Office Depot Resume Paper

Office Depot Resume Paper – What color resume paper should you use? The good news is that you have options (see images below). In general, your resume should look sharp, clean and professional, but the choice of paper may depend on your profession.

Examples of the same resume with different acceptable paper colors and textures – the top row shows the most preferred colors (click image to enlarge):

Office Depot Resume Paper

Office Depot Resume Paper

Colored paper or paper with a clear texture is not the best choice for everyone, but it can be good for people in graphics or other artistic professions; this allows you to show off your design aesthetic.

What Employers Want To See In Your Resume And Most People Aren’t Doing It

A resume is not the place to showcase your favorite color as it can be a sign of poor judgment in some cases. There’s nothing wrong with individualism, though, as long as it doesn’t detract from the content or go too far outside the corporate standard (again, unless it’s an artistic position that requires you to ‘think outside the box and really show creativity’)” ).

Regardless of your profession, the weight of the paper can make a difference, and resume paper should not be too thin or considered cardboard. One choice used by many executives is high-quality white or ivory-colored paper, made from cotton or linen; these options usually complement a strong and attractive resume. You’ll find these options at many stores, such as Target, Office Depot, and the like – Amazon is another option if you want it delivered directly to you.

Don’t use solid bright colors unless it’s part of an overall design aesthetic or unless you’re in an artistic profession; it’s great to be creative and daring, just keep it professional.

By the way, your resume should not only have the right paper, but also strong language and a beautiful design to match! The Internet is a great resource for reading sample resumes for individuals in your industry.

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Yes, paper is still ‘a thing’… sometimes. For those occasions when it is necessary to print copies of yours, the number of paper options and deciding factors may surprise you. is here to guide you with information and tips for choosing the best paper.

Is paper still a thing? The answer is yes – paper is a relevant topic today for the same reasons as it was in the pre-digital age, even if printed papers are needed much less frequently. The number of considerations for making informed choices about paper printing may surprise you, both practically and aesthetically.

Office Depot Resume Paper

It’s pretty obvious that the overall quality of paper is better than regular printer paper. Usually it feels heavier and looks noticeably nicer than regular printer paper. But with so many different types of paper, comparisons are less easy.

What Color Resume Paper Should You Use?

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It is easy to explain what paper is not. Except for its letter size dimensions, paper is not the same as regular printer paper (sometimes called “copy paper” – as in an office copier). paper is specially designed for printing e-mails and cover letters and can also be used as stationery for a variety of other special purposes.

Your only choice of paper should be the standard letter size – 8.5 by 11 inches in the US or A4 in other parts of the world – the same as regular printing paper.

Executive Resume Samples 2022

Of course, the contents of an open bill must always be worth more than the paper it is printed on. But there’s no question that the appearance of the document, when placed on a desk or in someone’s hands, can make a crucial difference, for better or for worse.

So when exactly does this matter? With online applications now the norm, how likely is it that someone in the recruiting organization is going to print you on special paper, if they print it at all? Shouldn’t the PDF version be your only concern when it comes to design elements?

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There are three contemporary situations where job seekers need printed copies of their email, on the best quality paper they can afford:

Office Depot Resume Paper

Your choice of paper will affect the overall impact on those who first notice the printed copy you have provided and hold it in their hands while reading. What do you want recruiters to see and feel? Optimizing the way your printing is “experienced” by the intended employer is the goal of selecting the best paper.

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As an important distraction from the job-specific writing guides and examples, we emphasize the importance of tailoring each version of your version to the specific job you are applying for, along with the employer and the industry. Then take the same custom approach one step further when choosing a design template with cohesive layout elements, perhaps matching the employer’s visual identity.

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Paper options add another layer of compatibility considerations. Use your design template to find the best paper fit. Just as financial or legal professionals are well served by a carefully buttoned design template, a paper that exudes minimalist, high-quality vibes would do justice to their printed document.

Paper for a management or executive application should exude a polished sophistication that reflects attention to detail. An understated simple look on paper — without sacrificing quality — would be fine for most entry-level applicants. There is more creative and artistic leeway to consider less conventional paper colors and textures. Other papers lend themselves to manufacturing or high-tech job markets.

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Choosing the best paper is largely a matter of personal preference — not just your own, but your best guess at the one on the receiving end of your . HR research data can be somewhat helpful in determining which printing paper is your safest bet or if you could end up on the rejection pile without being read. But it still comes down to subjective ratings when people are asked to pick this or that favorite.

The good news is that each of the following decisions you make about the perfect paper doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re going to keep it as simple as possible so you don’t think too much.

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While HR research has not come up with a conclusive judgment on an overall “best” paper choice, the consensus on these two characteristics is solid.

Office Depot Resume Paper

White or ivory? Rarely should a passing thought of a different paper color be thought of…and then pretty much only in special creative circumstances when you’re sure the employer would be thrilled. Despite the dozens or even hundreds of different variations of white and ivory hues, your paper color may be limited to this “either-or” choice.

Paid $150 For This Resume, Is It Good?

But not so fast… because the white versus ivory question is often not simple or obvious at all. It may require a heavier judgment than any other paper consideration.

Whether you look better on a white or ivory background depends on the design template you’ve chosen, in addition to the image you want to project. Experimenting with both paper colors is the only way to be sure.

Our New York template is monochromatically clean and sophisticated with elegant graphic accents. You can never go wrong with white or ivory paper, but ivory can give you a distinctive worthy advantage.

Sydney makes a vibrant modern statement by adding a side column of transparent text and graphics against a solid dark colored fill. White or ivory papers are equally effective, but ivory shows more originality. Make sure your printer is up to the task of producing colors that are true and deep enough for high-quality results.

How To Choose The Best Resume Paper ·

Our Amsterdam template also has a side column with a solid background fill. But instead of a 100% dark color, it’s a light shade of gray that doesn’t stand out very well on the ivory paper. So in this case white paper is a better choice.

With leading job search experts yet to unanimously pass judgment on the advantage of white or ivory paper across the board, we can only offer these general areas of consensus.

Greatest assurance of legibility, crucial for images, non-blacks, light colors and any color tone less than 100%

Office Depot Resume Paper

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