Personal Projects On Resume

Personal Projects On Resume – You might not have a project section on your resume – and that’s okay. Including projects on your resume is optional, but it can be a good idea if you’ve completed any personal or educational projects that highlight transferable skills or are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

There is a place for both personal and educational projects on your resume. Projects could be particularly relevant if:

Personal Projects On Resume

Personal Projects On Resume

If some (or all) of your work has been project-based, your resume should highlight this – not hide it. By using a project-based format for your work experience, you can keep the focus squarely on your accomplishments without cluttering your resume.

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Current students or recent graduates can use university projects to highlight your relevant skills in a more practical setting. Educational projects may include projects completed at university, during further education, or as part of a vocational or career change programme. It does not include regular work, unless it was particularly outstanding (ie award-winning).

If most of your paid experience is in a different role or industry, projects can help demonstrate your skills and a more relevant skill set. This is especially true if you are trying to break into a highly specialized or technical field. For roles that involve software development, coding, or data analysis, a few significant projects may be even more worthy of inclusion on your resume than lots of work experience in a different industry. If this is your situation, consider discarding some of the older or less relevant work experience in favor of a dedicated project section that can highlight your practical experience and specific technical skills.

I would recommend uploading your resume to the tool below to check if you have submitted your projects correctly. It will let you know if your project section highlights relevant work experience, achievements and skills.

Some Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or other types of resume screening will automatically reject candidates who lack certain skills or keywords. To get around this, you can use projects as a way to legitimately include skills that the job listing requires if you have no other way to demonstrate them. Again, this can be particularly important if you’re trying to break into a technical field, so it’s worth taking the time to develop these practical skills before you start applying.

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If you’re not sure what technical skills are required for the job you’re applying for, use the skills search tool below to find the right ones.

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If you’ve decided to put projects on your resume, keep scrolling for step-by-step guides and templates you can copy and paste.

So you’ve decided to put one or two well-chosen projects on your resume – but how do you format them? Here are some practical examples you can follow.

Personal Projects On Resume

YOUR NAME CONSULTING SERVICES, Columbus, OH Independent SEO Consultant (June 2017 – Present) Developed strategic insights for seven mid-sized companies ($5M+/year) to improve SEO, web traffic and conversions. Renovate and implement new websites for four companies. Project Select the name of the project – 1-3 points in the format [Action Verb] [Accomplishment] [Metric], e.g. Growth Strategy for Travel Agencies – Led a major cost restructuring by redirecting focus on consumer willingness to pay instead of product prices; implement a three-tier pricing model that increases average sales by 35% and margins by 12%

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When: If you have space for it on your resume and you have one or more important projects you want to make a focal point.

PROJECT Project name | Developer, February 2019 GitHub link: [link] – Designed the general architecture of the editor using React.JS, with XYZ integration to enable real-time collaboration – Includes multiple authentication methods, such as Google OAuth, magic link and Shibboleth SSO .

This is another example that clearly shows your skills and expertise. It includes important keywords, which will help your resume pass any ATS and allow employers to see that you are qualified at a glance. It also uses hard numbers to good effect, showing not only what you accomplished, but also the impact it had on the project as a whole.

If your projects demonstrate hands-on experience with specific programming languages ​​or other practical skills, use your project section to link to an online portfolio. Hiring managers in fields like software development, graphic design, and writing will want to see examples of your current work whenever possible, as it’s the best way to see your skills firsthand and judge whether they’re a good fit.

Resume Feedback, Scientist > Swe

How to list a project on your resume, while linking to the portfolio and using hard skills to pass your resume test.

When: If you are a current student or recent graduate without much relevant work experience. You should especially consider including projects in your education section if you completed a specific pre-professional program, such as an MBA.

EDUCATION Curriculum vitae Worded University, San Francisco, CA | May 2010 Candidate Master of Business Administration; Major in Business Analytics – Built and launched Android app, Resume Worded, in team of 3; gained more than 10,000 users in 6 months

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Personal Projects On Resume

This example shows how including projects can clearly demonstrate your accomplishments, even if your degree is your only relevant experience in the field.

Applications, 1 Interview—i’d Love Some Advice On My Software Developer Resume!

When: For personal projects, especially if you don’t have the real estate to dedicate to a significant project section.

ADDITIONAL PROJECT – Aggregate, clean and combine data from more than 10 public data sources to create a chart of inflation rates over the last 10 years (January 2021) – Another project (optional)

This example shows how you don’t need to dedicate a large amount of space to a project for it to be worthwhile.

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Personal Projects On Resume

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Need Help With Resume For Going Into Broadcast Media After Leaving University. Most Of My Experience Comes From Personal Projects Or Voluntary Experience. I Don’t Have Much In The Way Of Traditional

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Personal Projects On Resume

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So you are great at setting goals, strategic planning, creating budgets, leading a team to a common goal, keeping tabs on everyone and everything…

And, yes—it can seem difficult to transfer all of your work experience, skills, and professional accomplishments onto a single piece of paper. With good advice, however, it doesn’t have to be!

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