Resume For Disney College Program

Resume For Disney College Program – Before we left our DCP program, we went to a resume writing workshop at the Career Center at Disney University.

They gave us lots of good resume writing tips, including information on employment verification which is really hard to find!

Resume For Disney College Program

Resume For Disney College Program

But, you should have received a written program completion evaluation from your coordinator before the last day. You can use this to document the date of participation in the program.

Resume — Mj Offen

It costs $20 to confirm your job at The Walt Disney Company. They will only confirm that you were employed by Disney as a cast member and the dates you were employed. They have hiring dates for all Disney subsidiaries, including Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Cruise Line, etc.

It will not provide salary information, specific job information other than the cast member, points/reprimands, or reemployment status. The company that Disney hired to do their employment verification for them (Vjsus) does not have access to that personnel information.

It’s not Karolini’s first time in Disney’s college program. Along with her older sister, she was previously accepted into the program several years earlier. Back in Colorado, Caroline wanted a little more pixie dust to spice up her life. On a whim, he decides to apply for an exclusive Disney summer program.

Wild, as in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where Caroline is assigned to work at Stroller Rentals. While not the most glamorous position in the park, it is often ground zero for humanity at its best and worst.

I’m A New French Teacher (graduating Soon). Can You Check My Resume? (part 2)

While Caroline creates many “magical moments” for deserving guests whose pixie dust has temporarily fallen by the wayside, she also gets her own magical moments through the friendships she makes, attending exclusive events for Disney cast members, and all the spectacular dining options at Disney World.

Caroline tells everything – from the ins and outs of Disney’s “secret” training class called Traditions; to learn how to be a great, happy cast member during on-the-job training; what it’s like to interact with fellow actors and guests who are ready to explore the most magical place on earth.

Join Caroline as she takes you on a wild ride through her adventures in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But be careful, it’s a jungle out there! The Disney College Program is one of the most unique internship experiences a student can have. After all, Disney parks are known for their incredible attractions and shows, timeless stories and characters, and world-class customer service. The opportunity to work there is an incredible experience that teaches students a wealth of transferable skills, no matter what career path they take. Besides, when you’re applying for a job, how many other applicants can say that they’ve not only worked at a Fortune 100 company, but at one of the nation’s most popular vacation destinations? Participating in the Disney College Program and listing that experience on your resume is sure to catch the attention of a potential employer.

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Resume For Disney College Program

However, with so many different roles available during Disney College – ranging from attractions to custodians to costumes – there is also a diverse and varied set of skills that students learn. That leaves many Disney students with this question: How do I put my Disney college program on my resume?

Resume — Daniel Clark Fx

Before you start writing your Disney College program on your resume, you need to create a first draft.

Why make a first draft? There are several different reasons, but the most important is to make sure that you have analyzed your entire experience, all the information gained from it, and prioritized it. It’s easy to write something off the top of your head, but it’s also easy to forget an important class you took or event you participated in (especially if it was early in your program). Writing everything down and then looking at it as a whole will ensure that you have all the information possible and can effectively evaluate it to see what will work best on your resume.

(Tip: Write your first draft as a list so it’s easy to read when you analyze it later.)

Although you are assigned one role when you receive a job offer, you may have had the opportunity to train for a different role or location during your program. You may also have switched roles and/or locations if you extended the Disney College Program for an additional semester or summer, and if your original role was seasonal (such as lifeguard). No matter what you’ve done, list all the roles and locations you’ve worked at while at Disney College in your initial draft.

Download Disney Professional Internship College Program Alumni Free Benprais

You should also write down any shifts you picked up that were outside of your normal location and what that role was. This shows that you have the initiative to help when and where needed!

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Did you take a class or seminar during your Disney College? Or maybe you went on a Discover Disney tour? Write! List the name of the class/seminar/tour, how long it lasted, how many times it met, what you learned, what activities you did, the guest speakers you heard from, etc. If you can’t remember the details, you can always refer to DORMS or talk to friends who took the class with you.

One of the great parts of the Disney College Program is that there are so many extra opportunities outside of work and classes, such as attending workshops or participating in a VoluntEAR event. If you participated in any of these opportunities, write down what they were, what they involved, and (for volunteer events) what impact(s) you had on the volunteer effort.

Resume For Disney College Program

If you completed the Disney College Program, you left with at least one certificate (your Certificate of Completion). However, you can earn other certifications by taking classes and (if memory serves) participating in a number of additional opportunities, such as workshops. You can also be recognized while on the job through 4 key and praise cards. If you’ve earned any of these, be sure to include them and what they’re earned for!

Resume — Dani Letsche

The Disney College Program website is a wealth of information that you can use as a resource as you create your resume – especially for information about your role – as it will have a whole list of the different responsibilities that your role entails! Look up your role on their website and look for all the responsibilities that applied to you while you were in your role.

You can also reference this list for keywords, such as “maintain”, “monitor”, “assist”, “manage”, etc. These are action verbs that you can use when writing the final version for your CV list; you will create an initial list of ideas in the next step.

(Note: Do not copy and paste directly from the Disney College website. Not only is it cheating, but it can come back to haunt you if the hiring manager decides to further investigate the role you held while at Disney and sees your resume list copied from their websites.You may use the Disney College Program Role Responsibilities list as a reference, resource, and inspiration, but not as a one-size-fits-all for your resume.)

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Now that you’ve written down everything you’ve accomplished and learned in the Disney College Program, the next step is to analyze it and start grouping it until you have a list of 5-10 categories. However, these categories will exclude your basic role information (eg, role, location, season of participation, etc.); this information about the role is considered essential information and will go in the “header” and “subheader” of your resume listing.

Resume — Hannah Pohlman

When grouping these items, look for similarities in everything you’ve listed, such as grouping all of your awards and accolades into a category or your additional opportunities into a category. You can also split one large category (such as awards and accolades) into two separate categories if there is too much information to fit into one. Just make sure the items listed on it still match, such as class awards in one and Cast Member accolades in the other.

Once you’ve put everything into your category, you’ll want to make a list of action verbs you can use in your resume that relate to everything you just listed. You can use the Disney College website to see which ones they used for your role and/or you can reference this list of 185 action verbs , which I love not only because of how many it lists, but breaks them down based on the action taken (like customer service ).

Now that you’ve done some advance work, it’s time to put everything on your Disney College resume list.

Resume For Disney College Program

While every resume layout will be different, you’ll want to start by listing the place of employment (in this case, The Walt Disney Company). On my resume, I then follow this up by listing “Disney College Program” and my primary role. In this case, it would look something like this:

Walt Disney World Staffing Update: Disney Cultural Exchange Program Will Resume Soon!

Based on the layout of your resume, this may change slightly. For example, the example above is considered my “header”.

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