Resume 6 Second Test

Resume 6 Second Test – We hear it all the time: the average recruiter spends six seconds scanning your resume. That’s right, six seconds decide your future.

So how to pass this test? How do you, second by second, impress a recruiter enough to earn a second look—and maybe win the interview?

Resume 6 Second Test

Resume 6 Second Test

To help answer those questions, here’s exactly what I look for when I first look at your resume — and determine pass or fail.

How To Pass The 6 Second Resume Test?

It’s not for me. This is for the applicant tracking system that my company (and most companies) use to filter out unqualified applicants.

However, don’t be intimidated. Using keywords doesn’t have to be complicated. After all, the right keywords are found in almost every job description. Just use the employer’s own words to tailor your CV and you should be in good shape. Want to go the extra mile? Use common industry terms to demonstrate knowledge of your craft. To show that you’re a good fit for a particular company, use the exact words from their careers page to describe your personal culture.

Like many decision makers, I live in a digital world – so I want to see links to your career-relevant social media profiles.

Typically, LinkedIn and Twitter are enough to show a professional presence. If you also want to send me to link to Facebook and other sites, that’s fine. Just know I will use everything I see on these more personal sites to help make up my mind about you.

Find Out If Your Resume Passes The 6 Second Test

Why do I care about your social media presence in second two of my resume review? Because if I’m interested in talking to you, I’m going to check you out online anyway. And you get extra points for making that part of my job easier.

If your resume is packed into a document at 0.4″ margins and 9 point fonts with no space between sections and paragraphs – that shows me you’re trying WAY too hard. Essentially, your resume screams “I’m desperate to too impressed… love me please!”

Don’t kill your resume in 3 seconds. Let white space act as a brain break for the reader of your CV – and give them a moment to think about your fit in this role.

Resume 6 Second Test

When I look at a resume, I don’t care WHAT you did at your last job. I want to see evidence that you were good at your job.

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This means your resume should contain quantified statements such as “exceeded quota by 132%,” “met deadlines in 97% of assigned projects,” and “managed highly successful event for 500 donors.” Even a more generic “consistently in the Top 5% of my team” is better than nothing – and shows that you understand how performance is measured.

No quantified statements on your resume? Your resume didn’t make it four seconds, and I’m now looking for another candidate who can clearly demonstrate how they’ve made a real impact.

Simply put, social proof is proof that you are who you say you are. For example, if you say you are a skilled marketer, I need to see evidence to support that claim. Perhaps industry awards, endorsements by an industry expert or being named to a “Top 50” list.

Through links in your CV, show me proof of your relevant achievements. And by second five you are well on your way to impressing me. Without those links, you’re just another applicant talking about themselves in rosy, perhaps exaggerated terms.

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This is the last big obstacle on your way. Why? Because employers don’t just want you to be a good employee now. They are looking for good leaders three years from now.

Were you a leader? Do you embrace assignments far beyond your job description – and perhaps far beyond your comfort zone? Do you accept the responsibility of building a good team? Or… are you the type to just do what you’re told in the background?

If I can tell you’re the type to lead, regardless of the title at your last job, you’ve passed my six second test. And you’re well on your way to an interview, and maybe a job. Ever heard of a resume test or a resume scanner? Recent studies report that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds per CV on first glance! Take a break and think about your resume and how you can polish it so it passes the 6 second resume test! Only 3-4 lines in this article and your important 6 seconds are already gone. So you’ve guessed by now that it’s not a lot of time. Only one hint is what most recruiters rely on to judge your resume. This is now your mission objective.

Resume 6 Second Test

In this article, we’ve gathered actionable feedback to help you improve your resume’s success rate so it passes a resume scanner test. Follow these tips to ensure your resume lasts far longer than the 6 second resume scan or resume test.

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How To Get Your Resume Noticed (and Out Of The Trash Bin)

Large paragraphs hard to read. So divide your thoughts into readable tips and also add headings to separate sections. Make the data easy for anyone to process as recruiters are human too. Your resume document needs to be smart enough to pass an AI-powered applicant tracking system, which reads only keywords, bullets and small bits of data at a time. By separating sections on your resume with short periods, clear subheadings (such as work experience, accomplishments, certifications, education) will clearly communicate what information should follow.

Your strongest qualifications, internships, training and projects should be present in the first half of page 1. If you have work experience(s) to talk about, list your latest or most recent job role, list of skills, certifications and accreditation data on the first half of page one. This information will alert recruiters and resume scanners to your preloaded resume. It makes no sense to hide your best skills on the last page.

Do not mention work experience, internships, and training exposures that are irrelevant to the job role you are about to interview for. Sometimes adding unnecessary information can be counterintuitive, so cut this information from your resume. Some suggestions for removing clutter from your resume are:

Accomplishments/accomplishments/awards dating back to your high school days: Your track and field trophy from 10th grade and debate prize from 12th grade will no longer matter to employers. They are only interested in your current qualifications.

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Projects/training/internships irrelevant to the role you’re applying for: If you’re applying for a marketing / communications / content / PR position, your internship as a QC analyst at a factory won’t help not.

Outdated Volunteer Experience: Volunteer experiences are nothing more than resume fillers. Please do not mention them if you have not been involved in these activities since the last 12 months.

Your resume should be a one-pager or at most a 2-pager (if you have really interesting stuff to talk about). There is absolutely no reason for your resume to be longer than 3 pages! This is a sign that your document is blown out of proportion. If you really want to write a long document, stick to a chronological resume format.

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Resume 6 Second Test

There are many ways to format a resume, and yours should be the right one. If you are creative, design your resume well. If you’re not open to experimenting, stick to a simple, clean format.

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#a. An easy-to-read font: Stick to a serif or sans-serif font at 12 point font size and 1 point line spacing. Ask a friend to read a printed piece and see if the words are legible. Use one or two accent colors at most. Include white space to ensure your resume is not cluttered and difficult to read.

#b. Avoid: Especially handwriting fonts, cursive fonts and other decorative fonts – Comic Sans. No drop shadows, glowing fonts or other font stylizations please!

#c. Don’t include images: Images are distracting and consume space. Not even your photo/headshot. Hiring managers may see things differently and we don’t want anyone judging you for any reason beyond your merit for the position.

Still unsure if your CV can pass the CV test? There are many templates and pre-formatted resume templates out there to help you pass the CV-ATS test or examination like a breeze.

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#a. An objective paragraph: – You don’t have to write a creative, non-self-serving way to say that you do a job. Sip it in case you have nothing revolutionary to talk about.

#b. References Upon Request: Your hiring manager will ask you directly for references, in case they need any. So skip this line as well.

#d. Microsoft Office Proficiency: Seriously? It’s the year 2020 and everyone is tech savvy! It is not advisable to mention Word, Excel and PowerPoint as a skill unless it is exclusively asked for in the post.

Resume 6 Second Test

#e. List generic soft skills: List skills such as hardworking, responsible, organized, team player, etc. may sound insincere. Talk about wraps, projects, and accomplishments to authentically showcase these skills.

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You might think: ‘If HR will only spend 6 seconds on my CV, why should I bother with such a CV test?’ The hiring manager will note all other details in your CV only if your document passes the 6 second.

6 second resume test only the first round

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