Marketing Communications Manager Resume

Marketing Communications Manager Resume – I am a native Austinite with a Bachelor of Business Administration from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. After graduation, I entered the corporate world at Broadwing Communications as a Marketing Operations Manager. This role introduced me to corporate event management, technical writing, television commercials and managing the Executive Briefing Center’s $4.2M budget.

From there, I had a short stint at a local Austin marketing company, but the pay wasn’t a good fit. When the position of Worldwide Software Marketing Manager was offered at IBM – I took the job and stayed for 7 years. Here, I simultaneously managed 70 business partners and marketing vendors. Global marketing and project management were the skills I acquired here.

Marketing Communications Manager Resume

Marketing Communications Manager Resume

In 2008, I moved to Chicago to pursue my love of camera work and writing. Almost immediately, I was asked to join the NBC Street Team, which grew to become a field producer and on-camera host for 24/7 Chicago on NBC Chicago.

Digital Communications Manager Resume Samples

During this time- I started offering my services as a marketing consultant, event video coverage, article writing, social media management and more. The flexibility of working online has given me the opportunity to travel “south of the border” for the past 2 years.

Bringing over 11 years of digital marketing experience, both corporate and entrepreneurial, to fast-paced and forward-thinking businesses. State-of-the-art promotional techniques and ever-evolving engagement strategies establish and increase online support while increasing sales. Top ↑ Marketing Manager Resume Example How to Write Your Marketing Manager Resume in 8 Easy Steps #1. Choose a format and fix the layout #2. Add your contact details #3. Impress recruiters with your resume summary #4. Showcase Your Professional Accomplishments #5. Include a short learning section #6. List industry-relevant skills #7. Use these additional sections #8. Attach a cover letter to your resume key takeaways

Given how important presentation is in marketing, your marketing manager resume needs to be close to perfect to impress recruiters. After all, if you can’t “sell” yourself, how can they trust you to sell anything else?

While that may be stressful to consider, writing a job-landing marketing manager resume doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think!

Marketing Resume Examples & Templates To Land A Job In 2022

Now let’s go over the steps you need to follow to write the perfect marketing manager resume!

The design and layout of your resume is extremely important. While this is true for everyone, it is especially true for the marketing manager. This is your chance to show off your marketing skills before a recruiter even reads your resume.

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While all of these are great in their own way, we recommend you stick to reverse-chronological format. This is the most popular format among both applicants and hiring managers, and with good reason:

Marketing Communications Manager Resume

After you’ve decided on a format, you can start working on the structure and layout of your marketing manager resume.

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Writing a resume using tools like Word or Google Docs can be a laborious process. Formatting can be a nightmare and there are limited design options.

You can spend hours carefully adjusting the layout, for example, only to have to start the process over when it’s finished spilling onto the next page.

What if we told you that you could completely avoid the hassle of writing a completely customized marketing manager resume by using one of our resume templates. These templates are designed by a team of professionals, which means they are:

One section that is sometimes overlooked is the contact information section. Although there are not as many as other sections, it is no less important.

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After all, why put so much effort into writing a spot-on marketing manager resume if you have one typo in your email and the recruiter can’t even call you for an interview?

This is why typing is the most important thing to pay attention to in this section. Not only will recruiters be unable to call you for an interview, but they will likely be stuck with mistakes. In fact, 77% of recruiters reject applications due to poor spelling or grammar.

Like format and layout, your marketing manager resume summary is a great way to grab the attention of recruiters and show them that you’re a relevant applicant.

Marketing Communications Manager Resume

This can make a world of difference, with 40% of recruiters spending less than a minute reviewing a resume. This means you want to give as much meaningful information as you can in those 2-3 sentences that make up your resume summary.

Marketing Communications Expert Resume Sample 2022

Overall, your resume summary should give the hiring manager a good idea of ​​who you are, where you are in your career, and what they can expect from you if they decide to hire you.

Your work experience is if not the most important part of your marketing manager resume. Therefore, you want to make sure it is well structured and focused on your achievements.

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In fact, did you know that 34% of hiring managers will pass on your application if they don’t see any measurable achievements?

That’s why we recommend that you prioritize your accomplishments over your responsibilities in your work experience section.

Marketing Director Resume Examples Of 2022

As a marketing manager, recruiters want to see your accomplishments to get a sense of what you can bring to the team if they hire you.

For example, you can mention how many new business partners you brought to a previous company, or how much you managed to increase sales of a product.

But if you have 2 significant accomplishments to list for your previous job position, make sure they come before your responsibilities.

Marketing Communications Manager Resume

And, to really drive the point home, make your achievements as quantifiable as possible. Think about it, “redesigning webpage UX reduced customer turnover by 25% in three months” sounds more convincing than “increased customer satisfaction”.

The Evolution Of Hr

It is imperative to include information about your educational background in a marketing manager’s resume. Hiring managers want to know that you have the right training and knowledge to do the right job.

That being said, education does not require as much attention as the skills and work experience sections. All you really need to include in this section are details about your university such as your degree, name and location, and years of attendance.

Including key skills can boost your resume by up to 59%, making it one of the most important sections of your marketing manager resume. They can basically show recruiters what they will get as part of the package if they hire you.

That being said, core skills don’t mean listing every skill you have. The optimal number of skills you should include on your resume is around 15 to 20, including both hard and soft skills.

Communications Manager Resume Samples And Templates

To filter them out, all you can do is make sure they are directly related to the position you are applying for! Sure, knowing the names of all 206 bones in the human body is impressive, but it has nothing to do with marketing.

While the job experience and skills sections are arguably the most important and should take up the most space on your marketing management resume, there are a few additional sections that can be very valuable if you have the space.

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The final touch that can really set off your marketing manager resume is a cover letter that’s as well-written as your resume.

Marketing Communications Manager Resume

Not only do recruiters expect you to attach a cover letter to your resume, but they may not give your application a single thought without it.

Resume Examples That’ll Get You Hired In 2022

So take the opportunity to write a great cover letter that will really let hiring managers know who you are and why they should hire you.

With that, you’re ready to write a flawless marketing manager resume! Set yourself apart from other candidates and make a lasting impression on hiring managers by following our 8 simple tips:

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Marketing Communications Manager Resume

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