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Product Manager Resume Service – Product management is a hot field. Companies like Google, Facebook, or Amazon regularly receive 300+ applications for a position.

To increase your chances of landing that PM interview, use our step-by-step guide to writing a great product manager resume.

Product Manager Resume Service

Product Manager Resume Service

It includes tips and expert insights, and a real sample resume where our Senior Product Manager candidate won an offer at Google.

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Before you start writing your resume, you need to think about what kind of product manager you are, or want to be.

In recent years, the product manager role has become more specialized, with positions such as “growth PM” or “data PM”. After all, in a large company, it is impossible to “know everything”. PM that can survive in small companies.

It’s worth thinking carefully about what kind of product manager you want to position yourself as, because it depends on which skills you focus on and which achievements you highlight. We will return to this in Section 2.

As we discussed above, different types of product managers have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. However, all PMs typically involve a mix of technical (“hard”) skills and soft skills.

Looking For Critique On My Product Manager Resume.

Product management recruiters will look for candidates who demonstrate skills relevant to these five lifecycle stages. While in-depth knowledge of every skill area is unrealistic, even for a senior product manager, you should aim to touch on most, if not all, of these skills on your resume to ensure you check all the recruiter’s boxes.

Remember, while some technical skills may not apply to your specialization, the above soft skills are essential for every product manager.

First, let’s look at what you should aim for. The resume below belongs to Nicholas Lin, which earned him a Senior Product Manager job at Google in April 2022.

Product Manager Resume Service

Unlike Nicholas’s resume above, this resume is not an original one. Instead, it’s an amalgamation of several high-quality CVs that candidates have shared with us before landing jobs at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

Food Services Manager Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2022 (free Guide)

The resume example above can serve as a useful guide when writing yours, and you can edit it if you like. Put your email in the form below and we’ll send it to your inbox so you can download it.

Now that you’ve seen examples of what you should aim for, let’s go through the resume-building process, step-by-step.

Find the job specification, read it carefully, and use it to craft your resume as follows:

Does this mean that each PM job you aim for requires a different iteration of your resume? Yes, but there will be a lot of overlap, so usually you only need to make a few subtle edits.

Product Manager Resume Examples That Worked In 2022

The design of your resume should have one goal: convey as much information as possible in a clear, easy-to-digest, and professional manner. Use our sample resume as your template and you’ve already got it!

Some people add a second goal: demonstrate strong design skills to stand out from the crowd and impress the recruiter.

However, we recommend treading carefully. Recruiters for large companies are unlikely to be impressed by the design of a resume; They are interested in content. Some may even be dismissed as “creative” or unique in design. To avoid this risk, aim to stand out through the content of your resume, not its design.

Product Manager Resume Service

The answer is no. If you’re an experienced PM, it’s fine to go for two pages as long as all the content you include is strong and relevant to the role. We can confirm this as many candidates using our coaching service got their FAANG interviews with two-page resumes.

How To Write The Perfect Product Manager Resume

However, if you’ve only been working for a few years or you’ve recently graduated, we strongly recommend sticking to a single page.

We recommend using the following section layout for a PM resume. The exact titles and order of the sections are open to debate, but we know this approach works for junior and experienced candidates at companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Whether or not you stick exactly to our suggested categories, we highly recommend keeping these general layout/design tips in mind:

This section is not the place to try and impress. Make sure you get your details in as few words as possible and avoid mistakes.

Account Manager Resume

Note that the above example is very clean and easy to read. Follow these tips to achieve this:

This is probably the most important part of your resume and the easiest to get wrong. Many candidates think their work experience speaks for itself, and list their role and some of their key responsibilities.

Instead of listing responsibilities, you need to talk about actions. This means starting each bullet point with an action verb. These verbs should relate to the eight skills from Section 1 that companies look for in PM resumes (strategy, design, coding, digital marketing, data analysis, leadership, communication, and organization). “Designed,” “analyzed,” “led,” or “built” are good examples of such verbs.

Product Manager Resume Service

Choosing activities that are relevant to one of the eight product manager essential skills means that your resume contains the keywords that recruiters (and sometimes applicant tracking systems) are looking for. We wrote an article about product manager keywords if you want to know more.

Product Manager Resume For 2022 [sample Included]

You should focus on the results of what you have done and quantify them as much as possible to highlight the tangible contributions you have made. After all, being a PM is all about building things to reach a goal and measuring the results. Ex-Google SVP Lazlo Bock talks about a common method for doing this that you might find helpful, the “X, Y, Z” formula.

Finally, balance is key. Because a product manager role is so multifaceted, it’s important to demonstrate a range of skills in the work experience category. Take a look at the example below, along with examples of leadership, there are also demonstrations of coding and design experience.

Note how the candidate implements the things we mentioned above; Use action verbs to talk about their actions and achievements, quantify them where possible, and cover a range of skills.

This section should be very concise and clear. Hopefully you can talk about your educational achievements because all you can do here is present the necessary information with the right level of detail.

Top 8 Software Product Manager Resume Samples

If you are a recent graduate and only have internship experiences, this section should follow the personal information section and you may need to go into a little more detail. Or, you can include it after work experience.

PM roles require a wide range of skills and it can be difficult to demonstrate all of them through your work experience. So the extra-curricular section is the best opportunity to imbibe such skills. This can be especially useful for demonstrating leadership skills, especially if you haven’t had much opportunity to lead in a work situation.

Note: If you are applying to Google, consider calling this section “Leadership and Awards” to match their recommended CV structure. Obviously, you need to make sure that the content demonstrates those two things.

Product Manager Resume Service

Extracurriculars are more important to recent grads than experienced employees, but even PMs with great work experience can add a new dimension to “you” by giving them a little space to talk about your personal projects. On your resume.

Experience Product Manager Resume Samples

However, you may not have any recent and relevant extracurricular activities to include. This is often the case with parents with young children. If so, you can skip this section and add more content to the work experience section to fill the space. After all, if it’s not going to light you up, there’s no point in including it.

Product managers must be skilled in using a wide range of tools, methodologies, and technologies, and this section provides an opportunity to list yours.

As you can see in the resume example above, you can list any foreign languages ​​you speak, as employers generally view them favorably.

You should also list any programming languages ​​(eg HTML, CSS, JS, Python, etc.), as well as relevant tools (eg Jira, Sketch, Tableau, etc.) and product management practices you are familiar with.

Product Manager Resume Examples And Tips

Under “Interests,” listing a few hobbies is a chance to show a little more of your personality and stand out from the crowd. It’s also the only place where you can squeeze in a drop of humor (as in the example above), but we’d advise against it if it doesn’t come easily.

However, if you feel you’ve already covered your personal interests in extracurriculars (or if you don’t have any!) you can change this section to “Additional Skills”.

Attention to detail is an important PM

Product Manager Resume Service

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