Resume For Faang Companies

Resume For Faang Companies – Every time I apply for a job, I get either a ghost or an email that starts with “unfortunately”, and I never even get a chance to get an interview. But in 3 months, I was able to change it completely. In this article, I’m going to share the tips and tricks I learned from videos, mentors, and resume workshops that helped me take my resume from a numbered list to a FAANG-worthy resume.

Depending on the industry and company, you may screen out the first round for patterns. My brother joined a large investment bank, and he worked closely with the managing director. When an MD does resume screenings, due to the sheer size of the application pool, if he sees bright colors or a creative pattern, he will immediately toss them into the recycle bin.

Resume For Faang Companies

Resume For Faang Companies

You don’t always have to go black and white for your resume, although it’s definitely the safer route. If you are considering a different format,

Wanna Be Data Scientist In Analytics Domain In Product Based Companies ( Faang). Applied 50 Times + 1 Referral, With No Response. Will Be Glad If Someone Can Review.

. If you’re looking into the finance field, stick to a traditional black-and-white resume. If you’re looking at UI/UX roles, feel free to add some icons and colors that reflect your style. If you’re applying to Spotify and really want to stand out, you can make your resume look like a Spotify playlist.

There’s no getting around the fact that companies want experience, so getting your first position basically turns into a “chicken or the egg” dilemma. However, to be a competitive candidate, you need to enhance your experience somehow. luckily,

For me, it was doing social media work after I had just graduated from high school because I had no real skills. Once I was on campus, it was also about getting involved with clubs, taking leadership positions, and doing personal projects.

I’m interested in technical careers, so the things I just listed aren’t the most relevant previous experiences. In my recent recruiting round (where I received offers from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft), my most relevant experience for these software engineering internships was teaching computer science part-time to young students.

Resume Templates To Help You Get Your Next Job

So, if you’re having a hard time filling your resume with relevant roles, go for it

If you are just starting to draft your resume these first two steps will give you a good foundation. But if you’ve been applying for a while and haven’t had much luck, it’s this next step that will get you through that resume screen at your dream company.

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On my resume. I objectively see people with amazing previous experience struggling to get interviews that I know they are qualified for. This is because their resume lacks the numbers to show how good they really are.

Resume For Faang Companies

I’ll further explain why the volume of your work is so compelling to employers and then walk through an example with my current resume.

Revamp Your Tech Resume For Top Tech, Cyber, Faang Companies By Resumeplus04

The worst thing you can do on a resume is list your responsibilities, because you’re telling me what you were supposed to do, but

Did you meet your goals, meet and/or exceed expectations, and make a meaningful impact? Telling me your responsibility doesn’t answer those questions. The worst thing to do is describe the company you’re tied to, because your resume is all about you. Also, using vague descriptions can lead to a lack of confidence or worse,

The complete opposite is measuring your influence. You tell me what you did and how much you did. You are showing me that you were keeping track of your own progress with numbers. These are the things recruiters want to see. Not to mention visually, numbers pop out on a text-filled resume.

At the beginning of this article, I said that my most relevant experience was “teaching computer science part-time to young students” when looking for SWE internships at FAANG and other top companies. It doesn’t sound very compelling. But, by using clear descriptions, active verbs, and metrics, I’m able to fully demonstrate the impact I’ve made through teaching.

Review Your Tech Resume As A Faang Software Engineer By Waterftw

By quantifying your work, you show recruiters that regardless of your role, you will make a statistically significant impact on the organization.

I must admit the fact that I will have an easier time finding roles because I study at a prestigious university. I might also have a hard time because of my obviously foreign name, but who knows if the effects didn’t cancel out. Unfortunately, this is the way the world works now.

However, I truly believe and know that the tips I’ve included and consistent work on your resume can vastly improve your job search success. You don’t need to go to a prestigious school to have a standout resume, and going to one doesn’t mean you’ll automatically breeze through recruiting. I don’t think anyone should be complacent in the short term, and I think everyone should be hopeful for long-term change.

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Resume For Faang Companies

No matter where you’re starting from, your resume probably isn’t a numerical list, so you’re already doing better than me. 🙂

The Product Manager Resume Bible (+ Real Google Example)

CS + Applied Math @ Brown University. I write about professional and personal development in the fields of tech, finance, and VC/startup. There are many blogs available online that teach you how to start a resume. This blog is not about advice on building your resume, it’s about showing you different examples of resumes from people working at companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google to help you understand how to build your resume, to be picked by a recruiter. From thousands of others in the selection pile.

If you are interested in reading resume basics and need help building one, this blog should be more helpful. Also, feel free to dm me your resume on LinkedIn or Instagram if you need me to review it.

That’s about it, hopefully this blog gave you a good idea of ​​what resumes look like for people who work at these companies. If you’re successful in the tech world and want to “donate” your resume too, send me here and I’ll add you to this collection anonymously 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Edit: You can set up 1:1 career coaching with me where I can help you land internships by sharing my exact strategies, revising your resume, cover letter, or Linkedin profile. You can visit to read reviews and schedule

Fed Up With The Job Search, A Software Engineer Created A Ridiculous Fake Resume And Got A 90% Response Rate

Welcome to Like a Girl, a space that celebrates redefining society’s perception of women in technology. Share your story with us!Hi there! I hope you are doing well. Today, dive into what worked on my resume and how it got me interviews with all the FAANGs. Be sure to check out this article’s predecessor here! At the bottom of this post I’ve included resumes that I’ve applied to but make sure to read all the tips so you can curate the perfect resume for you.

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So a clean slate – assuming you’re creating a resume from scratch, here’s the minimum you should include:

I created my own resume “template” using Google Drawings to customize my margins and make sure I could fit everything I wanted on one page. I also prefer and the PDF version of my resume was ATS friendly and reading accurate information about me. If you don’t have time or feel like you can’t get your resume to look as clean as you want, check out Canva for a great variety of templates. If you don’t have personal projects, use them from classes that you are most passionate about. You may be questioned about anything on your resume so make sure you are confident in everything you list.

Resume For Faang Companies

While I categorized these as “good to haves”, these should definitely be included or at least worked into the resume you submit to your dream company!

Best Marketing Resume Examples For 2022

And now the moment we’ve been waiting for, the resume I used that got me interviews at all FAANGs (except Apple lol):

And that’s rap! Thank you so much for reading through this. If you have any additional advice or strongly agree or disagree with anything here, feel free to leave it in the comments below!

If this article was helpful in any way, I’d appreciate a follow to help me reach my 100 follower goal by the end of March 🙂 Your resume is often the first, and sometimes, the last impression you make on your employers. Applying for jobs. In our previous blogs, we have talked a lot about the importance of a resume, how to create a well-structured professional resume, an ATS-friendly resume and the difference between a resume and a CV.

The main purpose of creating a resume is to showcase your skills, qualifications, work experience, and any other professional accomplishments. A recruiter spends about 6 seconds looking at your resume before deciding whether to proceed with your application. Since recruiters routinely flood their databases with multiple applications, a standard format can be an attractive resume.

Product Manager Resume & Guide

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