐ)

This section is important – especially since Chinese companies tend to care a lot about qualifications/degrees you have, where you graduated, and what educational qualifications you have.

Cashier Resume Sample

Most Chinese resumes include pre-university education, but as a foreigner that’s usually not necessary. As with any standard resume, you should list your educational information from most recent to oldest.

, you should definitely include this under your educational background, especially if you’ve spent time in China or any other Mandarin-speaking area.

*TIP: Interested in studying abroad in China? Check out this blog post for some tips on choosing a program!

Resume In Chinese Language

Here you can list any internships and jobs you’ve had, especially those related to the position. Try to avoid gaps in time unless it is due to your studies or studying abroad.

Killer Cover Letters And Resumes By Universum

Explaining what your responsibilities were in your previous jobs in a second language can be very difficult! When in doubt, try to stick to the simplest way of explaining the responsibilities, and maybe ask a Chinese friend to double check for you.

You can list it here, and state what level of award you received if any, such as third place 三等奖 (sān

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