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Reddit Interest On Resume – A resume that includes bullet points like “fraternity record for most shots of vodka in one night” landed “Angelina Lee” interviews at major companies.

Angelina Lee, a Bay-Area software engineer with a resume stacked with top jobs at Instagram, Zillow, and LinkedIn, had no trouble landing interviews at Reddit, Airbnb, Atlassian, and other big-name tech companies. Lee added qualifications such as “Coffee Maker Team: Ensured the 6-person team was fully caffeinated with Antarctic coffee beans ground to 14nm particles” and achievements such as “Connected with Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn” as points and continued to receive interview requests from Robinhood. Dropbox, Airtable and more.

Reddit Interest On Resume

Reddit Interest On Resume

The only problem is that Angelina Lee doesn’t exist. When I called her on Monday, a deep male voice answered the phone. “Hi. It’s Angelina, I guess.”

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The person who posted this resume is a software engineer and lives somewhere in the United States, but has agreed to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from his current employer and future job prospects. He started this little job experiment with a fake resume because he and his software engineer friends have always had a hard time getting interviews, even when sending out hundreds of applications. (He said he chose a woman’s name because he thought it would be harder for the fake resume to be traced back to him.) He wanted to see if there was any truth to the idea that where you work and where you actually go to school. you make all the difference.

Turns out it’s truer than I could have ever guessed. Of course, getting interview offers just for a stacked resume makes sense, up to a point: What tech company wouldn’t be impressed with jobs on LinkedIn, Zillow, and Instagram? But it was when Lee took it a step further that the experience became surreal. No matter how many weird, reputation-damaging bullets he added, the interviews kept coming. “Phi Beta Phi: Fraternity Record for Most Shots of Vodka in One Night” even got him some kickbacks. reviewed screenshots of his conversations with recruiters.

Lee’s experiment suggests that many tech companies haven’t seriously evolved in the way they recruit and hire, even though they’re in an extremely tough war to hire who they consider “the best tech talent.” And it’s not just the application stage that shows notable flaws in the system. At Google, the notoriously brutal recruiting system causes many people to turn down interviews when they realize the process could involve months of preparation. At Facebook, nearly half of the company’s engineering candidates turned down job offers in the first quarter of 2021, prompting a senior recruiting staffer to write a memo “Why hiring is hard right now” for engineering staff.

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Once recruiters kept asking Lee for an interview even after the addition of “Phi Beta Phi,” she wanted to find out if they were actually reading her resume. Her person started asking, “Could you let me know what parts of my resume stood out for this job?” And the recruiters responded with generic comments about their skills and past accomplishments.

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“It went downhill from there. I tested how far I can push these bullets before I stopped getting answers. I literally didn’t stop getting answers,” he said. “There were so many, I didn’t want to deal with it. I tried to, like, have them look at my resume, go, ‘Hey, what part of my resume for this job is the best fit?’ “Oh, your skills and the company you work for are solid.” And I said, “Okay.”

Lee’s experiment also lends credence to the anecdotal stories that appear almost daily on Twitter, Reddit and other sites that accuse tech companies of having a bias against people who have experience at elite institutions. While nearly every company tested by Lee professes to have hiring practices that consider people from diverse backgrounds, there’s a clear system designed here that favors certain elements on a resume.

The most likely explanation for what’s going on here involves, of course, automation. Most companies use an electronic tool that filters resumes based on keywords; in this case, those keywords likely included Microsoft, Instagram, and UC Berkeley. While this is slowly becoming common knowledge outside of the recruiting world, the average job seeker probably assumes that the recruiter at least reads resumes that successfully filter through the system. Given Lee’s experience, clearly not.

Reddit Interest On Resume

“I don’t know about the recruiter’s side, maybe it’s just me being totally ignorant, but it can’t be that hard to read a couple of bullets each,” Lee said. The last time he applied for an engineering job with his real resume, he applied to about 300 jobs, got about 3% of the interviews he applied for, and ended up choosing between two job offers.

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Anna Kramer is a journalist at (Twitter: @ anna_c_kramer, email: akramer@), where she writes about labor and employment issues. Prior to joining the team, he covered technology and small business for the San Francisco Chronicle and privacy for Bloomberg Law. He recently graduated from Brown University, where he studied International and Arab Relations and wrote his senior thesis on surveillance tools and technology development in the Middle East.

From Jack Dorsey to Joe Rogan, Musk’s texts are full of very powerful people kneeling before the former and (maybe still?) future king of Twitter.

Issie Lapowsky (@issielapowsky) is the chief correspondent for ‘, covering the intersection of technology, politics and national affairs. He also supervises the scholarship program of . She was previously a senior writer at Wired, where she covered the 2016 election and Facebook’s aftermath. Before that, Issie worked as a staff writer for Inc. magazine, writing about small business and entrepreneurship. She has also worked as an on-air contributor for CBS News and taught a graduate course at New York University’s Center for Publishing on how tech giants have affected publishing.

Sarah (Sarahroach_) writes for source code at . He is based in Boston and can be reached at sroach@

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Elon Musk’s text inbox is a rarefied space. It’s a place where tech’s richest casually pledge to spend billions of dollars with little more than a thumbs-up emoji and trade advice on how to rewrite the rules of how hundreds of millions of people communicate across the board the world.

Now, Musk’s ongoing legal battle with Twitter is giving the rest of us a glimpse into that world. The collection of Musk’s private texts that was made public this week is full of tech power brokers. While the messages are meant to reveal something about Musk’s motivations, and they do, they also say a lot about how things get done and deals are made between some of the most powerful people in the world.

Musk’s bid for Twitter brought out a who’s who of tech and ultra-rich media who wanted in on the action and shared their ideas about how Twitter should really be run. As tech analyst Benedict Evans said on Twitter, “It must be pretty embarrassing if you think of yourself as a Silicon Valley power player and you’re NOT saying something stupid in Elon texts.”

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Reddit Interest On Resume

Here are just a few of the famous names that slipped into Musk’s DMs, and what they were asking for.

Worker Who Faked Résumé To Land New Job Praised: ‘it Changed My Life’

What he wanted: The billionaire founder of FTX was among the first to want in on the Twitter deal. In March, when Musk still appeared to be polling Twitter about his commitment to free speech, Bankman-Fried adviser Will MacAskill told Musk that the crypto mogul was considering buying Twitter “and then do better for the world.” MacAskill introduced the two men to see if they could make a “joint effort in this direction.”

At first, the texts suggest Musk was dubious. “Does he have large sums of money?” he asked. “Depends on how you define ‘huge!’ It’s worth $24 million,” MacAskill responded, noting that spending $1.3 billion on a deal would be “easy.”

What he wanted: Like many people on this list, Döpfner wanted in on the deal. “Are we going to discuss [whether] we should join this project?” asked April.

But he also had big ideas about how Twitter should be run, including drastically reducing the company’s terms of service. As Döpfner described in messages to Musk, Twitter users should only be banned from spamming or scamming users, promoting violence or posting “illegal pornography.” He told Musk that Twitter should be “the backbone of free speech.”

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What he wanted: Dorsey really wanted Musk to join Twitter’s board, so much so that he told Musk in March that the board’s refusal to allow Musk on the board was one of the reasons he left the company When it looked like Musk would actually join the board in April, Dorsey told Musk that he was “very excited when I heard it was finally possible.”

Dorsey also seemed to want to mend fences between Musk and the company after the relationship ended

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