Noteworthy Resume & Career Services Llc

Noteworthy Resume & Career Services Llc – Working with a professional resume writer from Distinctive Career Services will make a dramatic difference, as illustrated by these professionally written before and after sample resumes written for real clients. Click on each to see the dramatic before and after. You can see how the resume originally looked vs how it looked after we finished the professional transformation.

Viewing our sample resumes can be helpful to give you an idea of ​​the quality of our writing services (also see our cover letter examples and professional biography examples). But actually seeing the before and after sample versions of the CV will give you a better idea of ​​how we can transform your CV.

Noteworthy Resume & Career Services Llc

Noteworthy Resume & Career Services Llc

In addition to these resume before and after examples, we also recommend watching our Before and After video workshop to see even more examples of how our professional resume writing services will benefit you!

Our Services — Harris Writing Services, Llc

If you​​​​are looking for help writing your resume, we invite you to set up a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss your situation, answer your questions and provide a customized quote.

Please remember that each of these sample resumes and other career documents are protected by copyright and may not be copied. Even if you hire us to write your resume, feel free to share with us any examples that especially caught your eye. But remember, your resume should be designed to show the unique factors that differentiate you from your competitors in the job market. This means that the format you have grown to “love” may not be the best format for you. Before we write your resume, we’ll consult with you and apply our expertise in creating a resume design and format that matches your personal brand while also showcasing the key selling points unique to your background.

Get a competitive edge! Over 50 pages of insider trading secrets and 55 real examples. Transform and modernize your resume for 2020!

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Angela Jones, Job Search Expert

The definitive resume writing guide for professionals and executives seeking both nonprofit and corporate Board of Director seats.

Dozens of insider secrets and 17 pages of specific tips to improve your resume, get your phone transferred, win interviews and get the job you want.

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11 tips and an easy-to-follow system that will help you exponentially increase your results when applying for advertised jobs.

Noteworthy Resume & Career Services Llc

22 pages of practical ideas, expert strategies and techniques to help you navigate your job search in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Use This Web Developer Resume Example To Land Your Next Job

STOP living your life on autopilot! Get an A-Z Blueprint for Change and take real, focused action to REIMAGINE and TRANSFORM your career and your life!

Get a competitive edge! Create a powerful, achievement-filled resume. It’s EASY with these 365 prompts that will guide you in remembering and recording all your professional achievements.

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ATTENTION JOB HUNTERS! Don’t waste even a single opportunity 5X your results when applying for advertised job openings Just enter your email to get your free step-by-step guide. Grab the attention and win the job with this business resume template. Offers a flexible format but modern design that makes it easy to go as bold as you want with the color. Just change the color scheme to go from our muted palette to a bold one and you’ll change the look and feel in an instant. Designed for Word and ATS friendly.

Services Sales Resume Samples

The current business resume template in the Boxsy collection is one of the most popular among the countless professional resume writers who use our templates to create attractive, customized, ATS-compliant resumes for their clients. If a company needs a CV template, the Boxsy template is easily adapted and adapted to unique individual needs, making it an excellent choice for a variety of situations and for professionals and executives working in almost all professions and industries.

You can go as bold as you want with the color. Just change the color scheme to go from our muted palette to a bold one and you’ll change the look and feel in an instant. When adapting a resume template to make it your own, remember that even a subtle shift in color scheme can make a huge impact.

Modern business resume templates often use graphic elements. Applied the right way, graphic elements in a resume add eye-catching pop, but are also ATS-friendly. But, it is important when you are thinking of buying a CV template that you make sure that it is a professionally designed template and the designer is deeply informed about ATS standards. All distinctive resume templates are personally designed by Michelle Dumas, a nationally recognized resume expert with over 25 years of experience.

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Noteworthy Resume & Career Services Llc

Available separately, the Boxsy resume and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Boxsy resume template. See all templates in the collection:

Professional Shipping Resume Examples For 2022

As the creator of Distinctive Resume Templates (Michelle Dumas), I have seen other resume templates and almost all of them are NOT ATS Compliant. This is a major reason I was finally convinced to make these templates available. ATS compatibility is a necessity for almost any job search. If your CV isn’t compatible, it can become a massive mess in the ATS and you’ll never even know (unless you never get a call!). It was really disturbing to talk to so many people who used one of these templates and lost weeks or months of time, missed opportunities because they didn’t know better.

This is why I have done everything in my power to ensure that my distinctive resume templates are ATS “friendly”. There are many different types of applicant tracking systems and it is impossible to guarantee compatibility with every single one of them. However, my templates are

There is a lot of misinformation out there about ATS-friendly resume templates. Much of this information is out of date. Having an eye-catching, well-designed resume that is also ATS-friendly is definitely possible, as long as the designer understands ATS standards. To learn more, I encourage you to read the many articles on resume design and applicant tracking systems on our blog.

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage you to change the color and make it your own. Remember, the last thing you want is for your resume to look like you used a template. That is a primary advantage of Distinctive Resume Templates. They are custom designed for real-world use, and changing the color scheme is a quick and easy way to make your CV completely unique – just like you!

Programmer Resume: Example & Writing Tips

And, don’t worry. It’s really easy! You don’t need design experience and don’t even need to know what colors look good together because you have preset schemes to choose from. I include some videos along with the templates to show you how to change colors easily. It only takes a few clicks and the entire color scheme is instantly and automatically changed

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If you want to, you can download a free resume template example yourself and see for yourself how easy our ATS-friendly resume templates are to use.

Yeah right! Again, this is a key feature that sets distinctive resume templates apart from other templates. As a professional resume writer, I (Michelle Dumas, the creator of all the templates you’ll find here) have spent the past 25+ years working with tens of thousands of job hunters, helping them create successful resumes that repeatedly have produced real results. .

Noteworthy Resume & Career Services Llc

A major problem with other resume templates on the market is their inflexibility. The layouts are so complex that they are practically impossible to adjust (not to mention that this complexity causes serious problems in ATS). If you try to use one of these templates, you will be forced to enter your very unique career experience in their preset format. You can’t add or subtract anything, You can’t move things around. Sometimes you can’t even rename the sections. The end result is a resume that doesn’t do you justice, doesn’t promote your qualifications as it should, and makes your resume look completely cookie-cutter.

General Manager Resume

Distinctive Resume Templates are different. I based the designs and layouts and formats of Distinctive Resume Templates on real, results-proven resume designs. While you can easily use them just as they are, they are also super easy to customize and I include video tutorials with every CV template purchase to show you how to do this.

The templates are also easily adaptable if you are an entry-level candidate or a top C-level executive. Simply delete and/or copy/paste sections as needed. Most of the templates are two-page templates and some of them are one-page templates. However, each of them could easily be adjusted to whatever length you need.

If you would like to see how easy the templates are to work with, you can download a free sample resume template here.

Yes! Distinctive resume templates were created primarily to meet the needs of professional resume writers who are looking for a solution that

Samples — Bonnie Career Services, Inc.

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