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Steam Deck will bring PC gaming to a more portable form factor, and its “pause/resume” feature may mark that convenience factor to console levels, according to new tests.

Quick Resume On Pc

Quick Resume On Pc

The feature allows players to press the Steam Deck’s power button to stop playing and put the system into suspend. Pressing the power button again will wake up the Steam Deck and allow the player to pick up right where they left off.

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Sounds great, but does it really work? According to PH3 Games co-founder Peter “Durante” Thoman, a recent system update gave the feature a nice speed boost. As PCGamesN(Opens in a new window) reports, Thoman posted in a thread on Metacouncil(Opens in a new window) , in which he said “Faster suspend/resume in the latest system update. Now they’re literally a second or two.”

Thoman, whose studio specializes in PC game ports, acknowledges that its testing of the features isn’t as extensive as it should be to confirm that the feature is bulletproof for the many games being ported. will run on Steam Deck. to say that since the update that made it fast, it’s worked for me 100% of the time, but in terms of mass market testing that’s not saying much,” he added.

Right now, gaming consoles have the edge over PCs when it comes to being able to pause and resume gaming sessions. But Valve has turned it into a key feature of the Steam Deck, allowing the device to bridge the gap between consoles and gaming PCs. Steam Deck will also label the games it can run.

PC gamers can expect a feature like this to work on their devices as well. Valve says the feature is built into SteamOS (Opens in a new window), so systems running it instead of Windows could use the feature. However, Valve designer Greg Coomer indicated in an interview with IGN (Opens in a new window) that AMD was involved in discussions about including the feature in Steam Deck, so the capability may depend on the custom APU used in Steam Deck. Of course, gamers playing on Linux are unlikely to try to enable similar functionality.

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Mark Knapp has covered technology for the better part of the past decade, keeping readers up to date on the latest developments and getting hands-on with everything from phones and computers to e-bikes and drones to separate marketing from the reality. Catch him on Twitter at @Techn0Mark or at , IGN, TechRadar, T3, Business Insider and Reviewed. Steam Deck creator Valve has revealed that the console will feature a quick resume like Dynamic Cloud Sync system, which will make it easier for players. to switch between devices as they wish.

As detailed in a blog post on the developer’s website, Valve says Steam Deck’s dynamic cloud sync will allow players to “seamlessly move between Deck and PC game instances without having to worry about quit the game on Steam Deck”.

Quick Resume On Pc

The developer says it included the feature on the console because it anticipates that users will frequently want to pause their gaming sessions without exiting the game. The closest comparison to this in terms of a handheld perhaps comes with the Nintendo Switch, which allows players to put their console to sleep and then pick up exactly where they left off in the game without closing the software.

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Unlike the Switch, however, Steam Deck’s dynamic system adds more functionality to the feature by allowing players to pick up their session on PC as well.

“With Dynamic Cloud Sync, Steam will automatically load all modified game data saved to the cloud before the device enters sleep mode,” explains the developer. “Users can then resume their game on any computer, laptop or other device. Steam will also automatically download any saved game changes when users return to their Steam Deck and wake up the device.”

“Without Dynamic Cloud Sync enabled, Steam will continue to track when game save data changes in Steam Deck. However, any user will be prompted to suspend their Deck while the game is running and then attempt to resume game on another device. to return to your Deck first to close the running process or continue without your most recent savegame progress.”

While the feature will be completely free, it may not be included for every game you play. According to Valve, Dynamic Cloud Sync will not be automatic, but will require game developers to manually enable it in their games on Steamworks in order for their fan bases to take advantage of the feature.

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In other recent Steam Deck news, Valve recently confirmed that it’s still on track to meet the console’s February release date. The laptop was originally slated for release late last year, but was ultimately pushed back due to material shortages.

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Quick Resume On Pc

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Quick Resume On Pc

9 days ago The best anime series of all time, ranked 9 days ago – the best of the best. Attack on Titan915 The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are without a doubt the biggest and newest gaming console Microsoft has to offer. And so far, the Xbox Series X is the powerful Xbox console as it has several latest features and improvements.

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One such unique feature is the quick resume that allows players to quickly move between multiple games and can also continue where they left the game even after restarting the device. Not only that, players can resume multiple games immediately even from the save state.

This is a really amazing feature and is liked by various users as it can bring various features like easily continuing the game from where they stopped before. Also, switching between titles is easy and can be done in just a couple of seconds.

It takes a couple of minutes to load between switched games as the save loading and splash screen can easily be bypassed. But in some cases, the fast restart feature is likely to cause various errors, problems, and bugs for games that even support the feature.

So, many users find themselves looking for how to turn off or turn off Quick Resume on Xbox Series X and S. Well, this feature is enabled by default with the latest Velocity architecture, a base of the console’s storage technology. the current generation.

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Unfortunately, there is no universal way to disable the fast restart feature on Xbox Series S or X. So here are the manual ways to disable it on your Xbox console.

Well, disabling the fast restart features of the game running on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S game console causes the game to close and then

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