Resume For Fraternity Rush

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We’ve also released a new eBook, Everything (seriously…everything!) You Need to Know About Sorority Recruitment. I hope this guide is everything you need to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally to get hired. Hurry up!

Resume For Fraternity Rush

Resume For Fraternity Rush

Welcome to Love Me Photography’s Rush 101 series! We continue our conversation about all things recruiting with today’s post on creating the perfect resume. If you’re new to the blog and a little nervous about Alpha-Delta-Kappa-Panhellenic terminology, here’s the first part of our series: The Recruitment Information Packet. All set? Let’s break down the typical resume section!

Information — Alpha Kappa Psi

Note: Put your name at the top of your resume and make sure it stands out. This can be done by adding your name, increasing the font size, or both! You can be creative with font style, but remember that legibility is the most important thing.

Add the rest of your information (eg, your name, address, home and cell number, and email) on a line below.

Note: Keep this section (and the next section) simple by entering only the necessary information. No explanation needed!

Note: Go girl, show off that hard work! DO include a brief description of that aspect of high school and every academic and extracurricular achievement you can think of from the year the award was received. Don’t browse the elementary school archives. (Although I’m surprised that you won the title of “fastest girl” in the fourth grade, you won’t be able to talk about it when you visit any of your homes.)

Sorority Recruitment Template Sorority Resume Template Kit

Example: Features Editor, Mane Event Newspaper (12) – Wrote copy for the Features section of the school newspaper, sold ads to local businesses, and edited classmates’ work before publication.

Note: Leadership roles are very important to include on your resume. As a member of a sorority, you can lead philanthropic activities, plan socials with other Greek groups, and much more – current members want to know if you have a responsibility to take on an intramural leadership role. chapter one day!

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Note: Explanations are not always required for Section 6 and Section 7. Just add it if you feel a job or interest needs a little extra context.

Resume For Fraternity Rush

Note: Don’t forget to include the length of time you worked for each employer + a brief description. PS: Yes, it counts as babysitting!

Rush — Alpha Chi Sigma

Note: Sororities will look at this section to determine if you belong to a sorority (eg, if you have family ties to one or more sororities). Include each member of the college your family graduated from, their sorority or fraternity, their department name (if you know it), and their pledge year.

Still feeling a little clumsy about arranging, printing, and mailing your resume and the rest of your package? Girl, we got you covered. Click below to download a 100% free and fully customizable template! Our template is created using Microsoft Word, meaning it doesn’t require special editing software to do it yourself.

And last but not least, I love that you stop by my BRAND NEW WEBSITE,, which launched in January 2017. Our new blog has more information about recruitment. See you there! You’re entering magic. You are anxious and excited to meet the members. A member walks up to you and says, “Hi! Welcome to XYZ! We are so glad you are here! What’s your name?”

As you chat, you will realize that you have a lot in common with this member. You have the same major, he’s from the same city.

Tt Rush Spring 2021

When you reach stage 2, XYZ is on! Again, when you’re talking to members, you’ll feel like you’re talking to your friends. You know this is your #1 question.

This could be your reality! You may find new best friends. You can find your home.

Your first step to finding your home and finding your passion is to create a social resume. Once you’ve created your public resume, you can receive letters of recommendation.

Resume For Fraternity Rush

Although they often don’t get the best score for referral letters, many use them to pair members to talk to new members. In the story above, a potential new member was paired up to talk to a first member.

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What To Include On A Sorority Resume

Pairing is when you talk to a specific member who shares something in common with you (hometown, activities, major, etc.). This pairing can result in being summoned to your favorite spell by combining with members.

Most of these websites provide FACTUAL information. A lack of information leaves many potential new members at a disadvantage in their training, missing out on important information. Can you connect?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or behind, you’ll want to watch this video. In the video, I give you 3 secrets to stand out, get back to your dreams, and get back to your dreams.

When a woman writes a letter of recommendation, she doesn’t know everything about you. For example, she can’t take the ACT if she’s not a mom.

Sorority Resume Template & Free Examples (and A Builder!)

That’s why writing a social resume requires a plan. You don’t just want to throw away information. You’ll need to put in the right information, and you’ll want to include only the information that’s important to you—the things you want to talk about during the hiring process. Think of your social media resume as the answer key to your offer letters.

If you don’t provide the right information to the woman writing your proposal letter, two different things can happen.

Lack of information can make you think you’re not good enough. If the witch doesn’t think you’re good enough, you won’t be invited to the next round.

Resume For Fraternity Rush

, I give you a step-by-step guide to creating a social resume, a guide (what to include, how much to include, etc.), tips, and examples. This guide is based on a review of letters of recommendation for many Panhellenic sororities. So, you just need to write a social resume. You know you’re giving every woman the right information and it’s easy to do!

Recruitment — Alpha Kappa Psi Eta Chapter

In addition, with this book you will learn how to get letters of recommendation, how to prepare for recruitment, what questions members will ask you, how to properly answer their questions, and how recruitment works.

Social media resume templates are designed to look good. The color and design of your social media resume won’t get you an offer. Let me explain.

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Do you care what color your pencil is? Do you really care if it’s purple, green, blue or yellow?

You probably don’t care about the color of the pen. You take the time to study and make sure you are prepared for the test.

Corporate Tax Accountant Resume

Consider the University of Alabama. On average, 25,000 women are employed each year. The recruiting team doesn’t go through 2,5000 social resumes and select the “best looking” social resumes to go back to for round 2.

Main road. Your public resume will not get you an offer. You want to think that they will respond to your offer letter. It should have correct information. So you’re asking yourself if you’re a good fit.

Most of the templates on Etsy are designed to look beautiful. When creating your community resume, you must answer this question – Will your community respond to your letters of recommendation (does it contain all the necessary information?)

Resume For Fraternity Rush

There are many ways to personalize your resume (add color, font, etc.). The way I recommend creating a social resume for my clients is through Canva. FREE graphic design website.

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There are several different molds to use. You can choose to use one of the templates or create your own. Change colors, font, add elements, and more. Easy to use! Have fun with it!

Click the down arrow in the upper right corner to download your resume. Then click the download button. Now you can print it or email it to all the women who write your recommendation letters. If you’re sending your recommendation letter by email, you’ll want to save your social media resume in PDF format. When you save as a PDF, it makes sure it looks exactly like the design – the elements don’t move on the page.

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