Not Your Mother’s Resume

Not Your Mother’s Resume – We understand that applying for jobs after years of staying at home can be a daunting experience. But don’t worry – our guide will have you back on your feet in no time!

Before we dive into why the company should hire you, here’s a stay-at-home mom resume example, created with our own resume builder:

Not Your Mother’s Resume

Not Your Mother's Resume

Whether you’re getting your kids ready for school or running them a bath, you know the importance of preparation.

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The most common resume format is “back-chronological”, and for good reason. This format puts your most recent accomplishments at the top, which keeps your resume clean and easy to follow.

You see, it can take hours to create the perfect structure, just for you to make one small change, and BOOM… your resume falls apart.

You could present the best resume in the world, but if your phone number is wrong, well, you won’t get any interviews.

Taking this into account, we can’t be too surprised that recruiters are known to spend less than 6 seconds on each resume!

Stay At Home Mom Resume Examples Of 2022

Use a resume summary or objective, both of which are attention-grabbing paragraphs that sit at the top of your resume.

This paragraph will be the first thing the hiring manager lays his eyes on, so make it the best it can be!

A resume objective is a 2-4 sentence paragraph of what you want to accomplish and why you are perfect for the job.

Not Your Mother's Resume

In general, because stay-at-home mothers will have large employment gaps, a resume objective would be the best choice. That said, if you are returning to an industry in which you have plenty of experience, a resume summary would be the best choice.

Social Work Resume Examples Of 2022

The aim is to write a powerful work experience section that stands out and highlights your most notable achievements.

Rather than just talking about your daily tasks, you should show how valuable you were in your previous employment. You see, this will allow the recruiter to immediately see how you will directly benefit the company.

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Well, it uses quantitative data to back up your skills. It allows the recruiter to see why you would make a great addition to the team.

On the other hand, the first statement is far too generic. The recruiter most likely reads those exact words 18 times today.

Stay At Home Mom Or Dad Resume: Writing Tips And Example

You see, just because you’ve never worked as a receptionist, doesn’t mean you don’t have the relevant skills and experiences needed to excel at that job.

You would need to mention the overlapping skills from previous jobs, such as being able to operate a cash machine, having great communication skills, and being precise.

Although you’ve talked about your previous jobs, it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Not Your Mother's Resume

The trick here is to focus on any skills learned during your time as a stay-at-home mum, especially skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Moms, Work And The Pandemic

Sure – an employment gap is not ideal, but you can use this section to highlight the skills and experiences developed during this gap. Basically, you can turn a negative into a positive!

Now, we both know that being a stay-at-home mom IS a full-time job, but don’t list your parenting duties, unless the job involves working with small children or similar.

You see, it allows you to create a “return to the workforce” resume that stands out by using some power words:

Still have a few questions? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get from stay-at-home mums:

Customer Support Specialist Resume Example

Adding just one or two of the following sections could be the deciding factor in whether or not you get hired for the job!

Whether it’s a specific requirement or not, being able to speak multiple languages ​​is impressive – and who can argue with that!?

The easiest way to do this is to discuss your hobbies, especially those hobbies that involve social interaction.

Not Your Mother's Resume

You see, your resume is great for delivering the core message, but nothing speaks to the recruiter like a well-written cover letter.

How To Write A Resume For A Stay At Home Mom Or Dad Who Is Returning To Work

Well, a cover letter allows you to make a personal connection, which ensures that the hiring manager will remember you.

As well as offering the opportunity to fill in the blanks, a cover letter also shows that you want to work for this exact company.

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While remaining personal, the letter should end in a professional manner. Use something like, “Regards” or “Sincerely.”

To provide a safer experience, the best content and great communication, we use cookies. Learn how we use them for non-authenticated users. I am one of about ten million American mothers who have left the workforce to raise young children, a percentage of the population that is steadily increasing, not decreasing. Although I had a career in human rights advocacy and an expensive education under my belt, the decision was simple math. I could leave my children with paid childcare, costing almost all of my earning potential while away, or I could do the unpaid childcare myself.

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In the United States, which fails to provide affordable early childhood education, unlike many other developed countries, most mothers have to make a similar choice. Some women are lucky to have maternity leave or family carers to rely on, for a short time anyway, and a handful of women will net a few bucks after paying for coverage, taxes and commuting. With more than eleven million single mothers in the United States, 76% of whom are employed, there are usually no affordable childcare options, trapping women in a cyclone of poverty. You’re either working and parenting, barely making ends meet, or you’re staying at home on government assistance and resisting the shame of being “out of work”, even as you work your tail off. A mother in New York recently wrote about losing her child on his first day of daycare after she was forced to either return to work or quit her job, her difficult decision echoed in the hearts of millions of mothers today.

Republican lawmakers often label stay-at-home moms “welfare queens,” claiming they drain the federal budget. In fact, government aid is only 24% of federal spending, two-thirds of which goes to Medicare for people over sixty-five; Not to mention families receiving government assistance

To add insult to injury, mothers who stay at home for a few years are often penalized when they return to the job market. Instead of being praised for their new skills, stay-at-home mums are treated as if they’ve taken a long holiday or lost touch with the modern world.

Not Your Mother's Resume

. Actress Judy Greer plays a mother who tries to return to work after raising three children, hoping for an office management job. Once she finds her old resume (on a floppy disk), she and her friend try to smarten up her mothering skills on appropriate terms. “I once flew alone with all three children… while I was breastfeeding!” She brags. “Ha! That’s a baller move. But not something I would consider a material résumé,” his friend sighed, a look of pity.

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Stay At Home Mom Resume Examples & Job Description For 2022

“What!” My lack of sleep goes suddenly. Having recently endured the experience of raising little humans myself, I know for sure that there is no one more qualified to manage an office than a stay at home mother of three. I feel like I’ve been through some sort of Navy SEAL training with just two. When I compare the me today to the working twentysomething I was before raising children, it’s no contest. Being a mother has turned me into a straight up badass.

There has to be a way to reframe this because, frankly, the American workforce needs tough, tough, highly trained mothers in its ranks and, apparently, it just doesn’t know it yet.

Instead of camouflaging the mother in my resume, I put her right there, front and center alongside my other applicable skills. I just didn’t get the job. Not the one after that. A friend of mine tried it and she didn’t get the job either. I began to think this was a bad idea. Obviously the business world is not ready to consider being a mother as a “real job”. Rather than being taken seriously, I seemed to be making a mockery of my “work”, which only worked against me.

I gave in and did a resume without the mama-fi, boosting what little consulting work I could do on the side of, you know, paying for preschool. I made sure to hide all the jumping battles at 3:00 am, the feverish all-night watches, the amazing feat of teaching a child to walk … and then to run … and then to fly

A Mother’s Résumé… Because It’s 2016!

But once I polished all the spit and tears from the page, it was completely devoid of me.

The most important on-the-job training I’ve ever had; the levels of multitasking mastered; the psychological torture of being up for twelve hours after only three hours of sleep; the diplomacy required to bring families together over holidays and clashing customs; and the sheer humility of volunteering to be covered in bodily fluids for years on end…none of it was there.

How could I interview for a job and pretend I hadn’t risen to superhuman status over the past six years?,, all provide tips for hiding the childbearing years while re-entering the job market. The Forbes article even acknowledges

Not Your Mother's Resume

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