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Open Source Resume Parser – While I’m still a student at university, I’m curious how automatic resume extraction works. I will create different formats of my resume and upload it to the job portal to test how the algorithm behind it actually works. I’ve always wanted to build one myself. Thus, in recent weeks of my free time, I decided to create a resume parser.

At first, I thought it was quite simple. Just use some samples to mine the information but turns out I was wrong! While creating a resume parser is difficult, there are many types of resume layouts you can imagine.

Open Source Resume Parser

Open Source Resume Parser

For example, some people put the date in front of the resume title, some people don’t put the length of work experience, or some people don’t list the company on the resume. This makes creating a resume parser even more difficult, as there are no resolution patterns to capture.

Security Researcher Resume Samples

After a month of work, based on my experience, I would like to share which methods work well and what you should consider before creating your own resume parser.

Before going into the details, here is a short video clip that shows the end result of my resume parser.

One of the problems in data collection is finding a good source to get resumes from. Once you’re able to figure it out, the scraping part will be fine as long as you don’t hit the server too often.

Then, I selected a few resumes and manually labeled each field with data. Labeling is done so that I can compare the performance of different parsing methods.

Open Source Software For Resume Parsing

For the rest, the programming I use is Python. There are many packages available for analyzing PDF format into text, such as PDF Miner, Apache Tika, pdftotree and etc. Let me give some comparisons between different text extraction methods.

One disadvantage of using PDF Miner is when you are dealing with a resume that resembles the LinkedIn resume format as shown below.

PDF Miner reads the PDF line by line. Thus, the text in the left and right sections will be merged if they are found to be on the same line. So, as you can imagine, it will be difficult for you to extract information in the following steps.

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Open Source Resume Parser

On the other hand, pdftree will skip all ‘n’ characters, so the extracted text will be like a single chunk of text. Thus, it is difficult to separate them into multiple segments.

Resume Parsing Tool, Resume Data Extraction Software

So, the tool I use is Apache Tika, which seems to be a good option for parsing PDF files, while for docx files, I use the docx package to parse.

Here is the tricky part. There are many ways to handle it, but I’ll share with you the best I’ve found and the baseline method.

Let’s talk about the baseline method first. The baseline method I use is to first scrape keywords for each section (the sections I’m referring to here

For example, I want to extract the university name. So, I first find a website that has most universities and scrape them down. Then, I use a regex to check if this university name can be found in a particular resume. If found, this piece of information will be removed from the resume.

What Is Parse Resume

This way, I am able to create a baseline method that I will use to compare the performance of my other parsing methods.

. What I do is have a set of keywords for each main section title, for example,

Of course, you could try to build a machine learning model that can do the differentiation, but I just chose to use the simplest way.

Open Source Resume Parser

Then, there will be a separate script to handle each main section separately. Each script will define its own rules that leverage the scraped data to extract information for each field. The rules in each script are actually pretty messy and complicated. I want to keep this article as simple as possible, I won’t reveal it at this time. If you’re interested in learning the details, leave a comment below!

Nlp Based Resume Parser Using Bert In Python

. The reason I use a machine learning model here is because I found some clear patterns to distinguish the company name from the job title, for example, when you see the keywords “Private Limited” or “Pte Ltd” you make sure it’s the company name.

I scraped the data from Greenbook to get the company names and downloaded the job titles from this Github repo.

After receiving the data, I just trained a very simple naive Bayesian model that can increase job title classification accuracy by at least 10%.

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The reason I use token_set_ratio is that if the parsed result has more common tokens for the labeled result, it means the parser is performing better.

Figur E.7. Parse Tree Representing Syntactic Analysis Ii. Semantic…

If you have other ideas to share on metrics for evaluating performance, feel free to comment below!

Thank you so much for reading till the end. This project actually consumes a lot of my time. However, if you want to tackle some challenging problems, you can try this project! 🙂

Lo Wei Hong is a data scientist at Shopee. His experiences include crawling websites, building data pipelines, and implementing machine learning models to solve business problems.

Open Source Resume Parser

It provides crawling services that can provide the accurate and clean data you need. You can visit this website to view his portfolio and contact him for crawling services.

Sovren Resume Parser Expert Reviews, Pricing, Alternatives

Low Wei Hong – Medium Read Medium from Low Wei Hong on Medium. Data Scientist | Web Scraping Service: Every… One of the most time-consuming tasks for any recruiter is checking each candidate’s resume and CV. Before ATS, recruiters had to go through large chunks of information on resumes and organize them into detailed Excel sheets. This way they will identify the best candidates among the rest. After a point this repetitive task becomes tedious and prone to human error. And, with all the jumbled information cluttering up your database, it’s hard to make quick and efficient decisions on who to hire.

So, how can you separate the right candidate from the less qualified when there are so many to scan and assess?

This is where the resume parsing functionality of your ATS helps you parse your resume.

Resume parsing is a technology that allows you to process online resumes and intelligently structure information by extracting data. It helps recruiters efficiently manage electronic resume documents sent over the Internet.

The 8 Best Resume Parsing Software

FreshTeam helps in parsing resumes and creating candidate profiles with the extracted data. This will make your information more structured and your candidate database manageable. Now, instead of trying to remember which candidate was the ideal hire, you can easily filter for candidates using keywords and tags.

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When you view a candidate profile in FreshTeam, the information is categorized into the appropriate bucket. At a glance, you can get all the important information you need about a candidate. That way when you analyze a resume, you’ll have clear data and information to help you make better hiring decisions.

When FreshTeam helps you parse resumes, your recruiting efficiency will increase because you’ll now have less of a heavy workload. This removes the manual work required on the part of the recruiter and they can use their time more productively for other tasks. When you don’t have hundreds of resumes for different job roles to scan, you can move on to the next steps faster.

Open Source Resume Parser

When you parse a resume, all your information is checked and ready for evaluation. That way recruiters don’t have to overlook potentially great candidates due to the volume of applications. They can select the best candidate and reject the unfit candidate well.

I Made A Resume Parser Using Lever’s Api

Candidates will want to apply to your company thanks to a better candidate experience and faster response rate due to the time saved through resume parsing. This efficiency in your process will show and motivate more candidates to apply for your job openings.

Resume parsers stand alone are beneficial but having them as part of your ATS centralizes all your tasks in one place.

When you parse a resume, the software extracts information classified by your ATS. It is divided into essential categories. Whether it’s a 6 page resume or a 1 page resume, your parser and ATS software will work together to present exactly what you want to see.

When your ATS is accompanied by resume parsing software, the entire screening process becomes easier. From creating custom applications to sending pre-assessment tests, all screening tasks are streamlined in one software.

Showcasing Open Source Contributions On Your Résumé

When resume parsing is part of your ATS, you can skip it

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