Research Scientist Resume Sample

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Research Scientist Resume Sample

Research Scientist Resume Sample

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Sports And Coaching Resume Sample

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Resume Advice & Samples

Writing a resume is not rocket science. But rocket scientists need resumes. And good if they want to join the Tesla or Genomic Health workforce. But how do you get discovered and become the next breakthrough in an ocean of similar samples? Send the recruiter the best scientific resume that demonstrates your Jane-Goodall-level skills.

Read on and you’ll see an example of a professional science resume that you can tweak and make your own. Plus, you’ll learn an easy formula for writing a research resume that will land you 10x more interviews than any resume you’ve written in the past.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It is fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. Check out 20+ resume templates and create your resume here.

Research Scientist Resume Sample

Experienced and detail-oriented chemist specializing in the synthesis and characterization of material properties as well as the development of new applications and products. Pioneering a new chemical testing and application process at Zendron Labs that reduces cost and time to production deployment by 30%. Looking to utilize the skills and chemical expertise at Blayne Chemicals.

Clinical Scientist Resume Sample

Key Achievement: Restructured existing hazardous waste disposal procedures resulting in increased safety and a 15% reduction in hazardous waste disposal costs.

You wouldn’t just make your way into the lab and start mixing chemicals to see if they would explode, would you?

Science is all about procedure – following the wrong procedure can lead to wrong results or worse, an accident.

It’s the same with a resume. If you don’t follow the correct format, the hiring manager will not be able to understand and interpret what you are trying to convey. There is only one place for such results – the trash can.

Research Assistant Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2022 (free Guide)

Now, although the summary/objective of your resume is next on the page, that’s not what we’re going to write next. Leaving it for last and moving to your experience section makes the process much smoother.

Getting the desired job in any scientific field is not easy. But just think that it’s not just the local scientists you have to outdo; you have scientists from all over the world fighting for your work!

Don’t sit back and wait for them to point their microscope at you – get up into that lens!

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Research Scientist Resume Sample

A correct example clearly shows that this candidate knows the details involved in the various tasks of a research scientist.

Data Scientist Resume Example & Writing Tips

And to think that both examples come from the same person! See what a difference detailing can make?

If you have an entry-level research resume, you need to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills to be a valuable contributor to the company.

As you can clearly see, even entry-level experience gained as a college or university teaching assistant can give your resume a decent boost when presented correctly.

A bad resume example looks like it was written by someone who accidentally stepped into the role after making a mistake at the coffee shop.

Science Research Resume Sample & Tips (+template)

When you’re making a resume in our resume builder, drag and drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check?

Read more about describing work experience in a resume: Job description in a resume: Examples and a guide

Your degree carries a lot of weight in science. However, sometimes you don’t need to list all of your education unless the position is very in-depth. Be sure to list only the degrees that are relevant.

Research Scientist Resume Sample

While your fingers may be itching to include your GPA on your resume, leave it out unless it’s as high as the Kelvin temperature outside. If you are a seasoned scholar, leave the GPA completely.

Sample Resume Of Microbiologist With Template & Writing Guide

For inexperienced scholars who were the brains of the class, it might be a good idea to add your magna cum laude to your resume, list your double major, or add relevant coursework.

Let’s be honest – “science” is really broad. A computer scientist will have a very different skill set than a chemist or medical laboratory scientist.

Recruiters don’t have the time or patience to scrutinize your resume to find out what your scientific skills really are.

So how do you identify the key skills that will make your resume stand out from the hundreds of others?

Environmental Science Resume

Look again at your work experience section. Does it demonstrate the skills you just listed? For maximum impact, make sure these two sections complement each other as the tube and stopper.

Not that your resume science skills are isolated and ticked off, let’s look at a sampling of skills you might want to list on your resume.

In the United States alone, there are nearly 5 million people who hold a science degree. Wrap your head around that number.

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Research Scientist Resume Sample

You can do this through additional sections that you can add to your resume. Highlight what makes you different from the rest by including your interests and passions. Have the recruiter read it and say “we definitely need to interview this one!”

Black And Blue Flat Design Medical Researcher Science Resume

Knowing a foreign language can really set you apart from other applicants. From reading about the latest scientific trends to working with an international team, knowing a foreign language can be very useful.

While no one cares that you have the full LEGO Ninjago collection, recruiters will care about your curiosity about new farming methods or creating complex Excel macros. These hobbies not only show that you have passions outside of work, but they can also have a positive impact on your work.

Volunteer experience can be extremely helpful, especially if you have no work experience. In general, volunteer experience shows a passion for helping others and being part of the community. Think about it – don’t scientists mostly study and test things to ultimately benefit their communities?

Membership in any scientific organization shows the hiring manager that you take your career seriously and that this is not just a job for you.

Entry Level Research Scientist Resume Sample

For more options when it comes to extra parts of a resume, check out this guide: What to Include in a Resume: 20+ Best Examples

There’s no reason to look at raw data and test results if you don’t know what the conclusion is.

Your resume headline is a short, catch-all conclusion that lets the hiring manager know who they have in front of them.

Research Scientist Resume Sample

Review your academic CV once more. Look for the skills and achievements that stand out like the recent discovery of the glowing sea turtle.

Data Scientist Resume Sample And Template

Pick 2-3 of these best accomplishments that will capture the recruiter’s interest and write your headline statement based on them.

Now comes the time to make a decision. If you have years of experience and a fairly large list of skills, choose the professional resume.

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