Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword

Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword – A medium strength puzzle this week and a decent one to begin with. There were a few clues that I had to pinch my nose at, but overall the clues and the steady progression made for one of the better Jumbos.

You can find my completed grid below along with explanations of my solutions where I have them. I hope you find them useful. If a recent Jumbo gave you the slip, you might find help on my Just for Fun page, where you’ll find links to solutions to hundreds of the things.

Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword

Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword

Thank you for the kind words and input. It’s always interesting to hear the thoughts and opinions of other solvers once they’ve put down their pens. I’ll be away from my keyboard next weekend so will probably be a few days late posting the next one. Until I get back, stay safe out there kids.

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Answer: DUMB SWAN (i.e. “a possible pin” – a pin is a female swan. The mute swan, meanwhile, is another name for the common swan. So a swan, then). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “about”) of MAN, U (a recognized abbreviation of “unite”) and STEW.

Answer: STATUS (i.e. “place”). Solution is ST (i.e. “way”, specifically a recognized abbreviation of “street”) followed by A and TUSK (i.e. “longtooth”) once the last letter is removed (indicated by “cut”), like this: ST- A -TUS.

Answer: BOARDER (i.e. “resident scholar”). Solution is RED (i.e. “ginger” – ignore the misleading capital letters) reversed (indicated by “knocked over”) and placed “by” or after BOAR (i.e. “boar”), as thus: BOAR-DER.

Answer: NEAR AT HAND (ie “far? Rare”). Solution is LOF (i.e. “sails”) turned around or “over” SEE (i.e. “ocean”) and followed by AND, like this: CLO(SEE)TH-AND.

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Answer: Anesthesia (i.e. “what puts one out”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “corrupt”) of SENATE FOLLOWED by AI (i.e. “excellent”, i.e. A1 using its Roman numeral equivalent – a common pun used by drafters) reversed once (indicated by “background”). like so: NEARESTS-IA.

Answer: ONSET (i.e. “genesis” or beginning). Solution is ON (i.e. “performing”) followed by SET (i.e. “selected songs”). Nice work.

Answer: Anthony BURGESS (i.e. “author”). Solution is B (a recognized abbreviation of “bishop” used in chess) followed by DRINGE (i.e. “presses”) and S (a recognized abbreviation of “son”).

Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword

Answer: DENATURE (i.e. “doctors”). Solution is KANDEKANDE (ie “put out in the night”, as in how you probably wouldn’t bump into them) flipped over or “covered” A (a recognized abbreviation of “area”), as in: DEN(A)TURES .

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Answer: TORPEDO. Solution meets a variety of “fish”, also known as an electric beam, and “as sinks under the waves”, referring to the weapon used to sink ships.

Answer: PITHECANTROPUS (i.e. “primitive kind”, referring to “a fossil hominid discovered by the Dutch palaeontologist Dr Eugene Dubois in Java in 1891-2”

). “Annoyed” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of UP NORTH PASTICHE. Pun was obvious, but it took a few intersecting letters before I could brute-force my Chambers because, let’s face it, it’s not exactly a common term, is it? If that was the first clue you put in the grid, then bully for you, but for the rest of us who haven’t taken GCSE Anthropogeny, I stand by my previous gripes about obscure general knowledge crap being useless as anagrams are noticed. Still, at least it wasn’t stuck in the grid to fill an awkward space!

Answer: RONTREE (i.e. “travels to … and back”). Clue plays on people who buy ROUND drinks at a “bar”. You get the idea.

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Answer: ADROIT (i.e. “skilled”). Solution is AD (i.e. “commercial”, short for advertisement) followed by ROT (i.e. “rubbish”) wrapped once “over” I (i.e. “[Roman numeral] one”), like so: AD-RO(I)T .

Answer: TRIM (i.e. “shorten”). “Excerpt from” indicates that the solution is hidden in the clue, like this: POE(T RIM)BAUD.

Answer: NOT A HAPPY BUNNY. Solution meets the clue as a whole, but also plays on how BUNNIES “hop”. A genuinely witty clue that made me laugh when I spun it.

Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword

Answer: ONE-LINER (i.e. “epigram” or short poem – one-liner might print it, mind you!) Solution is ONE (i.e. “singular”) followed by LINER (i.e. “craft” or sea vessel).

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Answer: ENTOMBED (i.e. “buried”). Solution is EMBEDDED (i.e. “plant”) reversed or an anagram (indicated by “indifferent”) of NIE, as thus: E(NTO)MBED, “pot”.

Answer: ALSACE-LORRAINE (i.e. former “border region” formed by the German empire and returned to French ownership after World War I). Solution is AL’S (i.e. “man’s”, basically a man’s name made possessive) followed by ACE (i.e. “expert”) and LORE (i.e. “knowledge”) wrapped once “over” RA ( i.e. “artist”, specifically a royal academician) and IN, as thus: AL’S-ACE-LOR(RA-IN)E.

Answer: BARD (i.e. “rhymer”). Solution is BAR (ie “bar”) followed by D (ie “intro to drummer”, ie the first letter of “drummer”).

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Answer: STINK (ie “unpleasant smell”). Solution is S (a recognized abbreviation of “small”) followed by DROOT (i.e. “ditch”) once the R is removed (indicated by “smoke must escape” – R is a recognized abbreviation of “smoke” which in chess be used), thus: S-TENCH.

