Making A Resume In Adobe Illustrator

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A CV (Curriculum Vitae) or as it is known in the US and Canada as a CV is a summary of your history of education, skills and experience and is often the first step in getting the attention of potential employers. That’s why we created this easy-to-follow Adobe Illustrator tutorial for you!

Making A Resume In Adobe Illustrator

Making A Resume In Adobe Illustrator

Your resume is the starting point of your job application, or it can be the end, which is why it can be so intimidating, because you need not only qualified information, but also a beautiful design. This can make the employer see the difference between your resume and the rest. An outstanding CV can increase the chances of getting selected for the job.

Week 3: Graphic Resumes And Adobe Illustrator

Before you start, you should prepare all the information so that you know how to prioritize it. The information that a CV should include is as follows:

After preparing the information, you can start with a rough sketch. Don’t know where to start? There are many websites out there that can provide you with inspiration, such as Pinterest and Behance.

A good resume should tell the employer exactly who you are in reading a few sentences, but if you have an attractive design, it will easily remember you.

The minimal aesthetic is totally refreshing this time of year, and that’s a good thing, because it’s easy to design content to place only the important information, then leave plenty of white space to make it clear and easy to read. This is a minimalist style resume tutorial, here is a rough sketch.

Adobe Illustrator Resume Template Free Download

Next you should choose the fonts to use in your CV, it should be easy to read and don’t use more than three fonts on one page as it will make your CV look messy. You can choose creative beautiful for the title, simple for the sub-heading and easy to read for the content.

Before you begin, you need to choose a font that matches the type of information you have and the tone of your resume. If you have no idea what font you should use, these are the font pair tools you can use. it’s free!

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Font Pair is an important tool for designers to help you find the perfect font pair. There are many free Google fonts available, and Femmebot provides inspiration for using the Google font library.

Making A Resume In Adobe Illustrator

Repeat the same step and then create a smaller one with a white background. You can also use the Align tool to align the template.

Best Fashion Designer Resume Example

Rename the background layer “BG” , then create a new layer and name it “content”. Lock the BG layer to disable it, this layer will behave properly and cannot be selected when moving other layers.

Add some personality to your resume by adding a profile picture. Click or press the Ellipse Tool (L) to create a circle while holding [Shift] > Press [Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P] to place the image inside the circle. Select your image, then drag to position your image.

Then move your image behind the circle, select two of them by clicking on the image and press [Shift] and click on the circle > right click > Make Clipping Mask.

You will receive your image in circular form. If you want to move or resize the image without resizing the circle, double click and you’ll see a tab at the top.

Resume Template Word

You are now in group mode. Click on the image to move or resize it. To exit group mode, double-click an empty area.

After entering your name and information, press T (the text tool) and click on any text block to start adding information.

For other information, you can split them into two columns. Create a horizontal line as a guide using the Line Segment Tool > hold [Shift] > drag the mouse to make a longer line, then align everything to the center.

Making A Resume In Adobe Illustrator

Write down your first name, company, role, year of entry and some details like in the picture.

Artist Resume Example

To make repositioning easier, group all objects by selecting all objects > press [ctrl/cmd + G] or right-click > click Group.

To duplicate this group, left-click the object > hold [Alt/Option] > drag the mouse down, then hold [Shift] to align it with the first one.

As you can see, the distances between the object groups are not equal, so we select 5 groups and click Vertical Distribute Center.

Then create a line and create a small circle for the time point using the Ellipse Tool (L) > hold [Shift] while dragging. Sophia has changed her jobs five times, so create five time points by copying them exactly like the job details. Other circles look similar. Do this 3 more times.

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Illustrator Resume Examples Of 2022

To make all the points align to the center of the line, select all the points and lines by dragging to select them and click on the line, you will notice that the line will appear thicker. This means that the line is the main object to which the other object aligns.

To make all points equally spaced, move the last point to the bottom of the row and select all points and change the Align: Align option to and click the Vertical Distribution Center button.

The next topic is skills, I will put my skills and present them using the power tube. To make it look harmonious, I use a timeline shape to create the tube.

Making A Resume In Adobe Illustrator

And then create a feed pipe using the rectangle tool. You can copy the pipe using the same method I told you and then resize them later.

Original Ideas For Your Resume: Sample Creative Resume

Contact information should be easy to spot as it is an important part, so it is better to put it at the top of the page. Just halve the size of the summary text box and then you can add contact information.

If you don’t like the compost, you can move and change the theme as much as you want. Starting with creating a border for each theme to emphasize them.

To create a border, use the rectangle tool to draw it and you can define how the stroke looks by changing the color, increasing the thickness, changing the shape. For me, the stroke is black, 0.75 pt thick, and I’m using a basic shape.

Don’t you think the color looks too dull. I want to change the background color. To make it look harmonious, I use the color of the profile picture. Click the Unlock BG layer button and click on the background, then use the eyedropper to select a color from the image. Change it until you like it. I choose the color according to her skin.

Illustrator Resume Samples

Now you have your resume, you can save it as a PDF file for printing or share it directly online.

Basically, the style of your resume should match your field of work. This tutorial is an example of people who want to work in a creative field, so his design can be informal. Here is an example of a resume for applying for a company position.

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Making A Resume In Adobe Illustrator

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Footwear Designer Resume Sample

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