Python Etl Developer Resume

Python Etl Developer Resume – Lily Williams Python Developer +1-555-0100 [email protected] San Francisco, CA Summary Python Developer with 8 years of experience in finance and fintech. Well versed with database engineering, data warehouses, and data processing. Knowledge in data related Python frameworks such as SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib. Cloudera certified Data analyst, PCPP-1 certification and Spark/Hadoop developer certification. Education B.S. Software Engineering University of California, San Fransisco 2008 – 2012 San Francisco, CA GPA 3.8 / 4.0 Experience Python Developer Revolut 2015 – 2018 San Francisco, CA Revolut is a financial technology company that offers banking services. We offer accounts that include currency exchange, debit cards, virtual cards, and vaults. Collaborated with Web Application Engineers, used Python scripts to load data into AWS Cloud Cassandra database Visualized more than 40 data sets with Matplotlib Involved in streaming data processing as well as batch data using Apache Spark Delivering projects with 1-2 day turnaround or even within hours Python Developer Bank of America 2012 – 2015 San Francisco, CA Lauzon is a financial firm based in San Fransisco, CA . They cater to many local businesses and startups by providing custom finance software. Developed internal tools for text mining (sentimental analysis), and web crawler for data collection from Python and SQL Used AWS Elastic Beanstalk service for deployment and scaling of applications and web services developed with Java, Python Developed shell scripting and Python programs to automate data flow on daily tasks Analyzed SQL scripts and designed the solution to Develop a customized ETL pipeline using Python Junior Python Developer Streich 2018 – Ongoing San Francisco, CA Lauzon is a financial firm based out of San Fransisco, CA. They cater to many local businesses and startups by providing custom finance software. Made more than 800 insertions and 150 deletions to 4 central Firmware repositories in less than 3 months Participated in more than 4 projects per year from initial research and conceptual design through testing and implementation phases Developed a portal of data quality using Python scripting, increasing data quality by 30% Communicated and coordinated with project manager and peers to resolve 30+ build breaks per month Python Programming SKILLS SciPy NumPy Matplotlib Django Flask SQL Java Databases & Servers AWS Django ORM MySQL ETL Cassandra MongoDB Hadoop Spark Development GIT SVN CCArm 2017 Analyst Cloud Certification CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Cloudera, 2015 PCPP1 The Python Institute, 2014 Strengths Time management Prioritize essential tasks so they don’t rush. Establish deadlines that ensure milestones are met on time. Adaptability I remember that change is not personal and is inevitable. I divide my projects into several parts so that if something goes wrong, I can fix it quickly. Responsibility I take ownership of my mistakes. By doing that I learn what I did wrong so it doesn’t happen again. www. Powered by

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When a recruiter or CTO looks at a python resume, their first instinct is to make sure they separate the “wheat from the chaff”.

Python Etl Developer Resume

Python Etl Developer Resume

A poorly written care can give the impression that you are a Python dev who learned Python from a book “Learn Python in 24 hours”, and in fact you finished it in less than 24 hours.

Etl Engineer Resume Samples

But don’t worry, with these Python resume examples and our extensive guide, you’ll be able to write your Python resume as if you were Guido Van Rossum.

Below you will find Python Developer resume examples based on years of experience in the field. You can use them as a basis for your resume easily by clicking the button.

Certificates and training are one thing, but starting as an intern at a new company can help you learn on the spot from other experienced developers. Once in, you will be able to demonstrate your level of proficiency in Python and from then on it will be much easier.

In your early years as a Python Developer, seniors will value you if you are someone who is willing to learn, able to adapt and accept feedback.

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It’s always a plus for your Junior Python developer to have back some projects you’ve built using the technology you’re going for. This resume tries and explains well how the applicant independently created a recognition system using Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow and OpenCV.

This candidate also posted his projects on GitHub. It makes it easy for technical recruiters and senior developers who often assume the role of recruiter, to take a look at the candidate’s actual work and make their own judgment quickly.

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In a Senior Python dev, recruiters will likely look for one or a combination of two things – experience and leadership.

Python Etl Developer Resume

Most likely, the job description will also mention keywords such as “lead projects” or “mentoring younger developers”. This applicant made sure to amplify his team’s leadership experience both in their experience, and in the Strengths section.

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When someone is going to spend a few seconds judging your resume, you can’t afford to send a cluttered, vague and irrelevant resume.

In reality, entry-level Pythons again have everything from C++ to Node.js listed in them. It makes the recruiter feel that the resume is irrelevant.

On the other hand, most senior Python dev resumes still contain the same old junior Python dev content they wrote a decade ago.

What this tells you is that your resume should have a proper layout and should be the best for your experience and job requirements.

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Reverse chronological layout is best for most job applications. Especially when you have some form of work experience to show as a Python developer – even if it’s a small internship.

When it comes to Functional layout, we suggest caution. Achieving a good functional startup layout takes a lot more creativity and is prone to risk.

The second example has been designed to perfection to ensure that hiring managers get to know the best of you.

Python Etl Developer Resume

Imagine applying in a big name org as a junior Python dev. Now, if a recruiter opens your GitHub profile and sees that “green” heatmap throughout the year – you’ve made your impact!

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When you write a resume without thinking about what a recruiter wants, you write to boost your own ego and end up adding irrelevant stuff to your resume.

The word out there is that summaries are reused by people who’ve got a lot of experience summarizing.

We live in the era of MOOCs, GSocers, Kagglers, just to name a few. And it’s not uncommon to find an entry-level Python developer who has never worked for anyone, but has knowledge and skills that are equivalent to those of a dev with 5 years of experience.

Being associated with a progressive organization that provides an opportunity to apply my knowledge and Python skills to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

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Software Engineer Resume Example 2022

Python developer with 5.8 years of experience in the domain of Django, Flask for eCommerce Retail, POS and Storage. Received SPOT Award and Best Scrum Team while working at Walmart.

Honestly, the resume of a Python developer could easily be a book. But, no one but you will read this.

Your starting experience should be sorted based on whether the job requires someone to do very specific things like “database modeling and design” or whether it wants someone with a more generic skill set.

Python Etl Developer Resume

Database modeling and design for Walmart and end-to-end warehouse application implementation using Flask. My roles and responsibilities included:

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Notice how the experience again mentions database design and modeling? That’s what a hiring manager will notice too!

Let’s say you’re going to send your message to Mark, the (fictitious) Head of Development for Intercom. You wrote your starting experience like this:

What do you think will happen if Mark reads this? He’ll know you’ve worked with APIs, and written some modules, but there’s nothing here to tell him about the scale of your work, the impact you’ve made, or the size of the team you’ve worked with.

Extended the build system to integrate with the sparse mercurial feature that reduces performance issues with overly large repositories

Resume Etl Informatica Developer

On average, a Python developer handles more than ten responsibilities and handles more than five projects (big and small) in a year. To make sure you write the best work experience here, you need to choose your top five that make the cut.

But, what if the job calls for someone with a breath of experience? You have limited real estate in the summary and experience sections of your resume.

Do you have some (or all?) of them. All you need is a little inspiration what they should look like. So, here’s a list of hard and soft skills you might want to add to your resume:

Python Etl Developer Resume

If you happen to be stuck in such a situation, run this list through a couple of your colleagues or friends and see what they say about you. You will be pleasantly surprised that they will indicate exactly which ones to add.

Python Developer Resume Sample

When a recruiter looks at a section like this, he knows for sure that this is not just an ordinary resume.

If you’ve worked hard, made open source contributions or launched a repo that’s continued to grow

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