Psi Chi On Resume

Psi Chi On Resume – Resume Writing As a recent college graduate, you may not have seen a resume before, much less write one. You may be asking yourself “where do I start?” In this two-part series, let’s first answer some questions about resumes.

You are on track. Goal? Check. Grades? Check. Academic clubs? Check. Work experience? Check. Check. Check! What is the next step?

Psi Chi On Resume

Psi Chi On Resume

What better way to catch an employer’s eye than to give them a crisp, clean resume documenting all of your accomplishments?

Resume By Flannery Currin

Because this topic is so extensive, this article post is split into two parts. This week we familiarize ourselves with the concept of a CV. Next week we will dive into the mechanics of resume writing.

“What exactly is a resume?” By definition, a CV is a brief statement of a person’s education, qualifications and previous experience.

“Is a resume necessary?” Assume that. Many employers will require you to send a CV with your job application. When you attend interviews, internships and job fairs, employers will also expect you to give them a copy of your CV.

“What’s on a resume?” Everything you want to present to an employer. Typically, your name, contact information, work/practice history, education, achievements, honors/awards, volunteerism, certifications, courses, projects, skills, etc.

Benefits Of Joining

“Are all CVs the same?” No. CV is personalized. Every time you hand your CV to an employer, it will be personalized, with an overview of all relevant qualifications

“How often should I update my resume?” As soon as information changes. Your CV is your living document. It should

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! This is why networking is so important. CVs lay out your qualifications to help you get the employer’s attention…but it’s up to YOU ​​to sell yourself. Submit your CV online to hundreds of employers

Psi Chi On Resume

“Should I hire a resume writer?” Not necessarily. You have a lot of resources available to you, but we’ll learn more about that next week. The Psi Chi Chapter at the University of Southern California is one of the very first and original chapters founded back in 1929. The USC Department of Psychology takes great pride in supporting the chapter all these years.

Psi Chi’s Cv Writing Guide

Our Psi Chi chapter, run by faculty, staff, and student leadership, strives to go above and beyond the average Psi Chi experience at most universities. While the national chapter promotes the benefits of joining Psi Chi as: becoming part of the largest student psychology organization in the world, being recognized for your academic achievements, receiving a certificate and card as proof of your membership, and having a lifetime membership that you can add to your resume, our chapter recognizes that students in today’s world need to be equipped with more than another hollow honor society listed on a resume, but rather a well-rounded educational and social experience that contributes to the overall the representation of who the student is and where they are going in life.

The Psi Chi chapter at USC provides our students with practical and fundamental knowledge of psychology and related fields, as a field of study and as a career path. We offer monthly events throughout the academic year that are open to all interested students, and geared toward meeting the needs of our student body, as informed by our faculty, students, and alumni. See our events page for a description and photos of some of our events from the past year!

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