Personal Pronouns In Resume

Personal Pronouns In Resume – DEAR READERS: Lately, I’ve seen quite a few resumes and LinkedIn profiles that clearly state a person’s gender pronoun. Is this becoming a common and universally accepted part of resume formatting? Or are there issues that a job candidate should consider before adding it to their resume and profile?

This question elicited many different opinions from the career search experts I consulted!

Personal Pronouns In Resume

Personal Pronouns In Resume

“My gut reaction when I read a gender pronoun [on a LinkedIn profile] is to cringe…there’s nothing wrong with doing it, but it can get you fired before you even get a chance to apply,” says Damian Birkel, co-founder. Executive Director, Professionals In Transition Support Group Inc. “Just like religion, politics and other big issues, gender pronouns can create instant barriers… silent decisions are made and, like it or not, a recruiter or employer can cut you off without your knowledge because of gender pronouns.” Right or wrong, you can’t control their bias.

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Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D., CEO of D. Boyer Consulting, agrees. “I’m not sure what job seekers are getting at when they put their gender pronoun on a resume,” says Boyer. “I would say that practice is not universally accepted on any professional resume. “I wouldn’t encourage people to put that kind of information on their resume unless they’re looking for a job with an organization that focuses on those hiring practices, like Gay Pride…”

Kyle Elliott, founder of and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and the Gay Coaches Alliance, believes that including your pronouns on your resume, LinkedIn and other career documents is “an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to inclusion.

“Sharing your pronouns not only helps prevent recruiters and hiring managers from mistaking you, but also reinforces your respect for other people’s pronouns,” says Elliott (who uses it). But his advice comes with this caveat:

“Before adding pronouns to your resume and LinkedIn profile, consider the company and the position you’re applying for. Check out their employer brand to see if and how they support the LGBT+ community.

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Perhaps the most interesting information I received came from Lynn Bowes-Sperry, a professor of management at California State University East Bay Walnut Creek in California, who researches and teaches in the area of ​​workplace diversity. She also served as Chair of the Gender and Diversity in Organizations Section at the Academy of Management, the preeminent professional association for management and organizational scholars. She withdrew her opinion and focused on the research while answering my questions.

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Bowes-Sperry and her colleagues published a research study on the topic of diversity mixed messages that occur when organizations support, but do not implement, values ​​related to diversity and inclusion.

“We’ve found that an employer’s actions speak louder than their words to prospective job candidates. Organizations that sent mixed messages about diversity were perceived to lack integrity and were less attractive to some job seekers,” reports Bowes-Sperry. “Given that using and respecting gender pronouns is an act that demonstrates the value of inclusion, employers who implement this practice will be viewed positively by many potential employees.”

Personal Pronouns In Resume

She also notes that 70% of job seekers and 72% of employers surveyed by consultancy Censuswide said they supported using gender pronouns as a sign of respect and value of inclusion.

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“Research on person-organization fit shows that there are many benefits for employees and their employers when they share the same values,” says Bowes-Sperry. “I have always told my students that if they have to pretend to be someone who is not employed by an organization, they are likely to face dilemmas and stress at work. So, if a job candidate values ​​inclusion in general and the use of gender pronouns specifically, they probably won’t be a good fit for a company that rejects applicants who use gender pronouns in their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

(Kathleen Furore is a Chicago-based writer and editor who has covered personal finance and other business-related topics for various trade and consumer publications. Email your career questions to [email protected])

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This website’s cookie settings are set to “allow cookies” to ensure the best possible browsing experience. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings, or if you click the “Accept” button below, you agree. Most resumes today are too traditional or too artistic. Like it or not, unless you’re looking for a job in a more “serious” industry (like law, banking, etc.), applying for a job with a traditional resume isn’t going to cut it anymore. We found this resume template on Reddit and we really like it because of its minimal form factor. Also, this CV candidate Togn Bolo got a whopping 5 out of 15 calls and a 50% increase in salary! Let’s see how you can emulate Togn’s success with your resume template:

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How To Write A Resume That Stands Out (backed By Science) «

Togn has found a sweet spot in between and brought this aesthetically pleasing functional resume to life. A clean resume design like Togn’s uses only one font family with multiple weights, as well as plenty of spacing to give the eye room to breathe.

Notice that your resume doesn’t use images? Unless instructed otherwise by the employer, you must not waste real estate on your resume by including a photo of yourself. It’s really pointless because interviewers will still be looking at your online profile, so we move on to point 2 below.

You probably already have your contact details, such as phone and email, on your CV. Since it is the 21st

Personal Pronouns In Resume

Age, take Togn’s example and include links to your professional social media profile on your resume.

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We’ve emphasized the word “professional” because you really shouldn’t be linking to every social media network you’re on (unless you’re aspiring to be a brand ambassador or influencer). You can’t go wrong with a professional LinkedIn profile that works alongside your resume. Bonus points if you have references from previous employers or colleagues on your LinkedIn profile!

Even though we said not to include links to other profiles, it’s likely that employers will still search for you on Google. Now is the time to own your digital footprint and start spring-cleaning your social media profiles of vulgarities or silly remarks that would land your CV in the reject pile.

Unless you’re a fresh graduate, your professional experience always comes first. The best way to present your past work experience is in reverse chronological order. Start with your most recent career at the top to your oldest at the bottom.

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If you have completed any projects or volunteered, you should definitely list them after your experience. Don’t have anything else to add? Try the skills section to highlight your skills. Or the language section if you speak multiple languages.

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Put yourself in the shoes of your readers, in this case, your interviewers. No one likes to read dense blocks of text that go on and on. Cut out unnecessary words and divide them into points. For example, you can see that Togn only has 3-4 points for each of his past experiences.

Numbers also add more meaning to texts. If you did something extraordinary in your previous jobs, for example, you increased sales by 2.9 million. USD per year, you should definitely mention this on your CV.

Also, don’t use pronouns like “I,” “he,” or “she” in your resume. You can see that Togn hasn’t used anything and goes right into the action.

Personal Pronouns In Resume

Readers aside, you should also optimize your content for bots, and by bots we mean the applicant tracking system (ATS) that hiring managers use to scan the many resumes they receive every day.

Should I Put My Gender Pronouns On My Resume?

Basically, an ATS scans your resume and looks for keywords related to the position you’re applying for. So an easy way to get ATS scores is to carefully read the keywords used in the job description and include those keywords in your CV.

So keep these 5 things in mind while creating your CV template. If you’ve already done this, let us know in the comments section below if it helped you land an interview or even landed you your dream job! Two crossed lines form an “X”. This specifies a way to close the interaction or reject the message.

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