Pause And Resume Video Recording Iphone

Pause And Resume Video Recording Iphone – The Apple iOS is a very robust mobile operating system, but we cannot deny the fact that it is still many years behind its Android counterparts in terms of the basic features it lacks, such as not giving its users the ability to put pause and resume video recordings at their convenience while shooting or recording video on iPhone.

And that means that the only way to pause while recording a video on the iPhone and resume it later is to actually stop the entire recording itself, and when you then want to resume, you have to start recording a new video, this is not only stressful, but you also find yourself having multiple video files of the same event, scattered all over your phone’s storage space.

Pause And Resume Video Recording Iphone

Pause And Resume Video Recording Iphone

It’s a sad thing to be honest, because considering the fact that the iOS operating system has come a long way and given how expensive Apple products are, these are some of the basic features or functionality that no one should be asking for in 2021, I mean they should be there of course, and what makes it even more painful is the fact that you can find features like this in Android smartphones for under $ 200.

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So, is Apple intentionally refusing to add this feature to iOS, or didn’t its engineers just take their time to realize it wasn’t there all this time?

So, today I’m going to show you how to pause and resume video recording on iPhone, using third-party apps like PauseCam and VideoCam +, all of which can be downloaded from the App Store.

Please note that while using these apps, the actual video quality may be reduced and lower than what you would get if you were to record the same video using the iPhone main camera app and, in most cases, the apps they usually come full of ads within them and force you to purchase their various paid or pro versions to get rid of those ads, but at least they help solve a particular problem at least for the time being, until Apple finally decides to add the feature video recording pause to your operating system.

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Outside of the traditional and professional video recording apps available for iPhone, PauseCam is actually the most popular video recording app among people looking for ways to pause and resume video recording on their phones.

As I said, the actual video quality that comes out of this app will definitely be lower than what you would get with the iPhone’s proprietary camera app, but that’s just the small sacrifice you have to make to get a feature that should naturally come with. the iOS operating system, so this time you can blame Apple.

And here’s how to pause and resume video recording using the PauseCam video recorder app on iPhone.

Pause And Resume Video Recording Iphone

And this is how you can pause and resume video recording on iPhone using the PauseCam video recorder app.

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The VideoCam + may not be as popular as the PauseCam, but it still does the job in terms of helping you pause and resume video recording on your iPhone.

And just like with PauseCam, you may experience a degradation of the overall video quality and the app includes a watermark on every video recorded with it and the only way to get rid of these watermarks is to buy the Pro version.

And that concludes for today the ways you can pause while recording a video on iPhone. Kindly tell us what you think of these apps by leaving a comment at the bottom in the comments section below, and if you find this post useful, kindly give a thumbs up by sharing it and as always see you tomorrow #peace out. Apple’s Camera app for iPhone and iPad still lacks Pause and Resume functions when shooting video. That said, Apple could face this glaring omission in the coming weeks, as iOS developer Daniel Niyazov first noted.

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Last week, he tweeted a screenshot showing some code strings mentioning the Pause and Resume features in the camera framework. It’s unclear if the feature could be related to the new hardware (iPhone 8?) Or if older iPhones will support it as well.

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I asked Daniel about it on Twitter and he replied saying, “I didn’t see anything that indicated it was a hardware thing.”

I’m not a programmer, so there is this, but I trust Daniel’s intuition: thanks to his analysis of the HomePod firmware, we now know that the iPhone 8’s 3D face scanner could potentially be used for authenticating Apple Pay transactions. .

In fact, Dan advised me against taking the recent findings that the iPhone 8’s front-facing camera can capture 4K resolution video at sixty frames per second at face value because, as he pointed out, the firmware files also reference a telephoto lens. for the front camera and Pearl ID (Apple’s codename for an upcoming 3D facial recognition feature) on the rear camera.

Pause And Resume Video Recording Iphone

I wouldn’t count on the front cam supporting 4K @dujkan there are references to the front telephoto lens and the rear PeealID. it’s not likely. – Dan (@r_idn) August 4, 2017

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Regardless of how you look at it, it’s annoying that Apple hasn’t implemented the Pause and Resume features for the Camera app until this date. While capturing video, I obviously want to pause the recording for a few seconds and then resume recording.

Please don’t tell me to choose the Video option in the Camera app and tap the Shutter button to start and stop recording – what I want is the ability to create a continuous video with many different scenes instead of stitching a number of separate videos together in an editing app.

If you ask me (and other iPhone photography fans), this is a must-have feature, found on even the simplest camcorders.

While Apple’s software doesn’t have this feature, the hardware definitely supports it, as evidenced by some camera apps on the App Store like VideoCam + and some jailbreak tweaks that enable this feature in the stock Camera app, like RecordPause.

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Jailbreak news of the week: Luca Todesco shows off the iOS 16.1 beta jailbreak, new tools for TrollStore and more … RecordPause is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to pause and resume the stock Camera app during video shooting. Some of the more popular social media apps, like Vine and Instagram, have similar functionality. Now, thanks to RecordPause, you can pause and resume the video from the stock iOS camera as well

After installing RecordPause, you can start using it immediately. Just open the Camera app, switch to video mode and start shooting the video.

When you want to pause the video, tap the timer at the top of the viewfinder. The timer and shutter button will turn yellow, indicating that a pause has been initiated. You will also notice that the viewfinder freezes on the last frame.

Pause And Resume Video Recording Iphone

When you’re ready to shoot the video, tap the timer again and the viewfinder will unlock and start recording. The shutter button and timer will also return to their normal red color, indicating that a live recording is in progress.

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I wish the viewfinder wouldn’t freeze completely while pausing a recording, as that makes it difficult to frame the next shot when you’re ready to resume the pause. Hopefully the developer will update RecordPause in the future with more options.

It’s a bit sparse, but RecordPause is a great idea. You can find it for free on the BigBoss repository. Share your thoughts on the change below in the comments section.

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