Objective For Truck Driver Resume

Objective For Truck Driver Resume – As a truck driver, you are the backbone of a global supply chain. Without your essential services we may not have grocery stores, medical supplies or even sanitary water.

We’re right there. We’ve examined tons of truck driver resumes to find out what works (and what doesn’t) for a truck driver resume in 2022.

Objective For Truck Driver Resume

Objective For Truck Driver Resume

We’ve created five truck driver resume templates based on what we’ve discovered to help you create a successful resume at any stage of your career.

Truck Driver Resume—examples And 25+ Writing Tips

We’ll also share key analysis and tips for crafting your document to ensure your resume stands out in 2022.

In your work experience section, talk about your strong driving track record, upkeep on your truck maintenance, and experience with maps and driving routes. While it may not be as obvious to include, it’s also important to speak to your strengths as they relate to communicating with customers or clients, managing your time on the road, and following through on every assignment. Be sure to mention the type of CDL license you hold as well as any other special certifications or licenses, such as a defensive driving certificate.

Pay attention to the company’s job description. Is this a driving job that takes you across the country or keeps you within a state or a specific region? If you know you’ll be navigating the Northeast constantly during the winter, your skills section and work history section attest to your ability to get your load to its destination safely and on time. Does the job ad specifically require a team driver? Make sure your resume demonstrates your ability to work well with others and communicate effectively.

Hiring managers want to see your experience in the role, so you’ll have the best luck with a reverse-chronological resume format. This means your resume will start with your most recent driving experience (which is where you exercised the most responsibility and job ownership), making it easier for hiring teams to quickly see that you are capable and willing to transport volatile compounds. Whether it’s driving a rig across the country, delivering to a local bakery or whatever the company needs.

Truck Driver Resume Sample & Ready To Use Example

Our free online tool will guide you in creating a resume that gets you hired at a top tech company. Whether you are an open road veteran or someone who enjoys the freedom and independence of driving for a living. , the appeal of a career in trucking and logistics cannot be denied. If you have a clean driving record and don’t mind spending most of your days mostly with the radio for company, it’s a great field.

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Let’s look at truck driver resumes for those in the trucking industry. One is just starting out, another has been on the road for a while, and the third is a trucker looking to trade keys for the next step: a managerial position in the logistics industry.

First up is Barbara. She is a newly certified commercial driver looking to trade in her local delivery experience (pizzas and packages) for larger cargo.

Objective For Truck Driver Resume

Recent graduate of Indianapolis Trucking Institute with clean driving record and CDL, seeking employment as long haul truck driver.

Long Haul Truck Driver Cover Letter Examples

Here, Barbara wants to enter the world of heavy-load truck driving. She has completed the required training program, and obtained her CDL license, but she doesn’t really have much experience driving a truck long distance. So he prefers a skills-based resume format, where skills and qualifications are the stars, followed by relevant experience. She

Have experience as a driver, but more locally. So her bullet is short and sweet, and she sticks to her point of emphasizing skills that will serve her well as a professional truck driver: customer service, savvy with GPS and route planning, and on-time/accurate delivery.

Next is Phil, who has been a driver for over 15 years, but is updating his resume to get new driving opportunities for more money.

CDL-licensed driver with over 15 years experience · Immaculate driving record · Proficient in navigation · Good people skills · Safety oriented · Committed to timely and efficient delivery · In-depth knowledge of DOT regulations

Truck Driver Resume Example And Writing Tips

Phil’s strength is his experience – he’s a long-time driver and wants to emphasize a stable history. So his summary is basically a headline of what he wants to emphasize: his track record of delivering safely and on time; And their long record of good service. And while it’s important to include education (which he does at the end), it’s important to show the licenses and certifications Phil has as a truck driver, so he inserts this information toward the top so it’s one of the first things the reader sees. sees

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Phil then dives into his experience using a reverse-chronological format. It sounds like his current and previous jobs were pretty similar, but he’s not just repeating bullet points. He explores different ways to phrase the skills and tasks involved and makes sure he emphasizes the qualities presented in his summary.

Next is Owen, who is an experienced driver, but wants to move into a more administrative and managerial role.

Objective For Truck Driver Resume

Experienced trucking and transport professional seeking to leverage road experience, efficiency focus and strong organizational skills in a supervisory logistics role. 10+ years of on-the-ground experience coordinating and distributing large shipments.

Heavy Truck Driver Resume Samples

While Phil’s resume is a straight-up portrait of an experienced truck driver, Owen (who has similar experience and skills) is trying to set up his resume a little differently, as he’s going for a slightly different type of job. Notice that in his summary, Owen does not use the word “driver” at all. This is not to say that he is ashamed of his previous experience or job titles, just that he wants the reader to see him more as an overall logistics and transportation person. A summary (or objective) is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your resume.

Set the tone and start painting the career picture you want the hiring manager to see. Like Phil, Owen emphasizes his experience, but also leans heavily on the skills angle.

Because Owen is essentially changing careers (in spirit, if not changing industries) by changing tracks in the trucking and logistics field, he’s using a working format that works well for career changers, or people who want to build on the experience they bring. wants to emphasize. . This means front-loading his resume with skills and education, emphasizing what qualities he brings to the table. Remember: Always tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for, which means the skills section should be tailored to what the job description is looking for. And because Owen wants to show himself as a great potential administrator, he includes his educational background further, as it includes a degree in business administration.

, in that particular order. Templates can be a great guide, and a good way to help get your information in fighting shape, but when it comes to structuring your resume, make sure it conveys what it conveys.

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It wants to be told, and it shows that information that shows you in the best possible light. Your career evolves and changes, and don’t be afraid to let your resume follow suit.

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Objective For Truck Driver Resume

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