Physician Assistant Resume New Grad

Physician Assistant Resume New Grad – Physician Assistant Resume Sample It’s healthy to have an updated resume on hand when new opportunities arise.

Is it time to look for new job prospects? Even if you’re happy with your current job, it’s still smart to update your physician assistant resume and let opportunities arise.

Physician Assistant Resume New Grad

Physician Assistant Resume New Grad

Not sure where to start? Our first resume tip is to make sure your physician assistant resume is well formatted. Hiring managers are often inundated with resumes and will naturally spend more time on those that are easier to read. Add clearly defined sections to organize your information and bullet points to emphasize key takeaways—your core skills and your qualifications. Limit yourself to one paragraph—your Physician Assistant Summary Objectives or Professional Summary.

Critique My Resume Please! I Am Currently In The Process Of Applying To Physician Assistant School And Some Programs Require A Resume. I Have Worked At Other Jobs As Well, But Only

Using targeted keywords in your physician assistant resume skills section or professional experience section will put your resume at the head of the class. Before the human eye sees it, your resume will be analyzed by automated screening software, which is now standard for most recruiters and large employers. The way to bypass this software is by using the right keywords. To start, read the job ad to see what words the employer is using and match those words to your resume. For example, say you want to highlight that you worked in a busy clinic. If a job ad mentions a “high volume position,” use that phrase instead of “busy.” Simple, but powerful advice for today’s job market.

Start with the template below and adapt it to your needs—it’s a good starting place for an entry-level physician assistant resume (pay attention to that education section!), a dermatology physician assistant resume, or any other specialty.

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Compassionate and skilled physician assistant with XX+ years of experience providing patient-centered care in outpatient and mobile primary care settings. Models exceptional standards of care and integrates a holistic approach to assessment, diagnostics and treatment. Achieve positive patient outcomes by implementing innovative population-based programs, empowering patients as active participants in health plans, and carefully tracking patient/caregiver data. Skilled in assisting multiple physicians with all levels of care including surgical procedures, complex/multi-system treatment plans and routine health and wellness examinations.

Patient assessment Diagnostic testing Differential diagnosis Medical history review Prescription of medicine primary care

Physician Assistant Resume: Examples & Templates For Pa

Comprehensive care plan Interpretation of lab tests and imaging Physical examination Population health Pain management

Clinically manage patient care in a high-volume outpatient clinic providing quality health services for pediatric through adult individuals with acute and chronic orthopedic, medical, infectious disease, and mental health conditions.

Provides clinical health, wellness and prevention services in a state-funded primary care facility with programs for multiple specialty populations including diabetes, women’s health, infant/child and behavioral health.

Physician Assistant Resume New Grad

The job outlook for physician assistants is outstanding, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting 31% job growth over the next decade.

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Research shows that the median physician assistant salary is $96,223 But this number may be different for you depending on how many years you have worked and where you are You can use its salary tool to see the salary range for physician assistants in your city.

Keep in mind that salaries may be better in areas where physician assistants are in high demand, including:

You can also browse all physician assistant jobs to find the best fit.

If you can’t find the time to prepare your resume, a physician assistant resume review from an expert can help. Our professional resume writers are experts in keyword technology and design. They can put together a clean, well-written and effective physician assistant resume for you while you’re on call or running between office hours and hospital rounds. Sign up for resume services to get your resume in great shape for any opportunity that comes your way Creating your first resume as a recent or recent PA graduate can be easy and straightforward Sure, you probably don’t have a lot of experience to include yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from being able to create a professional-looking resume.

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A PA’s primary job in practice is to filter information and determine what is essential and what is essential. Showing a potential employer that you have the ability to do this will make a good first impression.

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As a new graduate, education should be your first resume section. Here, you’ll list your degree (including a pending PA degree if you’re a near grad), issuing institution, and graduation date. You can include your master’s thesis topic along with your PA degree information.

Do not include any education or training that does not count toward the degree, such as CNA certification or prerequisites.

Physician Assistant Resume New Grad

Don’t include your GPA, it’s not relevant (gasp). Listen to me. Those who interview and hire new graduate PAs (like myself) are well aware of the average undergraduate GPA of PA students (currently 3.58). Unless you’re blowing it out of the water, listing your GPA does you no favors.

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Second, the calculation of PA school GPA is more variable than that of undergrad. My PA school GPA was 0.00. seriously My program was pass/fail where you got a 90 or higher or you were out.

Employers notice that you got through PA school, have the ability to pass the PANCE, and are eligible for state licensure, not what your GPA was. Additionally, including your GPA at the beginning of your resume (where it would naturally go) reminds employers that you don’t have much experience. You don’t want to confuse them with this thought while trying to wow them with the rest of your resume.

The next section of your resume should be Clinical Experience, where you briefly list your clinical rotations. This is the resume section I see most often go astray. Avoid adding unnecessary clinical rotation details in an attempt to lengthen your resume. People reading your resume will wonder why you think it’s relevant or assume you didn’t bother tailoring your resume to the position.

Here, you get the chance to make your resume relevant to a specific position. If you have rotations in the specialty you are applying for, expand it. If you don’t have specialty experience, you can highlight relevant skills from another rotation or two. For example, if you’re applying for a dermatology position, you might expand on:

How To Create A Killer Resume As A Near Or New Grad|be A Physician Assistant

You should modify this section as appropriate when applying for a new position, making sure each version highlights your skills for that specific position. If you don’t have rotations that are relevant to a position, keep them as a list

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In this section, include your NCCPA and license information or state that they are pending. You can include your state PA organization or AAPA membership information here, as well as any CPR or ACLS certifications. Membership is not required, so don’t feel obligated to join a PA organization just so you can list it here.

Here you provide 3 (and only 3) professional references. Do not put “Available upon request”. This makes an employer think that you need to find three people who are willing to vouch for you.

Physician Assistant Resume New Grad

If you include additional sections beyond what is necessary, consider shortening your clinical experience section to keep your resume on a single page.

Physician Assistant Resume

If you have professional experience other than a pre-PA job (CNA, EMT, etc.), list it here (or combine it in your clinical experience section). If you have previous work experience, this can help explain any gaps in education and also highlight your ability to work professionally with others.

It is relevant to that specific position – you were a CNA in a hospice and you are applying for a palliative care position.

Include this section only if you have a valid publication (in a medical journal) or presentation (at a medical conference). Most people won’t have this section, so don’t sweat leaving it out of your resume.

You should only include a volunteer section if your efforts are substantial. If you’ve volunteered at a few 5K races, pull it off. If you have many different volunteer experiences, pick 3 and list them. This section should not be larger than your other more relevant sections.

Resume Assistance? New Grad Looking For First Job

Include this section only if you have multiple awards. You promised us “award” in the header, so it should be multiple. Changing the title to “award” would seem lonely and odd.

It should only include PA-school items. Making the dean’s list or being summa cum laude in undergrad can be included in your education department.

Do you know a second language well enough to communicate with, educate and consent patients? If so, create a category and list it. If not, an employer does not need to know about it.

Physician Assistant Resume New Grad

You don’t need any objective category. Someone with a marketing degree might have to explain that they are looking for a digital marketing sales position, but having a PA degree and looking for a PA position is fairly self-explanatory. Your resume will be position-specific

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