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The Product Manager is in charge of both product development and marketing. This includes managing the product throughout its lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer needs, creating the product vision and collaborating closely with engineers to develop winning products. Product managers are in charge of ensuring the success of a given product or product line in many sectors. The high-achievers are product experts with the ability to make strategic judgments based on market and competitive research. They build a roadmap to take a product from conception to design to wide release before production. Product managers connect the dots between the various departments involved in bringing your product(s) to market, such as R&D, engineering, production, marketing, sales and customer service. Their ultimate goal is the creation and launch of products that meet the needs of consumers – growing market share and success.

Product Manager Resume Writing Service

Product Manager Resume Writing Service

Entrepreneurial and goal-oriented high-tech product manager with a track record of accelerating corporate software solution adoption and a broad understanding of direct sales, marketing and SaaS and channel sales models. Professional with a strong focus on results and extensive experience executing effective sales and marketing efforts in high-pressure, high-competition environments. Commended for a unique capacity to communicate complex ideas while emphasizing outstanding consumer value and company importance. With a track record of success in creating measurable business results for challenging situations through the development of winning go-to-market strategies, high-impact messaging, creative lead generation campaigns and highly sought after sales enablement solutions.

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Check your URL Enter your name to check availability. If URL is not available, try adding 1, 2 and so on. You are a great product manager. You can easily balance feature requests, talk to customers, and jump between conversations with marketing and engineering people like it’s nothing.

You don’t have to be an expert in resume writing either. However, resumes are essential to getting a product manager job, so even though it’s tedious, you must learn how to write a great resume.

Fortunately, this is our specialty! We’ve helped hundreds of applicants perfect their resumes and product manager cover letters to land jobs at big companies like Slack and Google.

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Our product manager resume templates and dozens of other management resume templates are proven to help you create a resume that attracts hiring managers and gets you one step closer to your dream job.

How To Become A Product Manager (no Experience Needed)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the median salary for a product manager is $147,000, and the demand for these roles is expected to grow faster than in other positions. More than the salary and growth potential, however, product managers get to work on exciting and challenging projects.

They are the shepherds of new products in a company, and they think up new concepts by talking to customers and analyzing data.

PMs are also responsible for working across teams, from engineering to design to marketing, to turn product ideas into reality.

Product Manager Resume Writing Service

A great product manager requires creativity, an analytical mindset and superb people skills. So how can you successfully demonstrate these abilities with a one-page resume?

Product Manager Payments Resume Samples

It’s not easy, but we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to learn concrete tips to help you land your next job.

In short, here are the four things that make a successful product manager resume:

Getting your skills right on your resume is a catch-22. Why? Because there are three review phases for a typical company:

With all these steps, how can you be sure you’re maximizing your chances of landing your first interview?

How To Write A Job Winning Resume In 2022 [7+ Templates & Examples]

We’ll start with the first step: to pass the ATS filters, you must include the right role-related keywords in your resume.

For example, suppose the product manager job description clarifies that they require candidates to have experience with Agile development. In this case, you can be sure that the ATS filter for this keyword. Here are some more terms for product manager skills to include if they match your experience:

When you are past the first stage of the resume review, you need to make your resume appealing to humans. This means avoiding a long list of resume skills.

Product Manager Resume Writing Service

It’s a huge red flag for hiring managers if they see a candidate with a paragraph of their skills. Why? Because it signals one of two things:

Program Manager Resume

It is better to demonstrate expertise in a few skills than a passing understanding of many tools or methodologies.

The rule of thumb is to only include skills for which you would be comfortable being interviewed. Lying on your resume is a sure way to the company’s blacklist for potential employment.

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You will notice that the list of terms above includes only hard skills. ATS filters are almost exclusively used to filter for hard skills. For this reason, do not include soft skills in the skills section of your resume.

Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager: you are looking at a resume where a product manager included “communication” as a skill they possess. It is much better to demonstrate your communication skills in the context of your work experience than as an isolated keyword.

Real Product Manager Resume Examples & Guide For 2022 (layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description)

No matter where a person looks at your resume, they should be able to quickly conclude that you are a great fit for the product manager role you are applying for. This means your formatting needs to be easy to read at a glance.

A resume objective helps you demonstrate a few of your skills and why you’re passionate about a particular role. The only time you should include a resume objective is if you are either 1) undergoing a career change or 2) you have a passion for a specific company or role.

A resume summary is a quick overview of a manager’s experience or qualifications for a given role. You should not include a resume unless you have 10+ years of experience.

Product Manager Resume Writing Service

Most of the time, you don’t need a summary or an objective, because they rarely prove anything that can’t be learned from reading the resume.

Senior Product Manager Resume Example

Experienced product manager looking to leverage my analytical and creative skills to create products that have a meaningful impact on users.

Product manager looking to leverage my experience in fintech to contribute to Stripe’s mission to make payments easy and accessible for small businesses around the world.

Product manager transitioning from a career in engineering looking to leverage my technical background in an environment like Google to create products that make it easier for non-coders to build businesses.

Can you see the difference between these examples? The first is overly generic and provides no insight into the candidate’s qualifications. It’s just keyword-laden filler.

Assistant General Manager Resume Example

Always include the school you attended and the degree you earned in the education section of your resume. If you have a minor, include it here.

If you’re applying for an entry-level role, your education department will look a little different than a senior product manager. Here’s some advice for educational content based on your age level:

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As a product manager, you can leverage data and user insights to develop new products and product features. You are also used to setting goals for each project and defining metrics for each of those goals.

Product Manager Resume Writing Service

These abilities are vital to your product manager resume since your resume needs metrics to really stand out. Metrics revenue, customer adoption, growth and customer satisfaction are ideal for product manager resumes.

It Project Manager Resume

Measuring impact is vital to any successful product manager, and hiring managers want to see that you have the ability. More than that, quantifying the impact of your work is much more convincing than general statements.

For example, saying “developed a new product that grew significantly in 2019” isn’t nearly as convincing as saying “developed a new product that grew from 0 to 37,000 daily active users in 2019.”

You probably don’t have work experience if you’re an entry-level product manager, but companies want to hire people who can demonstrate their interest in product management. To do this, you should talk about projects you’ve worked on.

Have you researched a potential app idea? Have you created wireframes for a website you want to build? You should aim to quantify the impact or scope of the projects.

Senior Product Management Resume Samples

If you don’t have any projects working on, now is a great time to make it happen. Reach out to local small businesses you can help, do market research for a potential product, and put together a PowerPoint with competitive analysis for an existing product you like. Prove you know what it means to do product management and that you have the skills to do it.

The job responsibilities of a product manager vary drastically from company to company and even from department to department.

As such, you want to tell a cohesive story about why you are the best fit for the company. One major variable about your product management history is the stage at which you worked to develop products.

Product Manager Resume Writing Service

Yes, that means customizing your resume for every job you apply to. the best

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