Professional Resume Format 2015

Professional Resume Format 2015 – Here’s the thing – most resumes look the same. They are all black and white, with a standard layout and very general content.

Do you want to impress the recruiter with your creativity and resourcefulness, or do you just want to blend in with everyone else?

Professional Resume Format 2015

Professional Resume Format 2015

So, in this guide, we’re going to cover 30+ of the most creative resume templates we’ve seen online.

One Page Resume Templates & Formats For 2022

We plan to include both free and paid templates, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

If so, you probably have an innate ability to design and understand what makes a person buy a product.

You can also apply these knowledge and skills to create your own resume and stand out from other candidates.

This resume template does just that. You can use it as inspiration, or you can also choose and modify according to your needs and work.

Business And Management Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2022 (free

Our creative resume template can help you find your dream job in the industry and start your career from color to layout.

You can follow our modern resume template to stand out in almost any industry.

That’s what’s so good about it – it has almost everything you need for your resume and it’s easy to follow too.

Professional Resume Format 2015

Clean and modern, this resume is a great way to quickly summarize your qualifications and stand out from other resumes with its stunning design.

Free Mac Resume Templates

Although the focus of this template is on the work experience, you can always customize it to your liking in minutes.

So you can focus on either part depending on where you are at this point in your career.

You can use this college resume template to showcase your resume goals, skills, and experience (if you have any).

The resume is very easy to follow, while staying under 1 page in length, and is an updated version of the 21st century college resume template.

Free Entry Level Resume Example

This basic resume template is very easy to edit and you can make it your own in less than 10 minutes.

Do you have a lot of experience and technical skills that you want to showcase without cluttering your resume?

It has a modern approach with plenty of sections for your work and an eye-catching design that ensures your resume is seen first.

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Professional Resume Format 2015

If necessary, you can also switch to another page, and it even comes with a cover letter.

Professional Resume Cv Template

Soft colors are a nice change from other traditional resume colors and they’re also incredibly easy to follow.

If needed, the resume ALSO comes with a free icon pack with over 100 additional icons and a detailed user guide.

If you’re looking for your dream internship, this resume can help you showcase your skills and accomplishments in the best possible way.

It’s easy to edit in Google Docs and comes with a cover letter template and some extra resume writing tips and tricks.

Cv Template: 48 Professional Cv Templates (free Download)

And since it’s 100% customizable, you can change any part of the resume, color or even font to suit your vision.

PS – Need more help with your internship resume? Read more about our internship resume examples + writing guide.

If necessary, the template also comes with an easily editable 2-page template, a cover letter and a cherry on top – a free interview preparation workbook.

Professional Resume Format 2015

This modern resume template will ensure that your name stays in the recruiter’s mind and your resume is at the top of their stack.

Resume Examples: Free Samples For Any Job In 2022

The design legwork has already been done for you – it’s fun, memorable and has just the right amount of quirky.

If your industry tends to use prettier resumes with lots of color, you can stand out with a minimalist resume.

A clear structure ensures you stand out from other applicants, and the resume also includes a guide to writing a strong resume and catchy cover letter.

You can edit almost the entire template (from text to colors and font), and if necessary, it also comes with its own icon pack.

Resume Excel Template

If the price tag seems expensive, know that this template also comes with detailed instructions, an FAQ file, and a guide for more resume tips and tricks.

As for the actual resume layout, the main focus is on work experience, and you can continue to another page if needed.

PS – Wondering if you should add a photo to your resume? It can depend a lot on your location. Check out our complete guide to adding a photo to your resume to learn more.

Professional Resume Format 2015

A clean and simple resume template with a minimalistic aesthetic, easy formatting, and a layout that covers a lot of sections.

Standard Resume: Build An Impressive Resume In 5 Minutes

You can also change the color scheme, and its shape and layout make it suitable for almost any creative role.

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If you have plenty of work experience (5+ years), you can easily continue to another page with this template and that

Creating a resume shouldn’t be a stressful process, and this resume template makes sure it’s as simple as possible.

As long as you work in a creative field, you can get away with a resume that shines your personality.

Store Manager Resume & Guide

But even if left as is, it still stands out in a folder of resumes.

With this creative resume template from Pune Design Studio, bright default colors will help you stand out and you can always edit or modify them based on your vision.

If you know how to use Photoshop, you can edit the layers however you want. And if not, the resume also comes with a help file.

Professional Resume Format 2015

This package is the whole package from the first greeting in your cover letter to references.

Electrician Resume Sample & Writing Tips

Show that you know how to design and aren’t afraid to be creative with this infographic resume template.

It follows a modern chronological order starting from your most recent work experience to your previous jobs.

It allows you to list your qualifications in a very unique way, while still being easy to track.

After using it to land a few jobs using the same template, Fernando is now sharing his resume secrets.

Professional Resume Template 2021

PS – Wondering what font to use on your resume? See our guide to the best resume font, size and format.

This creative template from MOO is made for job seekers who want to show off their creativity and design skills.

It’s customizable to your needs, and with its neutral color scheme, you can show off your creative side with just a minute or two of editing.

Professional Resume Format 2015

It is available to job seekers of all skill levels. Even if you don’t have much work experience, this resume will at least make you memorable.

Best Resume Layout For 2022 [free Template]

You can also easily edit the text color as it is MS Word format and change the font type as well.

The cover letter also follows a similar black-jade pattern. So if you want to stay memorable, half the work is already done for you.

And this statement is that you are not afraid to present your experience and talents in style.

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The template also includes helpful tips for building an effective resume, focusing on the objective of your resume.

Certified Human Resources Professional Resume Sample 2022

This watercolor design follows an interesting color scheme that would only work in a creative field.

The watercolor template is 100% customizable and you don’t need to upload anything other than just a resume.

The pack also comes with extra page templates, a cover letter, a reference page, over 250 extra icons, and even a resume writing guide.

Professional Resume Format 2015

Perhaps the most unique resume template on the list so far, the Attention Resume Template definitely lives up to its name.

Free Online Resume Maker

And if it’s unique to this list, you’ll know for sure that it stands out from other job seekers applying for the same job.

It is the exact combination of professionalism and creativity that is the most important factor in getting a job.

This 2 column resume is easy to use and professionally designed if you don’t have time to design your own layout.

But unless you have a really long and extensive work history, you won’t have a problem fitting all your work experience on one page.

Professional Resumes Examples: All Industries (2022)

If you’re the type who enjoys the finer things in life (yes, including your resume), this model might be a better option and be worth the price tag.

You don’t just get hired for the looks of your resume – the content has to be good too!

If you’re going to break the 1-page resume rule, you want to do it looking good.

Professional Resume Format 2015

You can be up and running with your resume in hand after just 10 minutes of editing the template.

Great Statistics Resume Examples For 2022

Start with a summary of your qualifications and skills, then back them up with your work experience and skills sections.

But even if you use the default colors, you’ll probably be fine because the color scheme and design are spot on.

After choosing the right template, you need to work on the content. Not sure how? Here are some of ours

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