Resume By Dorothy Parker

Resume By Dorothy Parker – In “Resumé” Dorothy Parker explores the themes of death/suicide as well as free will and life. Each of these is tied to the ability, or lack thereof, to end a person’s life. The speaker has the ability, to some extent, to find every way he speaks but he chooses, for one reason or another, not to. In the end, staying alive is easy, even if it hurts.

Throughout this short poem, the narrator takes the reader through seven different ways of committing suicide. From gas, to guns, and razors, each of these is introduced and discarded for very simple reasons. Instead of aiming to end his life, the speaker is moved by the wetness of the water and the smell of the gas. This can make a person think that he does not want to kill himself.

Resume By Dorothy Parker

Resume By Dorothy Parker

‘Resumé’ by Dorothy Parker is an eight-line poem within one stanza. The lines follow the rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD and a common metrical pattern of meter. The latter refers to the number of bits per line. In this case, there are two bets, for a total of four, on the line.

Resume By Dorothy Parker Poem Analysis

Parker uses a number of elements in ‘Resumé’ these include but are not limited to alliteration, half-rhyme, and epistrophe. The finale, epistrophe, is the repetition of a single word, or phrase, at the end of several lines or sentences. In this case, the poet uses “you” at the end of the first and third lines. This effect is known as the true color. They also acknowledge to the reader that “you” are part of the narrative.

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Equivalent words occur when words are used in sequence, or appear close together, and start with the same sound. For example, “River” and “Razor” in the first and second lines and “Gun” and “Gas” in the fifth and seventh lines.

Half-rhyme, also known as slant or partial rhyme, is characterized by repetition of assonance or consonance. This means that a vowel or consonant is used again within one line or several lines of verse. For example, “Nooses” and “You” in lines six and eight.

In the opening lines of ‘Resumé’, the speaker begins by introducing the first of several ways he considers suicide. He first mentions “Razors” as an opportunity. But, he rejects this method because it hurts. Without any background information as to why he is considering suicide, he turns to the next and the next ways to end his life.

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He thinks about the possibility of walking in the river and drowning himself in the second line. Instead, the rivers “wet,” thus removing them. With this, the reader may begin to think whether the speaker wants to end it or not. Wetness shouldn’t be a deterrent if he’s committed to this path. The use of the word ‘wet’ is an interesting choice. It is an unpleasant but unrelenting fact. He is missing how events could be, as he hates in the next sentence.

When he decides to swallow acid he thinks about how it would “contaminate” you and rules it out. He does not mention the excruciating pain that would go along with harming this thing on the human body.

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The last sentence refers to “drugs” that “cause cramps”. He is thinking about his stomach. This is another simple, small effect of choice. It is something that if he really decided to end his life it would pass.

Resume By Dorothy Parker

The next ways he thinks about suicide are progressing like the previous four. He thinks of another and then forbids himself. These include “Guns,” “Nooses,” and “Gas”. There is a reason attached to each path that prevents him from turning to it. None of this pleases him and he ends up thinking “You might as well live”.

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The last line turns the poem around with urgency and declaration, as he rejected all methods of suicide. Also, the reader should think while reading this poem that the speaker does not want to kill himself and that each one can be called reasons, which gives him a reason not to turn to different ways.

In the end, he chooses to live not because he enjoys it but because dying would be too much work, too painful, or too uncomfortable.

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Enough Rope: A Book Of Light Verse (vintage Classics): Parker, Dorothy: 9780593466353: Books

In poetry, “pentameter” means a line with ten parts. Usually, these are divided into iambs or trochees.

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