Resume For Green Card Application

Resume For Green Card Application – Including citizenship status on a resume is often not a problem…until it isn’t. In most cases, citizenship is not considered as part of the recruitment process. That said, it can be an even more complicated problem. In an effort to demystify the topic, here are our answers to some frequently asked questions about citizenship, national origin and hiring.

, personal information – including race, nationality, gender, religion and sexuality – should never go on your resume. why not In the U.S. at least, these characteristics are covered by laws that prohibit employers from discriminating against people in the employment or hiring process. Adding elements like these can make you feel a little out of touch with professional norms – so it’s best to leave them out.

Resume For Green Card Application

Resume For Green Card Application

This list also includes citizenship — companies cannot choose who to hire based on citizenship status or national origin. The only problem is that what companies are allowed to do and what they actually do are not always the same.

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If you want to highlight that you are a citizen, you can do so with a small footnote at the bottom of your resume.

It’s not strictly required (unless you’re applying for a position that specifically requires US citizenship) but shouldn’t stand out if you choose to include it. It should go at the end of your resume and not take up more than one line. For example:

This discrimination is more of an issue if you’re an entry-level or mid-level hire — sometimes, companies can’t afford work sponsorship because the cost of sponsoring a visa can be a large percentage of a junior hire’s salary.

If you’re a senior-level employee or executive, you don’t have to worry about this — companies are more than willing to absorb any job sponsorship costs, so don’t include your citizenship on a resume.

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If you’re wondering what else to include or not include in your resume, such as citizenship, upload it to the tool below. You’ll get a quick recruiter-backed analysis of what to remove or add to your resume.

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U.S. Although it is illegal to discriminate against non-citizens, it is legal for companies to decide not to sponsor potential employees for work visas. Sometimes, the role itself is not eligible for job sponsorship; At other times, it is an economic or administrative choice.

You can enter the U.S. without a visa. If not eligible to work at, you don’t need to disclose that in your resume. Most company websites or applicant tracking systems (ATS) have a section for job qualifications, which you must fill honestly. If you need a visa but are applying for a company that does not offer sponsorship, you can check the State Department’s website for information on employment visas.

Resume For Green Card Application

By — In a note on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), you can find skills to put on your resume below:

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Despite laws against it, it is an unfortunate reality that employment discrimination still occurs. In particular, foreign-born workers are disproportionately unemployed or underemployed compared to native-born workers, and job seekers with non-traditional white names – including foreign-sounding or ‘black-sounding’ names – still experience hiring discrimination. In such cases, proactively listing citizenship or work authorization on your resume is one way to combat potential discrimination.

Legally, no. U.S. As long as you have the right to work in, companies are not allowed to give preference to citizens over green card holders.

Do not include sensitive information such as your passport number or social security number on your resume. This is unnecessary, but more importantly, it also poses a potential security risk. If you’re starting a new job, wait until you’re asked for that information as part of the onboarding process.

There may be some exceptions to general anti-discrimination laws depending on the size of the company. You can read more about equal opportunity employment policies, including coverage and exemptions, on the official government website.

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Yes! Each country has its own rules about discrimination, citizenship status, work permits and resume rules – for example, in Germany, it’s common to include your citizenship and other personal information on a resume. If you are in the U.S. If applying for a job outside of, check local laws and make sure you are aware of cultural norms.

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Resume For Green Card Application

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Resume For Green Card Application

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