Reddit Lying On Resume

Reddit Lying On Resume – A resume that includes bullet points like “fraternity record for most shots of vodka in one night” got “Angelina Lee” interviews at top companies.

Angelina Lee, a Bay-Area-based software engineer with a string of top jobs at Instagram, Zillow, and LinkedIn, had no trouble landing interviews at Reddit, Airbnb, Atlassian, and other big-name tech companies. Lee added qualifications such as “Team Coffee Maker – ensured a team of 6 was fully caffeinated with Antarctic coffee beans ground to 14nm particles” and achievements such as “Connected with Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn” as highlights and continued to receive interview requests from Robinhood, Dropbox, Airtable and more.

Reddit Lying On Resume

Reddit Lying On Resume

The only problem is that Angelina Lee doesn’t exist. When I called her on Monday, a deep male voice answered the phone. “Hi. It’s Angelina, I guess.”

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The person who posted this resume is a software engineer and lives somewhere in the United States, but has agreed to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from his current employer and future job prospects. He started this little job experiment with a fake resume because he and his software engineer friends always had trouble securing interviews, even after sending out hundreds of applications. (He said he chose a woman’s name because he thought it would make it harder to trace a fake resume to him.) He wanted to test whether there was any truth to the idea that where you work and where you went to school really makes all the difference.

It turned out to be truer than he could have ever guessed. Of course, getting interview offers just because of a stacked resume makes sense, to a certain degree—what tech company wouldn’t be impressed with jobs on LinkedIn, Zillow, and Instagram? But when Lee took it a step further, the experience became surreal. No matter how many bizarre reputation-damaging bullets he added, the interviews kept coming. “Phi Beta Phi — fraternity record for most shots of vodka in one night” even earned him some callbacks. reviewed screenshots of his conversations with reruiters.

Lee’s experiment suggests that many tech companies haven’t seriously evolved the way they recruit and hire, even though they’re in an extremely tough war to hire what they see as “top tech talent.” And not only the application phase shows significant deficiencies in the system. At Google, the famously brutal recruiting system means that many people turn down interviews when they realize the process could involve months of prep work. At Facebook, nearly half of the company’s engineering candidates turned down job offers in the first quarter of 2021, prompting a senior recruiting fellow to write a memo “Why hiring is tough right now” for engineering staff.

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Once recruiters kept asking Lee for an interview even after adding “Phi Beta Phi,” he wanted to figure out if they were actually reading his resume. His personality began asking, “Could you tell me what parts of my resume stand out for this job?” And recruiters would respond with generic comments about his skills and past accomplishments.

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“It went downhill from there. I tested how far I could push these bullets before I stopped getting responses. “I literally didn’t stop getting answers,” he said. “There were so many, I didn’t want to deal with it. I tried to get them to look at my resume, I said, ‘Hey what part of my resume is the best fit for this job?’ ‘Oh, your skills and the company you work for are solid.’ And I’m like, ‘OK.'”

Lee’s experiment also lends credence to the anecdotal stories that appear almost daily on Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere accusing tech companies of having a bias against people with experience at elite institutions. While nearly all of the companies Lee tested claim to have hiring practices that take into account people with diverse backgrounds, here a clear system has been devised that favors certain resume elements.

The most likely explanation for what’s going on here involves, of course, automation. Most companies use an electronic tool that filters resumes based on keywords—in this case, those keywords probably include Microsoft, Instagram, and UC Berkeley. Although it’s slowly becoming common knowledge outside of the recruiting world, the average job applicant probably assumes that a recruiter at the very least reads resumes that have been successfully filtered through the system. Given Lee’s track record, apparently not.

Reddit Lying On Resume

“I don’t know about the recruiter thing, maybe I’m completely ignorant, but it can’t be that hard to read a few bullets at a time,” Lee said. The last time he applied for an engineering job with his actual resume, he applied to nearly 300 jobs, got about 3% of the interviews he applied for, and ended up choosing between two job offers.

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Anna Kramer is a reporter at (Twitter: @ anna_c_kramer, email: akramer@), where she writes about work and workplace issues. Prior to joining the team, she covered technology and small business for the San Francisco Chronicle and privacy for Bloomberg Law. She recently graduated from Brown University, where she studied international relations and Arabic and wrote her final thesis on surveillance tools and technological developments in the Middle East.

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Sorare, which started with the fantasy NFT soccer game and added Major League Baseball this summer, announced the expansion to NFT gaming with the NBA on Wednesday.

Tomio Geron (@tomiogeron) is a San Francisco reporter covering fintech. He was previously a reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal, covering venture capital and startups. Prior to that, he worked as a staff writer at Forbes, covering social media and venture capital, and also edited the Midas List of Top Tech Investors. He also worked for newspapers covering crime, courts, health and other topics. He can be reached at tgeron@ or [email protected].

The crypto market has been volatile in recent months and some NFTs have seen their prices drop, but digital sports tokens are still winning points with fans and investors.

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Several companies are working to bring mainstream sports into the world of NFTs, with the support of major blockchains eager to demonstrate wider utility. Sports NFTs are now mostly used to collect or play fantasy sports, but many expect NFTs to also serve as ways to connect fans with their favorite teams or players. The NFT sports collectibles market alone could be worth $92 billion in ten years, according to one analysis.

Sales of Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot NFTs, which feature collectible video “moments” that can be bought, sold and traded, continued to grow and the company expanded into UFC and NFL collectibles. Recently, Ticketmaster announced a deal to use the Flow blockchain, created by Dapper Labs, to attach NFTs to tickets.

Meanwhile, Sorare, which started with a fantasy NFT soccer game and added Major League Baseball this summer, announced its expansion to NFT games with the NBA on Wednesday. The basketball game, which is expected to launch early in the NBA season this year, will feature tournaments that use NFT-based player cards like other games, but with NBA-specific features. It will also have a market, like other games, where people can buy and sell tickets.

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Reddit Lying On Resume

Since Sorare announced its MLB product in May, it has so far had 250,000 new signups and $5 million in MLB trading.

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Sorare’s basketball fantasy NFT game enters a market that already has a popular NFT collectible in NBA Top Shot, as well as traditional fantasy basketball games on sites like ESPN and Yahoo. There is also betting through sites like FanDuel.

Michael Meltzer, Sorare’s head of business development, sees an evolving landscape where NFTs can be used for a variety of purposes from ticketing to gaming and sees no direct competition from other NFT sports providers.

Over time, he said, the industry will see Sorare’s games as “a completely different category than what some other companies are doing,” Meltzer said.

Fans benefit when there are many different ways to interact with teams and leagues, said Jorge Urrutia del Pozo, vice president of soccer at Dapper Labs. (That’s soccer as in soccer.)

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Dapper is preparing to launch a bilingual NFT collectible product with the Spanish soccer league LaLiga, which has large fan bases in Spain, South America, Indonesia and the Middle East. The product will have access to 15 years of archives for its products, including stars such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

But for sports leagues, having multiple touch points with fans, from TV tickets to games to merchandise to fantasy games to NFTs, makes things even more complicated. Above all, they try to understand their fans.

“Managing that and getting what they call a unique view of the fans — Tomio loves going to Warriors games and bought a Steph Curry jersey, so I’m going to conclude that this is his favorite player … managing that is a huge challenge,” said Urrutia del Pozo .

Reddit Lying On Resume

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