Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society On Resume

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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society On Resume

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society On Resume

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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society On Resume

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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society On Resume

Startup Business Development Procurement Brand Ambassador Manager Product Manager Executive Marketing Assistant Public Relations Entrepreneur Advertising Manager Consulting Events Coordinator Theta Kappa () recognizes the academic achievement of college students and provides opportunities for its members to grow as scholars and leaders. Founded in 1918, Phi Theta Kappa has a presence on nearly 1,300 community college campuses in 11 countries. The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) recognized Phi Theta Kappa as the official honor society for two-year colleges in 1929. 3.8 million students have been enrolled since 1918, with approximately 250,000 active members in the nation’s community colleges, making Phi Theta Kappa a true catalyst among members and colleges.

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To join, you must receive an invitation from the Phi Theta Kappa chapter at your college. The local chapter determines eligibility and requirements may vary by chapter. Contact your college counselor to determine if you are eligible.

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After the invitation period has expired, you should contact a local consultant to see if you are still eligible. If you are, your advisor can give you a new passcode to join.

Once you qualify, you will receive an invitation (usually by mail or email) to join a chapter at the college where you are currently enrolled. If you think you may be eligible for membership but have not received an invitation, talk to your college’s chapter advisor. Find your local advisor.

Students seeking an associate degree; One year certificate/diploma-required; Bachelor’s degree-required; part-time; workforce; Transfer only (not earning an associate degree or certificate); previously obtained another degree; International; Individuals enrolled in both high school and college are eligible for membership if they meet the membership criteria stated in the local chapter bylaws. In general, associate’s and master’s degree students must have taken 12 hours of college-level coursework. Certificate students must have taken 6 hours of coursework.

Phi Theta Kappa L Pikes Peak State College

It depends on the policy of your current college. Each organization determines its policy on whether prior work by the organization or other organizations is included in determining eligibility for membership. In cases where past work is to be included, membership eligibility rules should be clearly defined in the chapter’s bylaws.

Membership in Phi Theta Kappa will do you. The more you put in, the more you will get out of it. Your best experience comes from engaging in benefits offerings; However, we do not require participation. Active members must only maintain standards established by their local chapter.

Chapters are not required to participate in activities or withhold membership benefits based on lack of participation (ie wearing graduate regalia, receiving letters of recommendation, etc.).

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society On Resume

The Phi Theta Kappa International membership fee is $60 and is payable only once. Members pay a one-time regional fee, which helps cover programming and events in your immediate geographic area. In addition, many chapters charge local fees to help cover the costs of local chapter operations. To find out your chapter’s specific fees, contact your chapter advisor. If you’re not sure who to contact, find your college’s counselor using the counselor search.

Beta Rho Zeta Chapter Of Phi Theta Kappa

If you need financial assistance, contact the local chapter advisor to find out if the chapter/college offers membership fee assistance. Find an advisor on your campus using the advisor search.

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Students become members when they pay their membership fees online with a credit/debit card or when the advisor submits their information to the head office if the student pays the college/chapter. A student must be enrolled as a member at headquarters to enjoy all the rights, privileges and benefits of membership.

We only accept credit/debit card payments online. To use another form of payment, please contact local advisor for options. Find an advisor on your campus using the advisor search.

Please consult your local chapter advisor, graduation coordinator, or academic advisor regarding guidelines regarding which graduation regalia you may and may not wear during your college’s commencement ceremony.

Welcome To Napa Valley College’s Honor Society

No, you don’t have to pay again. Request to transfer your membership. Begin by contacting an advisor at your current college, who can verify that you meet the requirements for that chapter. If you do, an advisor can submit a request to headquarters to officially transfer your membership.

Each chapter is responsible for setting standards for continued active membership. In the event that a member does not meet these criteria, the member’s name will be removed from the official membership roster of the Society. These standards are clearly defined in the chapter’s bylaws.

Your username is your email address. If you’re not sure which email address you used for your account, contact us/contact us at (800) 946-9995, and let us help. We are open Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM-5 PM CST.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society On Resume

If you require membership proof/verification, you can access a PDF copy of your membership certificate by logging in and clicking on your name. Under “Membership and Participation,” then “Membership Details,” you’ll see a link to “Click here to generate a Membership Certificate PDF.”

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You can request a letter of recommendation by logging in and going to Members > Member Tools > Letter of Recommendation, or you can purchase an official membership certificate at Undergraduate. (PTK) Honor Society at Garden State College Thursday via video induction ceremony.

Inducted: Catherine Rachel Attaway, elementary education major

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