Motion Graphics Resume Example

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Motion Graphics Resume Example

Motion Graphics Resume Example

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Motion Graphics Resume Example

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Increase your chances of getting hired and learn how to perfect your new resume with our free, easy-to-edit Motion Graphic Designer resume template. Copy and paste this sample resume as is, or try redesigning it using our HR-approved resume creator.

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This resume is written by our experienced resume writers specifically for this profession. Create your CV now or edit this CV example.

A creative and detail-oriented motion graphic designer with a proven track record of success and client satisfaction in creating original animations and visual effects for a variety of films, TV shows and YouTube videos. Accustomed to working under pressure and in a fast-paced business environment. Offers a degree in motion graphic design from a world-renowned university, excellent communication skills and well-developed teamwork skills.

Our resume checker compares your resume to the best resumes in our database. Scan your resume for problems and check your resume score. Motion graphics artists need strong s’s to back up their portfolios. Get your 2022 job search moving fast with our guide and example to complete your Motion Graphics Artist. Just enter your details, download and start your job search today!

Motion Graphics Resume Example

Sample Work History: Motion Skills Career Example: Show What You Know Motion Graphics Artist Resume Training Example Layout and Design: Send a Clear Message

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You are creative and looking for a new job. We are ready to help you skyrocket your career with a more professional approach.

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You probably already have a portfolio of your best work. You can easily add a link to your online portfolio by creating an extra section of your page to make it stand out to employers, but you also need a great motion graphics artist to grab the attention of recruiters.

With this guide, our templates, and our builder, you can create what:

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As a motion graphics artist, you inject personality into your work. You need to do the same in your profile (also known as your professional summary). While the rest is a bulleted list, this section contains three to five sentences (the summary is usually 100-200 words) that shows who you are as a professional graphic designer.

Use strong verbs (improve your verb writing with our detailed blog) and descriptions to paint a picture of your style and accomplishments. Be sure to use keywords and technical terms that convey your understanding of the industry and the animation and 3D design processes. Emphasize your ability to collaborate with others, as working with directors and other creative professionals will be a large part of your career.

Motion Graphics Resume Example

This section should be a compelling summary that conveys the value you offer as a motion graphics artist. Don’t try to fit everything in here. Pick one or two of your proudest accomplishments and allow yourself to brag a little. You can express yourself a little more in your cover letter (a powerful advantage in your job search) and go into detail about your work experience and skills, but be sure to include information you don’t want a potential employer to miss.

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Creating your own movie and video editor doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out and get inspired by our IT Industry Samples and Creative Industry Samples: Film and Video Editor Sample , 3D Animator Sample , Film Producer Sample , Visual Artist Sample and Web Developer Sample .

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A qualified motion graphics artist with extensive experience creating motion graphics for television and film commercials and other electronic media. You can communicate and collaborate with managers, project managers and other creative professionals to ensure the successful completion of work. Experienced in technical drawing, character development, 3D design and animation technologies. Ability to effectively manipulate visual aspects of images to create the illusion of movement.

Your work experience section is where you can detail all your projects and the software used to create them. The more specific you add, the more likely you are to rank high in applicant tracking software (ATS) and land a recruiter.

If you have experience with many different graphics tools, consider listing them all in your skills section. The best motion graphics artists are personalized for each job so employers know you have the technical skills they’re looking for. Also, make sure you include your soft skills, such as the ability to work with creative teams to solve problems and deliver unique ideas.

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Think of each bulleted item as an opportunity to illustrate a different skill, problem solved, or achievement. Your goal is to get that great job so clearly that you describe your ability to create animations that convey motion to clients and projects.

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Your skills section is an easy place to customize your motion graphics artist for each job you apply for. Analyze job listings and match selected skills to job requirements. Motion graphics artists need creativity above all, but you also use many different tools to do your work. Consider sub-categorizing your software skills and then organizing them by function, such as video editors or software suite.

Motion Graphics Resume Example

Don’t overlook the soft skills you need to be effective in a collaborative, deadline-driven environment. Communication and time management can be just as important to employers as your ability to increase movement during post-production.

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Highlight your computer skills and experience

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