One Hour Translation Resume

One Hour Translation Resume – When you’re looking for a job as a translator, it’s essential to first review a top-notch translator resume. Translators are seen as language and communication experts who read and review written messages and then rewrite them into another language.

Their main goal is to create a text or script in the next language that still has the same context as the message in the original language without using the exact same words or direct translation. The latter is what you’d find when using Google Translate, an often humorous case that clarifies the message that robots can’t do everything right and jobs for human translators are still important.

One Hour Translation Resume

One Hour Translation Resume

Being a wordsmith doesn’t mean your resume will be perfect the first time or stand out from the crowd. Scroll on because we’ve packed all the ins and outs of a great translator resume in the write-up below to help you get started.

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1. Contact information: Obvious information such as first name, last name, email address and phone number are self-explanatory. Instead, these are bolded as a header on the first page. Feel free to add social media URLs too, giving recruiters and hiring managers a little extra personal and professional touch to your offer.

2. Career Summary: A resume or career summary has more impact than a resume objective. Include an essential translation skill or two, a language you have experience in, mention your most recent project, add your highest qualification and sprinkle in a powerful personal adjective. Your resume should be approximately 3-6 sentences long to represent an adequate summary of your resume.

3. Qualifications: Getting a job in this field requires solid academic credentials, usually a master’s or doctoral degree. A degree in creative wiring, linguistics, or the translation field you’re in (medicine, law, engineering). It is possible for high school students to also obtain junior translation positions by completing multiple courses that focus on English writing, comprehension, and foreign languages. Note that interpreting jobs are also available in sign language environments, and there are numerous courses that can be taken through the American Sign Language Association to gain academic credibility.

4. Relevant Translation Experience: You may have volunteered as an interpreter at the community college while in college, or had a temporary side gig translating from your native language, such as French or Spanish to English for documents at your local church or nursing home . . This type of experience, regardless of whether it is a direct formal hire, is important for recruiters and hiring managers to know about. If you have previously been formally employed by a government translation consultancy even better. Or you may have been an au pair in another non-native English speaking country and picked up some of the languages ​​while abroad, which will increase your chances of landing an interview.

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Cv Freelance Translator

5. Other work experience: This will include a permanent work history outside of translation but still relevant to your CV to demonstrate career progression. If you are a technical professional, such as an engineer, lawyer, or previously worked in the medical field, there are many translation roles available for industry-specific expertise, so be sure to add these jobs to your resume as well.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: This section will determine if your resume hits or flops. Review the job ad and match your skills and abilities to those mentioned instead of using generic keywords like ”Multilingual Skills”. The more your skill set resonates with the vacancy, the more likely you are to bypass the screening engine and track down some applicants. Make sure to list each language you know and rate it, for example Russian – Native, Korean – Bilingual, Chinese – Proficient. If the UN is your career goal, you must be fully proficient in at least three languages!

7. Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Courses/Training: As a translator, you don’t need any formal licenses or certifications, but that doesn’t mean further education and training isn’t crucial to career longevity. The American Translators Association and the National Association of Court Interpreters are examples of translation organizations that offer professional courses and certifications that are highly regarded in the industry. CPD (continuing professional development) is also required by most states, especially in the medical, pharmaceutical and legal sectors. List any professional development courses, workshops, or programs you completed that better prepared you to work as a translator. The National Virtual Translation Center is an example of an organization that offers CPD courses.

One Hour Translation Resume

Regardless of your experience as a translator and being a language Jedi, your resume should highlight certain important aspects that will demonstrate your suitability for the job, to the recruiters and hiring managers reviewing your application. Essentially, you are a communication expert in the ‘written word’, now prove it by adding the following points discussed below:

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As an introduction, remember to distinguish between interpretation and translation. Although interpreters are connected and transform communication from one language to another, interpreters do so in the moment while the person is speaking. As a translator, you receive scripts and written messages to convert into the required language.

Next is the setting in which you work. Translators usually work from home and if this is you, be sure to mention the infrastructure available to you, for example, internet connections, mobile phones, laptops as most translators need to deliver their work electronically. Also mention your available time if you work for multiple clients at once and the average length of your translation project, for example how long it takes you to translate x number of pages. You may also be working full-time at a university, academic or research institute where you have to meet certain deadlines regularly or at certain times of the year, so add some details about that. Translators are also employed by interpreting and translation companies that serve clients in the public, private, or public sectors.

Then move on to your industry expertise, such as being skilled at translating medical documents, medication recommendations or legal transcripts. Translators also work in academic disciplines, for example in science and humanities or engineering departments, translating white papers, journals or course materials from one language to another. You could also work full-time at a publishing house where you have to translate fiction and non-fiction into foreign languages ​​or vice versa. To expand this section if needed, see examples of documents you could cite for your expertise:

The next point is crucial: List all the languages ​​you know and have done translation projects in. Now it is not enough to have a little technical note indicating that you are able to translate English, Russian and French texts. You need to explain whether the translation is from English to French or from French to English for example. The great idea is to indicate your level of proficiency next to each language and broadly categorize it as native, fully bilingual, highly proficient, proficient, or basic to indicate your proficiency for each language. Employers generally prefer translators who can translate more than one language into a native language such as the United Nations, for example.

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Creating A Social Media Plan For Busy Translators

Finally, translators need intensive skills in technology, tools and digital applications, for example CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) MemoQ for efficiency and grammar for proofreading and editing. List all the tools you use on a daily basis in the Tools and Techniques Matrix in your Key Skills section (more on this later).

You can really make a great first impression by including a to-do list of your ten most prestigious or very challenging translation projects that indicate the nature of the project, for example a white paper for an international conference or translating a website into six different languages, the time frame of completion and the languages ​​used along with the field of expertise (medicine, law, literature).

How do you make sure your resume doesn’t get lost in translation? There are many translator roles available and your CV will likely be looked at by academics, research professionals, marketers and of course general recruiters. This is why the job overview is extremely important and should appeal to readers with a complex knowledge of translation jobs as well as someone who knows nothing about the industry. On top of that, you added about 2 seconds to grab the reader’s attention and if successful, 6 seconds to impress them with the rest of your resume. Let’s start with the drawing first for a prominent career overview.

One Hour Translation Resume

Start your resume with a powerful personal adjective that sums up “you” in one word. Then there’s stupidity with years of industry experience and two or three specializations in translation activities (use the job description as a guide and tailor this section for each job you apply for). Top it off by mentioning up to 6 languages ​​in which you have translation experience and also list your academic credentials.

Federal Register :: Head Start Performance Standards

Your resume should consist of one paragraph of between 4-6 lines in total and convey the message that you are a good fit for the role.

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