React Projects For Resume

React Projects For Resume – Web developers are the fifth most in-demand tech jobs in 2020, according to the latest research studies. The popularity of the Senior JavaScript Software Engineering resume (as well as Java developers) with React JS skills has grown significantly in recent years. Additionally, the online search for React Engineer Coder Resume Sample has also increased tremendously.

Let’s explore the skills, roles, responsibilities, salaries, and features of several React.js Senior Resume Examples to get a deeper perspective on this popular web development role.

React Projects For Resume

React Projects For Resume

A Senior React JS Developer is a role that deals with front-end web development powered by the React JS platform and its associated tools and technologies. The React JS platform is a library based on JavaScript technology, which is the most dominant technology in web development. A React JS Java Professional resume with the right technical skills, experience, and education will more effectively describe a React.js Senior as listed below.

Computer Science Resume Examples

Technical skills are essential qualities for hiring a ReactJS developer for a senior position. Some key technical skills in React Senior Developer CV examples should include:

A React JS Senior is responsible for designing, developing, testing and deploying web applications or websites. In this role, he can perform the following activities.

Strong academic qualifications play a vital role in landing an attractive position in a JavaScript (React.js) developer CV outline. A good senior React JS developer should have the following qualifications.

Most of the interview questions for the senior JavaScript programmer are asked according to the qualifications, skills and experience of the applicant. Therefore, resumes should include all the relevant experience and skills to make a better impact and produce a fruitful output.

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This is an excellent example of a React JavaScript Team Lead CV format that covers all relevant aspects such as qualifications, experience, skills and academic education.

This resume is a good example of a React JS coder with complete information. It breaks down the experience and skills into several sections for better visibility.

In this sample resume, you can see the extensive work experience of a great programmer with a significant number of technical skills.

React Projects For Resume

In this resume format, the main focus is on educational qualifications. Competency section includes skills and training sections. Work history is also described in full detail.

Top 5 React Projects To Add To Your Resume In 2022

Summary and highlights are the most important points of this CV. Highlights include experience and skill with exceptional achievements. This is another good CV format with a simple outlook.

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In this resume format, the candidate’s experience is emphasized while skills are integrated with past projects in the summary section. The landscape design is simple and clean.

This CV example shows the effective use of portfolio, experience and skills in the top sectors. The details of this experience are clearly described.

The detailed description of skills in this CV format is impressive. Work history is divided into several roles to give you an overview of past work experience.

Front End Developer Resume Examples & Guide

The candidate’s technical skills are explained separately in the areas of software development. Work history is also explained separately and clearly.

This is one of the most accurate resume forms for an experienced developer. The main focus is on skill and experience. A professional summary provides an overview of the candidate.

The salary of a senior React JS developer (as well as Java developers or any other software engineer) varies in different countries due to several factors such as demand, type of economy, cost of living, availability of React JS developers in the market. For a comparative look at the various salaries of Senior React Developers in different countries are mentioned below:

React Projects For Resume

The USA and Denmark are the top two countries with the highest average React JS Senior Developer salaries. Salaries in France are lower than Germany and Canada, the other two countries with higher salaries for senior React JS developers.

Frontend Developer Resume Sample

If you’re looking for ReactJS Developer Resume Examples, request more React JS Senior Developer Resumes to find the perfect resume for your project right now! You may not believe that React has been released for less than a long time. 6 years and yet it has managed to be one of the leading libraries for visual web development, for creating incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces, and working alongside numerous NPM packages and libraries.

Creating a React project not only demonstrates your expertise in the library and related stuff, but also gives you a ready-to-view portfolio project that you can link to on your resume—one of the best ways to Make your resume stand out.

Without wasting too much time, log in and choose your favorite among the top 5 React JS projects that you can start right away.

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A hallmark of any software developer’s journey are long hours spent trying to create the “ideal resume,” one that is clear, concise, properly formatted, and easily updateable, and many of the resume builder tools available that provide these are paid tools.

Projects You Can Build To Learn React In 2021

In this project, you will create your resume builder application using React and Material UI on the Frontend and Node-Express for the Backend.

One of the simpler, more engaging, and more impressive JavaScript projects for beginners, this resume builder is perfect for web developers looking to brush up on the skills and technologies they need in a 15-hour window.

Slack is one of the most widely used collaboration and messaging platforms used by software teams around the world, with a wide range of functions and a sleek user interface. Rebuilding core app features gives you React-Redux experience for app creation and Firebase for database and hosting.

React Projects For Resume

You’ll implement features like user authentication, public channels, DM features and private channels, and optionally, even notifications, user profile edits, and more!

Senior Front End Developer Resume Samples

This will not only add to your skill set, but also give you a valuable portfolio project to be proud of. Not only that, it’s something you can even use for yourself!

Due to its large scope and scope, this is an advanced JavaScript project that is easy to implement if you have a good command of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It takes about 100 hours to make the original version of this clone. You can even continue to build additional features to make this final year project stand out.

E-commerce platform is a very popular software development use case that not only teaches you about the most basic concepts of full stack development but also a great primer for you to get a shot at working at Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or any company. Of this kind

Such a project, due to its extensive nature, is equivalent to having a number of other smaller projects.

React.js Projects For Beginners, That Will Help You To Build An Amazing Portfolio And Get Hired

In this project, you integrate some essential Amazon functionality using React, Firebase, and even payment options using the Stripe API, making it even more real-world.

If you have a strong background in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this is a great project to take your skills to the next level. This Amazon clone took about 100 hours to build from scratch and has plenty of room to add extra features to make it an interesting project to show off at interviews or as your final year project.

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Writing blog posts in Markdown (fun fact – this blog post was written in Markdown) is a growing trend due to its clean look and easy rendering. This project not only allows you to learn frontend web development with React and related libraries, but also use this program to start your own blog!

React Projects For Resume

The goal of this project is to use the React Remarkable library to convert React code to Markdown, and it uses the industry-common concepts of React Hooks and the Context API.

Frontend Developer Resume Samples

Looking for something quick and easy? And walk away with a lot of learning at the same time? This beginner-friendly JavaScript project is just what you’re looking for because it takes about 5 hours to build if you’re already comfortable with React.

Data structure and algorithms are like an entrance exam for coding interviews and considering the large volume of material, working on it in an organized manner will give you the best chance.

Well, why not brush up on your React skills by building a DSA Tracker web app that you can use to track your DSA journey!

In this project, you will be using some very exciting tools along with React to build an app that provides questions from Love Babbar’s popular 450 question list and allows you to mark them and even provide code solutions for reference. Upload next.

Java Developer Resume

React web developers looking to up their skill level or showcase their knowledge with an interesting project should definitely give this a try as it only takes 40 hours to complete from start to finish.

So, these were the best picks for React projects of all difficulty levels, so you can learn React by doing! If you liked the JavaScript project ideas, share it with your friends and let us know

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