Put Tyb On My Resume

Put Tyb On My Resume – When the self-proclaimed “Prince of New York” pulls up to the city’s famed Hot 97 radio station in a silver Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, his arrival turns into hip-hop’s own version of King Jaffe Joffer’s foray into Queens to surprised Prince Akim. in the 1988 romantic comedy classic

. This scene alone features 18-year-old Bronx rapper Lil TJ stepping out of his vehicle and onto a Manhattan street, wearing a black F.N promotional T-shirt, a Gucci scarf, and yellow and orange Puma sneakers, with seven – a human entourage that surrounds him. The sound of his debut album, True 2 Myself, blasts from the vehicle’s speakers.

Put Tyb On My Resume

Put Tyb On My Resume

Tja is late to the party on this dreary October afternoon as she heads upstairs to Hot 97’s seventh floor to meet radio personalities DJ Enuff and Megan Wright for the station’s midday show.

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. Despite settling into a chair 10 minutes after 2 p.m., Megan welcomes the rap newcomer with alacrity and Enuff compliments TJ on the lyrical flow featured on his Billboard Hot 100 hit “F.N,” produced by Vznare, which climbed in 56th place in the table. . “The flow is crazy!” he confirms.

Perhaps unexpectedly for Enuff — an industry vet who toured alongside The Notorious B.I.G. as his DJ in the 1990s—to praise one of New York’s most promising young acts at a time when many of hip-hop’s elder statesmen were having a hard time getting on board with hip-hop’s new wave. “Lil TJ makes music and streams, right? says Enuf. “But he’s still making melodic music and it’s lyrical enough where even the old heads are screwing with it.” And I thought that was important, especially because I’m an old head.” In the timeless words of Kanye West: Listen to the kids, bro.

Born Tione Jaden Merritt, Lil TJ hails from 183rd Street and Ryer Avenue, a Bronx block with a bodega, barbershop, Chinese takeout and Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall. As he illustrates on his guitar-driven track “No Escape” — the lyrical coming-of-age tour de force of

-TJ knew he was destined for stardom at an early age: “When I was 5, I knew I was great/I found my gift for music at about 8 years old.” The sounds of Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown permeated his family’s crib and eventually inspired his singing around the house. The music videos he saw on television helped paint the big picture. “I saw people light up and I just knew that’s what I wanted to do,” recalls Tjaj, the oldest of three siblings: two sisters, 6 and 13, and a brother, 10. room writing rhymes with his mother . “I’ll write mine and she’ll write hers at the same time,” he adds. “We write a few together.” Practice then make perfect for later.

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Life changed six years later, when the self-described “block baby” started picking up boxes for the dirt he was doing on the streets of 13 – selling weed and dirty Sprite. This was followed by closing and dropping out of school in the ninth grade. “It was scary,” he admits while eating chips in the studio of Hot 97. “I always wanted more and there was no way to get it. I couldn’t get a job, so how can I get what I see, what I want, the sneakers I want, the clothes I want.” In 2016, a one-year stint in the Queens Juvenile Center for robbery forced him to change his ways. “I think it was the fact that I had songs written down that I really believed with all my heart had the potential to blow up, so I was like, no, this has to work.”

One of those tracks was T.Y.B. ode “Summary,” which she wrote in June and released on SoundCloud in 2017 — currently sits at over 29 million streams on the platform. The song, which is the first piece of music he’s recorded in the studio, landed on the radar of Maria Arangio, associate director of A&R at Columbia Records, the label that signed Tjay in 2018. “I noticed that he had amazing melodies in his songs, and then like, a really strong hook,” she shares. “And what Tyaj is great at is song structure. We saw that in every one of his records. And every song he released was better than the last. So we were just like, “Wow, he’s incredibly talented.” We need him in Colombia.”We met from there and he has a stellar personality, so it didn’t take long for us to spot his potential.” To celebrate signing the dotted line, TJ flexed by taking his friends shopping at a mall in New Jersey.

Harmonious pain (Tjay labels his music because “it’s not all sweet”), raw subject matter, tenacious songwriting skills, massive streaming numbers (he has 10 million monthly Spotify subscribers) and boyish charm share his to-date success. With three projects (2018

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Put Tyb On My Resume

And True 2 Myself, the latter of which peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 in October), three gold records (“F.N,” “Brothers” and “Ruthless” featuring Jay Creech) and double-platinum accolades for his featured verse on labelmate Polo G’s hit song “Pop Out,” Tjai gained early hip-hop fame as a result of innate talent and staying true to himself. “He keeps it real,” says Clayton Barmore, TJ’s manager along with partner Deon Douglas. “He doesn’t really gloss over a lot of things.” He’s just going to be himself no matter what.

Lil Tjay’s Harmonized Pain Elevates His Streaming Success

Filters aren’t really Tjai’s thing. Case in point: his reaction to the incessant A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie comparisons. Yes, they’re both from the Bronx and deliver melodic beats, but TJ is driving his own victory lap. “I don’t care,” conveys TJ, who cites Mindless Behavior and Lil Twist as his early childhood musical inspirations, along with Drake and Meek Mill as later influences. “I don’t feel like it’s even remotely true.” We’re two different people, and if people want to say that, then [it] doesn’t matter to me.” What matters is what’s next on Lil TJ’s agenda: expanding his career by venturing into acting and helping other up-and-coming artists. “I want everyone to get a piece of this,” he says. “I wish someone would do that for me.”

Winter 2019 issue including our cover story on Travis Scott, interviews with Moneybagg Yo and Doja Cat, plus a Show & Prove feature with Pop Smoke. We recently had an opening for a content writer and as usual we were bombarded with applications. While many of them were solid, and we even hired some people from them, we received our share of resumes that made us cringe.

As a website dedicated to helping you in your career, we know that creating a great resume is the first step in that direction. While in certain cases, a few grammatical and language transgressions can be forgiven, for a content writing position, it is important to be grammatically sound.

So, using these resumes we received as a reference, here are some common mistakes that even the best in the industry make but realize too late.

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While your date of birth helps us determine your age which can be relevant in some cases, knowing your father’s and mother’s name is a bit redundant. Also, unless you are applying for a multinational company on a global scale, it is not necessary to mention your nationality. The name kind of gives it away. Same for gender. Try to keep your resume short but relevant to the needs of the job.

Let’s face it. While we appreciate your fascination with MS Office, we’re not sure if listing that as an interest makes us want to hire you. It’s great that you want to coordinate with different departments in your company as well as other points, but it’s more likely to be a basic requirement of the role.

This was a one-page resume, 70% of which was covered by personal information, and contained a rather inelegantly designed list of education. Unless the recruiter is from Maharashtra, they won’t automatically know what SSC, HSC or TYB means.

Put Tyb On My Resume

Let’s be honest. We are interested in hiring you based on what you can bring to the table, much of which depends on what you have done in the past. If only 30% of your resume talks about it, and the rest of the resume is generic adjectives about you, we’ve pretty much lost interest.

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Although the text in the summary above reads well, this long text description is better used in a cover letter. A resume is best used to highlight the basics in short and precise points that help the recruiter get the gist of the job. A recruiter is unlikely to spend the time and interest required to read a descriptive resume.

It’s great that this candidate wanted to demonstrate his writing chops in the first line of his resume, but it didn’t quite cut it. We’re not big fans of “career goals.”

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