Otr Driver Job Description Resume

Otr Driver Job Description Resume – Whether you are a veteran of the open road or someone who feels the freedom and independence of driving for a living to you, there is no denying the appeal of a career in trucking and logistics. If you have a clean driving record and don’t mind spending most of your days with the main radio for company, this is a great field.

Let’s look at the truck driver resume for people in the trucking industry. One is just starting out, another has been on the road for a while, and the third is a tracker looking to handle the keys for the next step up: a managerial position in the logistics industry.

Otr Driver Job Description Resume

Otr Driver Job Description Resume

First is Barbara. She is a newly certified commercial driver, looking to trade her local delivery experience (pizza and packages) for larger cargo.

Delivery Driver Resume & Writing Guide

Recent graduate of Indianapolis Trucking Institute with a clean driving record and a CDL, looking for a job as a long distance truck driver.

Here, Barbara is looking to break into the world of heavy duty truck driving. She went through the required training program, and got her CDL license, but she didn’t have much experience driving a truck long distance. So she chooses the skills-based resume format, where the skills and qualifications are the stars, followed by relevant experience. She

Have experience as a driver, but more at the local level. So her bullets are short and sweet, and stick to her point of emphasizing the skills that will serve you well as a commercial truck driver: customer service, savvy with GPS and route planning, and timely/accurate deliveries.

Next is Phil, who has been a driver for more than 15 years, but is updating his resume to seize new driving opportunities for more money.

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Cdl Truck Driver Resume Samples

CDL-licensed driver with more than 15 years experience · Spotless driving record · Adept at navigation · Good people skills · Safety-oriented · Committed to timely and efficient deliveries · In-depth knowledge of DOT regulations

Phil’s strength is his experience – he was a driver for a long time, and wants to emphasize the firm’s history. So his summary is basically a headline of what he wants to emphasize: his track record of delivering safely and on time; and his long record of good service. And while education is important to include (which he does in the end), for a truck driver it’s important to show the licenses and certifications that Phil holds, so he inserts that information up to the top so that it’s one of the First things first, the reader. See.

Phil then dives into his experience, using the reverse-chronological format. It appears that his current and previous jobs were fairly similar, but he’s not just repeating bullet points. He finds different ways to phrase the skills and tasks involved, and makes sure that he’s emphasizing the qualities he introduced in his summary.

Otr Driver Job Description Resume

Next is Owen, who is an experienced driver but wants to move into a more administrative and managerial role.

Truck Driver Resume Examples

Experienced tracking and transport professional looking to leverage road experience, efficiency focus and strong organizational skills in a supervisory logistics role. 10+ years of experience on the ground coordinating and delivering large shipments.

While Phil’s resume is a straight portrait of an experienced truck driver, Owen (who has similar experience and skills) is trying to position his resume a little differently because he’s going for a slightly different type of job. Note that in his summary, Owen does not use the word “driver” at all. That doesn’t mean he’s ashamed of his previous experience or job titles, just that he wants readers to see him as more of an overall logistics and transportation guy. The summary (or objective) is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your resume.

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Set the tone, and start painting the picture of your career that you want the hiring manager to see. Like Phil, Owen emphasizes his experience, but also leans heavily on the expertise angle.

Because Owen is essentially changing careers (in spirit, if not changing industries) by shifting tracks in the trucking and logistics field, he uses the functional format that works well for career changers, or people who want to emphasize the skills they bring across the Experience. This means he loads his resume with skills and education first, emphasizing what qualities he brings to the table. Remember: Always tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for, which means the skills section should be tailored to fit what the job description is looking for. And because Owen wants to show himself as a great potential administrator, he includes his educational background, because it includes a degree in Business Administration.

Delivery Driver Resume Sample [+objective, Skills & Duties]

, in the exact order. Templates can be a great guideline and a good way to help you get your information in fighting shape, but when it comes to structuring your resume, make sure it conveys what

Want to say it, and that it’s featuring the information that shows you in the best possible light. Your career evolves and changes, and don’t be afraid to have your resume.

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Otr Driver Job Description Resume

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Cdl Driver Resume Sample & Writing Tips

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