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There is nothing about the current state of affairs that is “normal” and as the only thing that has previously gone virtual, it is only fitting that the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) the largest annual gathering of women in technology also goes virtual. So first, what is GHC? GHC is a large conference back in the pre-corona era that will be held in a large conference venue and include a career exhibition hall, networking sessions, workshops, lectures, and company-sponsored parties. But with the announcement of vGHC 2020, many people are wondering how to prepare and how to get the most out of this virtual conference.

Resume Database Grace Hopper

Resume Database Grace Hopper

I have been attending GHC almost every year since 2016 – when I was a GHC Scholar and was lucky enough to attend the conference all-expense paid. At GHC I was able to receive 5 internship offers, one of which has now become a full-time job.

Students Celebrate Women In Computing At Grace Hopper

Since then, I have also been involved in my company for recruitment and this autumn I am happy to say that I will be participating as a speaker! Over the years, I’ve learned so much about how to get the most out of GHC from my job hunting and recruiting experiences that I’m excited to share with you today!

This year GHC is only offering access to its first ever career fair — for those of you who are most interested in finding a job at GHC this section is for you! If not, scroll down to find more info on preparing for a conference (minus the job hunting advice!).

Be sure to submit your resume to our resume database ASAP (click here for the link )! It is open to any job seeker and is not limited to conference attendees. The earlier you send the better, because corporate sponsors will use this database to identify potential candidates. From my experience – entrepreneurs will do a database “download” and usually only once! When uploading your resume, please note that — there are many reported issues with corrupt formatting after import. Here are some tips that worked for me:

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When you’re preparing your resume — make sure you have it ready for the conference virtual career fair as a .pdf with a title like “First Name Last Name Resume” and save it somewhere easy to find such as your Desktop. Also, be sure to have a Google Drive link ready to refer to. To do this just upload the .pdf resume to Google Drive and use the sharing link to give it to recruiters. Since virtual career fairs eliminate the need for physical print copies (and save a lot of trees!) you’ll want to make sure you have your digital resume available in as many different formats as possible.

Why Participate In Grace Hopper Conference?

In addition to submitting your resume, start applying for open positions today! GHC has posted a list of sponsors here so start identifying the companies you are interested in and see if they are open for internship/full-time applications. I recommend submitting your application directly and hopefully clearing 1 or 2 rounds before GHC. That way, when the recruiter reaches out to schedule an interview – you can mention you’re attending GHC. Many recruiting companies have application tracks set aside specifically for GHC attendees. Some even have special application links for GHC participants to apply. On this note, the same career center where you upload your resume has a dedicated “Jobs” section that lists open positions. It is worth checking out to see if you find anything suitable to apply directly through the site.

Be sure to join the “Grace Hopper 2020 Celebration” Facebook group. This is a great resource because many people will post application links specifically for GHC employees and it can be a good place to find out about opportunities that companies have before GHC.

You’ll also want to update your LinkedIn title with vGHC 2020 or GHC2020, which is easy to find because it will help recruiters identify you as a GHC attendee. This has always worked for me even over the years at the conference and now that it’s virtual, it’s even better to broadcast it to the digital network you attend the conference with.

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Resume Database Grace Hopper

Finally – make sure you are on top of your settings for a virtual conference. Your computer, microphone, and video setup are essential for virtual conferencing! I recommend checking out my article on virtual interviews here which has a lot of useful tips for you to prepare before the conference in addition to the virtual interviews you can do at GHC or in the weeks before GHC. If you are interviewing for a technical position, I recommend reading our guide on How to Prepare for a Technical Interview. Announces Kara Swisher As The First In An Incredible Line Up Of Technical Luminaries And Cultural Icons Speaking At This Year’s Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration

Reach out to recruiters and/or companies — I’ve seen this advice and always give it myself but be strategic about how you approach this. I myself have not been successful in reaching out directly to recruiters at companies participating in GHC prior to the conference. I usually get a response along the lines of “here is our online application, please apply there – looking forward to seeing you at GHC”. I have also given a proper message because I do not have the capacity to help applicants unless they have applied. I strongly recommend applying to companies that are interested ahead of time and try to remove some of the rounds (eg hackerrank and / or phone screen) before GHC and mention that you have applied when you go to the virtual company booth career fair. This is usually when I find talking directly to the recruiter about the next step is most helpful. Sometimes they will schedule interviews on the spot!

For those of you attending the conference less for the career fair and more for the extensive discussions, panels, and workshops – sharpen your virtual pencils! AnitaB has put out the agenda for the conference and as usual, there are many discussions, panels and workshops happening together. You want to make your own schedule — a big bonus of the virtual setting is that you don’t need to factor in any time walking to physically go to another room! Before in-person it sometimes took 20 minutes to get from one end of the conference center to the other so this was a huge virtual bonus!

Once you have the perfect agenda, I recommend pre-registration for the session. Pre-registration opens today! September 2nd at 5pm PST and you want to set a reminder on your phone. It’s also a good idea to have a backup option in case your first choice is full and you don’t secure a spot. Make sure this link is ready – you need to sign in to use it

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Button before you can pre-register so allow a few minutes to do this. UPDATE: 09/03 – pre-registration is open! To register for a session, you must be logged in

My Grace Hopper Conference 2019 Experience

Button then navigate to “Edit Registration” and click until you reach the “Session” section and select the one you want to register.

One thing to note is that although this is a virtual conference – not all sessions will be recorded for playback. Be sure to keep this in mind when you choose how to split your time between career fairs and sessions!

Another big perk of private GHC is the networking opportunities. I have met so many incredible women in tech at GHC many of whom I am still in close contact with today! This year will be a little different because of the virtual format but I encourage you to join our Facebook groups, Slacks, WhatsApp groups and reach out to other people attending vGHC. The great part about this is that your network is not limited to the conference (since it is virtual) and you can start today!

Resume Database Grace Hopper

Even though this year’s GHC is virtual, I’m still excited for all the wonderful opportunities. I hope you find this article useful in preparing for GHC and if you want, you can check out my previous articles written for personal GHC!

Grace Hopper Celebration Is More Than Just A Tech Conference

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