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Answer: SIAMESE CAT. Solution meets the clue as a whole, but is also an anagram (indicated by “spread”) of BATE, MICE, and A (a recognized abbreviation of “answer”, as in Q&A).

Answer: NOMINEE (i.e. “candidate”). Solution is ON reversed (indicated by “turn”) and followed by MINE (i.e. “explosive”) and E (a recognized abbreviation of “energy”), like this: NO-MINE-E.

Answer: HEALTHIER (i.e. “better” – the question mark is an indication that the thief is a little loose). Solution is HE followed by ALTER (i.e. “to change”) once wrapped or HI “received” (i.e. “greeting”), like this: HE-ALT(HI)ER. What a cool clue!

Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword

Answer: EXACTLY (i.e. “bleed”, both mean to extort money). Solution is AX (i.e. “weapon”) reversed (indicated by “brought back”) and followed by CT (a recognized abbreviation of “court”), as thus: EXA-CT.

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Answer: WATER CLOSET (i.e. “john”, slang for toilet). Solution is James WATT (i.e. “Scottish engineer”) who wraps or “holds” ER (i.e. “monarch”, specifically Elizabeth Regina) and CLOSE (i.e. “holds … to his breast”), as thus: WAT(ER- CLOSE) T.

Answer: ROMANTIC (i.e. “Keats scholar”). Solution is ROMANIST (i.e. “Pope’s defender” or Roman Catholic) reversed or “penning” CITE (i.e. “citation”) once the last letter is removed (indicated by “short”) and the rest reversed (indicated by “about” ) ), like so: ROMAN(TIC)IST.

Answer: DORMANT (i.e. “barely active”). Solution is M (“Mike” in the phonetic alphabet) placed in or “enter” RANT (i.e. “rave”). All of this is then placed “after” DO (i.e. “party”), like so: DO-R(M)ANT.

Answer: SAIL (i.e., “ground,” as in burdening or encumbering another). Solution is D (a recognized abbreviation of “duke”) and D (ditto “daughter”) both placed in or “occupied” SALE (i.e. “Manchester town”), as thus: SA(D-D)LE.

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Answer: UNDERSTAND (i.e. to “drive away”). Solution is BEST (i.e. “top”) and RANGE (i.e. “class”) with the B removed (indicated by “batsman’s first to depart”, i.e. the first letter of “batsman”), like so: EST- RANGE.

Answer: MYCROFT (i.e. “skillful solver’s brother”, i.e. Mycroft Holmes, brother of Sherlock Holmes). When written as MY CROFT, the solution also satisfies “Scottish farmland owned by the author” from the setter’s point of view.

Answer: PANTSUIT (i.e. “dress”). Solution is PANTS (i.e. “steal”) followed by SUIT (i.e. “hearts maybe”, other playing card suits are available). Nice work.

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Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword

Answer: LEAF BEND (i.e. “a hook” – over to Chambers: “a type of knot used especially for joining ropes of different sizes”. A new one on me, but not one I feel like remembering not). Solution is ET (i.e. “extremist removed”, i.e. the word “extremist” with all its middle letters removed) and BEN (i.e. “Highland Peak”), both placed “in” SHED (i.e. “hut”), like this: SY( ET -BEN)D.

Just For Fun

Answer: AUTOBIOGRAPHS (ie “we lay down our lives for others” – nice misdirection). “Disturbed” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of OUR PHOBIAS GREAT.

Answer: TED HEATH (i.e. “Prime Minister” 1970-74). Solution is TED (ie “to shake out hay” for dry – another new one on me) followed by HEATH (ie “moorland”).

Answer: TRANSCENDENTIAL (i.e. “mystical”). Solution is S (i.e. “pole” – ignore the misleading capital letters, it is a recognized abbreviation of “south”) placed “in” TRANCE (i.e. “dream”) and followed by N (i.e. “any number”, mathematically speaking) and DENTAL (i.e. “of teeth”), as thus: TRAN(S)CE-N-DENTAL.

Answer: SNAPDRAGON (i.e. “one encountered in [flower] bed”). Solution is SNAP (i.e. “photo”) followed by DRAGON (i.e. “intimidating woman”).

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Answer: BASINET (i.e. a “helmet” of sorts). Solution is SIN (i.e. trigonometric “function”, short for sine) placed in or “allowed” by BAIT (i.e. “opener maybe”, if you’re a fish, I guess), like so: BA(SIN)ET.

[EDIT: As a number of commenters have said, the more likely solution to this one is for SINE (ie “function”) to be put into BAT (ie “opener maybe” – it seems that BAT can mean batsman on its own. Cricket is strange) , like so: BA(SINE)T. Thank you all! – LP]

Answer: ARHAT (ie “Buddhist monk”. Not something recognized by my Chambers, Collins Concise or Bradford’s. Oxford lists it but suggests it is a saint or someone who is holiest-of-the-holiest. Would ‘ a monk qualifies? Who cares, it’s religion anyway, so let’s move on quickly). Solution is ART (i.e. “perhaps drawing” – other art forms are available) “around” H (i.e. “leader of Hindus”, i.e. the first letter of “Hindus”) and A, like this: AR(H-A)T.

Resume Alert About An Unfinished Goal Crossword

Answer: DESCRIPTION (i.e. “account”). Solution is E (a recognized abbreviation of “eastern”), SCRIPT (i.e. “hand”

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