Non Profit Resume Examples

Non Profit Resume Examples – Nonprofits are the nation’s third largest employer, responsible for 11.9 million jobs. The job outlook is especially promising for nonprofit healthcare workers who account for about half of the industry. Regardless of your area of ​​specialty, look for job opportunities in the nonprofit world.

Although job growth in nonprofits is faster than average, the industry is still recovering from the more than 600,000 jobs lost to COVID-19 layoffs. The competition for an even smaller job pool plus the reality that some areas of the non-profit sector tend to offer lower salaries means that most applicants want a competitive edge in the job market. One of the most effective ways to give yourself a competitive edge is to put together an outstanding resume.

Non Profit Resume Examples

Non Profit Resume Examples

Here, we’ve provided you with all the tools you need to craft a memorable nonprofit resume, including downloadable resume examples and expert tips on how to write a more effective nonprofit resume.

Corporate Citizenship Resume Samples

Perceptive medical social worker who is an excellent communicator and reliably calm during a crisis. Expert in psychosocial assessments and helping loved ones cope with an unexpected death. Top-tier de-escalation skills and impressive medical knowledge.

Dedicated non-profit development professional with 2+ years in the industry who has exceeded fundraising goals year after year. A strong grant writer who has already served as a lead on a grant awarded for half a million dollars. Excellent skills in event planning and execution, web-based donor relations, and advertising design.

Passionate community professional with 5+ years of non-profit experience and a natural gift for creating order out of chaos. In addition, I have a history of achieving desirable recruitment results and garnering commitments from various groups, ranging from large corporations to volunteers and individual donors.

Gifted leader and nonprofit expert with over 10 years of experience growing programs, motivating volunteers and staff, and delivering managerial excellence. Earned a master’s degree in public administration and several awards for strategic planning.

Executive Resume Samples

Nonprofits and large corporations both use specific strategies and tools to help them create a smaller, qualified candidate pool from the hordes of resumes they receive. The most popular of those methods is the use of an Applicant Tracking System, a software that filters all applications that an organization receives based on specific keywords. The ATS scans your CV, organizes it and then assesses it against the hundreds of others. These specific keywords usually come from the job description for the position you are applying for.

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Knowing​​​​ this, you can make the ATS work for you by including the following keywords in your resume.

Education holds value for non-profit employers. While your basic information (school, location, degree) is a helpful factor, it does not give the full picture of what you learned or accomplished during your time in college or graduate school. Give yourself a better chance of winning an interview by including relevant activities you’ve participated in, awards you’ve earned, or other accomplishments you’ve made during that season of your life.

Non Profit Resume Examples

For this example, assume the individual is applying for a Family Services Program Coordinator role stating a need for bilingual skills.

Program Manager Resume Examples For 2022

Quantifying your background in nonprofits helps managers understand the depth of your knowledge and experience when they evaluate your resume and application. As you write the bulleted list for your employment history under the “Work Experience” section of your resume, try to include answers to questions about “how much?” or “how much?” For example, consider your answer to the following questions:

Hiring managers at nonprofit organizations often review hundreds of resumes for a single opening. As with for-profit companies, their goal is to identify which applicants are the best match for their needs.

To ensure that you are one of the candidates brought in for an interview, use the specific word choices from the job description to identify the words that you should emphasize in the CV that you submit with your application. By using this technique, you can improve your chances of catching the attention of a hiring manager and landing an interview.

Memphis Make-A-Wish Foundation is seeking a positive and professional Volunteer Coordinator who has exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills. Experience working and building relationships with a variety of groups, including medical professionals, is preferred.

Non Profit Support Coordination Specialist Resume

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Non Profit Resume Examples

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Event Coordinator Resume Sample

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Save hours of work and get such a job-winning CV. Try our resume builder for free. Start by choosing a resume template.

Marketing Resume Examples [& Writing Tips]

What users are saying about: I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was, “Wow! I love your resume.” Patrick I love the variety of templates. Good job guys, keep up the good work !Dylan My previous CV was really weak and I used hours to adjust it in Word.Now I can make all the changes in minutes.Absolutely wonderful!George

Change career? Need a resume for a specific non-profit job or a more general guide? Check these out for a start:

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Dedicated Executive Director with 5+ years of experience managing non-profits. Looking for an opportunity to expand Mace Fair’s reach while broadening its support services. At the Midwest Animal Welfare Alliance, leveraged $9+ million in revenue and created a partnership worth $350,000 per year while increasing capacity by 15%.

Non Profit Resume Examples

One last thing. Do not add an address to your resume. Your email address, phone number and LinkedIn profile will suffice.

Community Services Resume Samples

Dedicated, reliable Executive Director with 5+ years of experience. At the Midwest Animal Welfare Alliance, was responsible for budget decisions, negotiating new partnerships and increasing capacity. Looking for new opportunities and challenges.

The first summary quantifies their accomplishments and generally focuses on what the candidate can do for the nonprofit.

Dedicated Executive Director with 2+ years of experience managing corporate entities. Looking for an opportunity to expand Mace Fair’s reach while broadening its support services. At Geofferson and Spoole, on board 11 managers and negotiated contracts worth more than $ 23 million.

No experience working for a non-profit, but have considerable business management experience (total of 2 years). Look forward to the challenges associated with working towards something other than profit.

Business Student Resume Sample

You would be in the small and frankly mistaken minority if you chose the second nonprofit resume objective above.

Expert Hint: Give your ATS CV an extra kick by mentioning the organization you are applying to by name.3. Write perfect Nonprofit job descriptions and skills sections

Expert tip: Are you worried about repeating unemployment shorter than 9 months? Don’t do it. They are not holes, it just means you were out of work.

Non Profit Resume Examples

That’s a lot of different skill sets, whether they are practiced from shiny foyer reception to stunning penthouse or dilapidated front room to fire-hazard copy / break / powwow room.

Nonprofit Cover Letter Examples & Expert Tips [free] ·

Expert tip: If the job ad mentions “collaboration skills,” use that phrase instead of “teamwork.” It’s called straightening a resume and helps pass the ATS scan.

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