Occupational Therapy Student Resume

Occupational Therapy Student Resume – With lower reimbursements and more schools opening, some markets are becoming quite competitive for practicing occupational therapists, especially if you’re looking for the best OT or OTA jobs.

That’s why I wrote this article – I want you to have the best OT resume possible so you can land the job of your choice.

Occupational Therapy Student Resume

Occupational Therapy Student Resume

In general, an occupational therapy resume should be informative and concise, so experts recommend sticking to about one or two pages.

Occupational Therapy Resume Sample

For example, if you are creating a curriculum vitae (CV), which is commonly used for teaching and research positions, there is no length limit. In fact, a longer resume is often better because it shows that you’ve accomplished more in your career.

You’ll start with your full name and job title in large print (eg Luna Lovegood, MSOT, OTR/L), followed by your city, state, and zip code in smaller print on the next line. You can then add your email address, phone number, and link to your LinkedIn profile (if you have a LinkedIn account).

Next, you usually have a paragraph-long “Summary” section where you create a summary of your accomplishments. Please note that using the “Purpose” section is considered old-fashioned and a bit dated, and the “Summary” section is used instead.

In many cases, the next section is “Clinical Experience” (you can call it “Work Experience” or “Professional Experience”, etc.), and it’s a list of places you’ve worked in reverse chronological order.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist Resume Samples

However, in some cases, the Core Competencies section works well between the Summary and Clinical Experience sections. If you are moving into a non-traditional role, you can include transferable skills in the Core Competencies section. Think about the EMRs you’ve used, the specialized OT or OTA training you’ve received (like LSVT Big), or the software you’ve mastered (Microsoft PowerPoint), etc.

Either way, for each job you’ve held on your list in reverse chronological order, you’ll want to include the dates you worked there, the job title, the name of the organization, the city and state of work, and a few bullet points. points for your job duties.

You can see that in both cases the line starts with a “power word” (also known as an “action word.”) You should never say something like “responsible for” or “responsibilities included” because that is more passive. By saying “lead” or “led”, you show your initiative.

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Occupational Therapy Student Resume

After you’ve listed your current and past work, you’ll complete your resume with a few additional sections, including:

Em Occupational Therapy

“Education”, “Licenses, Memberships and Certifications”, “Continuing Education” and possibly “Volunteer Work” if you have relevant volunteer work.

You may hear people discuss alternative types of CVs such as CVs (biographies as above) or alternative types of formats such as functional (also called skills-based) or hybrid. I won’t get too deep into the weeds, but here’s a quick overview.

As noted earlier, resumes are typically used for teaching and/or research positions. A resume is a long summary of almost every professional accomplishment in your career, including any research papers you’ve written, any speeches you’ve given, and any awards you’ve won (not to mention standard resume, similar to work experience).

A functional or skill-based resume is often used for people who are changing careers or for people who don’t have a lot of professional experience. This format focuses more on skills and competencies rather than work experience. Be careful using this format in the OT world as it is often seen as a red flag.

Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Examples

A popular format is called hybrid. This layout uses elements from a traditional (reverse chronological) format and a functional (skills-based) format and is recommended for career changers or clinicians looking to transition to a new setting. The main telltale sign of this is that you’ll see the aforementioned “Core Competencies” section between the “Resume” and “Work Experience” sections.

It is recommended to use a popular font that can be found on most computers. Good options include:

Don’t play around with fancy, unusual fonts because they look cool. No need to go all Elle Woods here! 😉

Occupational Therapy Student Resume

While these fancy fonts can technically make your resume stand out, some resume screening programs (called ATSs or applicant tracking systems, if you’re wondering) may not recognize the fonts, causing your resume to be checked right out of the review process!

Occupational Therapy And Individual Case Management Student Supervisor…

Also, stick to one font on your resume! Resist the temptation to use multiple fonts. If you want to improve something, you can always use the “bold”, “semi-bold”, or “italic” version of the selected font family; this helps outline sections of your resume and highlight certain words.

Again, most OTs will want to use a traditional resume format. But there are a few notable exceptions.

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If you are a recent graduate or student, you should list your education at the top of your resume, followed by your clinical affiliations. You can then list additional work experience from previous careers if you need to fill a position.

Career changers will likely want to use a hybrid resume format, especially for roles like rehabilitation liaison, where you’ll want to highlight core competencies such as sales, marketing, care coordination, and more.

Teaching Assistant Resume & Writing Guide

After all, if your resume is the right length, font, and format, you won’t scare anyone away from hiring you, so that’s good news!

But you still want your resume to stand out from the competition—at least if you want to get the best shot at the job you want, not the job no one else wants!

Most resumes will have a lot in common. Here are some examples of roles and responsibilities you’ll likely see on most of your colleagues’ resumes.

Occupational Therapy Student Resume

Obviously, while these things aren’t unexpected or particularly strong, you’ll still need some on your resume. But don’t overdo it – regular OT resumes are full of it.

Travel Occupational Therapist Resume Samples

To show what makes you special, you need to highlight what you’ve done that goes beyond the typical job description. And you’ll want to write about them in a way that highlights the value to your employer or your patients. These can be called resume achievements.

Achievement is what you deserve an award for. (Whether or not you actually received the bonus is another matter entirely!)

When I researched OT resumes, I found that very few had many accomplishments. This was not a surprise as this is the most common resume weakness in general. So if you want to have a strong resume, include as many accomplishments as possible.

There are also specialties and technical skills that deserve your attention. As noted above, they often work best in hybrid resumes in a section called “Core Competencies” that follows the “Summary” section. This section should reflect the patients you treated, the environment you worked in, and the tools you used in your practice.

Easy Ways To Improve Your Physical Therapist Resume

As these will often be used as keywords by recruiters (looking for people similar to you), any relevant skills or specialties should appear on your resume. Note that keywords get a higher score when the resumes are processed by computers if they are used in context (within an actual sentence). Example:

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Keywords are entered by the recruiter and/or hiring manager and are used to help the aforementioned resume screening software sort resumes from most interesting to least interesting. That’s why you should fill your resume with keywords that are specifically used in the job ad for the position you’re seeking.

Below are some examples of keywords I found while browsing job postings. You can also use free keyword cloud software like TagCrowd to help you pick keywords to use in your resume.

Occupational Therapy Student Resume

Equipment Skills: Assistive Technologies for Blind/Visual Rehabilitation; orthopedic and adaptive/assistive equipment; Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC); low-tech and high-tech access options; alternative access tools (ie switches, joysticks, key locks, custom interfaces)…

Physical Therapy Resume—examples And 25+ Writing Tips

When thinking about keywords, ask yourself what search terms will help you find a good colleague. It’s doubtful that keywords like therapy plan, treatment program, dysfunction or disorder will narrow down your results, right?

Once you’ve gathered all the elements described above (keywords, skills and specialties, formatting, and other best practices), it’s time to make your resume stand out, which means you need to consider the last element: design.

I’ve had a pretty unconventional career, but I thought I’d show you an example of my resume when I was a new OT grad, along with my current resume. This way you can see how my format and content have changed over the years to reflect my professional achievements.

For my new graduate resume example, I used a free template from Canva. Canva had a very nice minimalist design, you should check out Simple Resume.

Physical Therapist Resume Examples (vital Dos & Don’ts!)

For my latest resume, I couldn’t find an option on Canva that contained the longer paragraphs needed to describe my recent jobs, so I decided to purchase a template from Creative Market.

I’ve provided a summary above so you can see some examples of the various achievements in action. I

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