Musical Theatre Resume Examples

Musical Theatre Resume Examples – I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money on headshots for college auditions. After all, you’re going to grow and change a lot over the next four years – ask for a super fancy, luxury headshot session for a graduation gift before you head out into the real world! For now, find a local photographer who might be running a deal.

Your resume is a one-page listing of your significant theatrical experience—stage roles, training, teaching—plus your physical description and contact information. Its goal is to help directors learn more about you so they can help decide whether or not you’ll be cast. It is recommended that you attach your resume behind your headshot so that you can easily make changes. Staple the resume to the center top and headshot below, being careful not to staple over any of your text. If you only staple one corner, it’s easy to separate the resume from your headshot.

Musical Theatre Resume Examples

Musical Theatre Resume Examples

Your headshot is part of the resume package. Your attitude should be open and friendly, and your eyes should exude warmth. A very good photo is all you really need. Headshots should always be 8 x10 and cropped to fit the resume. Black and white headshots are no longer used; All headshots must be in color. You can have several headshots: theatrical (more serious), commercial (more smiling) or character (for specific types you can play—optional). Matte is the best finish for headshots, not semigloss. Go to a good photography reproduction site or ask your photographer for recommendations.

How To Write A Better Acting Resume? Get Some Acting Resume Examples

Shouldn’t look like a glamor shot. You should look like your headshot in real life – maybe on your best day, sure, but look like you

Stick with solid colors, and jewel and earth tones are always good. Heavier textures like wool, canvas, and linen are also great, as are layers.

Actors, dancers and musicians all need headshots that represent them at their best and look like them on their best day. All artists need a basic headshot that follows these guidelines:

If you are an adulterer, you will also need to take three-quarter and full body shots. Wear body conscious clothing when auditors are looking at muscle shape, form, etc. These can be shots in which you’re showing off a specific skill (splits, jumps, etc.) or just a simple pose.

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Stage Manager Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2022 (free Guide)

If you’re a musician, you might even have some shots that showcase you with your instrument. This can be the whole body or above the waist.

An actor’s back pocket has two shots – a professional look and a more theatrical look. The “commercial” look is one with a smile that’s a bit more bubbly. The “theatrical” look is exactly what you think, just a little more dramatic! In general, I recommend a more professional look for college auditions, but depending on what kind of personality you have, it’s up to you!

Before you print your headshot, make sure you have signed permission from your chosen headshot photographer. This is very important! Respect the photographer’s work and get the permission you need. Also, many headshot photographers will watermark their photos to avoid printing them without their knowledge, so your headshot will be marked without permission.

Musical Theatre Resume Examples

Be sure to print at a quality print shop. If you google “headshot printing” in your area, there are sure to be places that specialize in this. If not, print a sample at your nearest drug store and check the quality.

Acting Resume Template

The most popular printing option for artists is based in NYC and is called reproduction. You can check them out here for a good example of what to look for:

The job of your legitimate media (and subsequent web presence) is to show and tell/sell this ideal, future version of you – to actually make that dream a reality.

In addition to honestly considering your brand/business/career through a present and future lens, I want you to consider your list of role models.

Now, I want you to do a Google search for each role model. Visit their websites and social media to see how they are officially representing themselves today. Be sure to also visit Google Images for more of his images. Save or screenshot a collection of images for each role model on your list.

Theatre Resume Sample

When you’ve completed your list of role models, take a moment to visit your photographer’s website as well. Which of his works do you like? Save those images to your desktop too!

You’ll be able to group several of these images and create a framework for your photo shoot – to show your team what you’re looking for and why you’ve chosen this photographer.

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All work on your brand/media/web presence is really about dressing for the job (or future) you want.

Musical Theatre Resume Examples

I recommend professional help with your wardrobe, hair and makeup. Show your team the images you’ve gathered as inspiration… but let them understand the concepts and create something uniquely suited to you.

Acting Resume For Beginners

If you style your own shoot, I would recommend that you shop professionally and trick your mind, not your own, by styling your role models’ next shoot.

We can often have limited views of ourselves and be very self-critical. Acting like the shoot is for your dream website/album/show will make the experience more fun and immersive!

Make sure you keep the tags/receipts of the clothes you buy. (By the way, you can return them… but you didn’t learn that from me.)

Many people (including yours truly) have some phobia about being in front of the camera. Like, don’t be afraid to bring a friend, your own music playlist, a shot of espresso… whatever it takes for you to “drop in” and just be yourself.

Sample Acting Resume Template

Do all this preparation so you can literally have fun during your shoot! We want your unique light to shine through—with a genuine look and smile on camera.

Just as your headshot should be as professional as you can make it, so should your resume. Your goal is to make it look attractive, clean, clear and complete. Although an audition on paper, think of your resume as an audition, so make sure it’s your best work. This is your professional introduction and is crucially important. Ask your mentor or friend to look it over and make suggestions. Revise, reformat and revise. When you have it as neat and professional as possible, get it printed at a quality duplication service. Save the original on your computer so you can revise and print fresh copies as needed.

There is a standard format for resumes that, while not a hard and fast rule, is generally followed. You only use one 8 x 10 page, so plan your space carefully. The format will cover the following categories and is usually in this order.

Musical Theatre Resume Examples

Logically enough, start with your name in boldface. Consider adding descriptive words like “actor” or “actor-singer-dancer.” It is not necessary to put your home address or home phone number on your resume. Instead, create a website and use the URL as your contact information. The best contact information is your agent’s—once you land. If you find an agent, reproduce your resume on their letterhead.

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Community Theatre Resume

Give your physical description – height, weight, pronouns, ethnicity and voice range. If you’re a singer, make the notes clear. Nonsingers will use a generic term like -baritone or -alto. Some artists include clothing sizes, although this may not always be necessary.

This is the meat and potatoes of your resume. It is also the most difficult to arrange because space is limited. Subdivide it into ―film,‖―television,‖―stage,‖―voice-over,‖ ―commercial,‖ and ―other‖ such as trade shows, theme parks, or cruise ships. You want to create columns to organize categories.

If you do commercials, only state whether you are an on-camera and/or voice-over performer and whether you have commercial reels or tapes, do not list products. Consider writing “list available on request” or “reel available on request”. If you have a reel, consider putting it on YouTube.

Space is at a premium and it’s hard to fit everything in, especially if you want to include the name of the theater where you performed. Unknown places do not carry much weight, but well-known theaters have a lot of credibility. Actors tend to exaggerate their experience to make it more impressive. Be very careful: the theater is a small village, and you will be surprised when the director says, – You were in the ATL production of Lear? Hey, me too!‖ If you’re not truthful, you’re likely to get caught, which is damaging to your reputation (you don’t want the directors making you the butt of jokes at the local pub, and remember word gets around. easily in a small village). Keep in mind that directors understand that young actors can’t accumulate a huge amount of experience, so you don’t really need to embellish the facts.

How To Format Your Musical Theater Resume — Musicnotes Now

If you’re just starting out, list your educational theater experience. As you gain experience, you can begin to replace amateur productions with a professional look. This means that

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