Maid Job Description For Resume

Maid Job Description For Resume – From 2018 to 2028, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects jobs for housekeepers, also known as maids and cleaners, to decrease by 2% for a decrease of about 25,400 jobs. However, with approximately 1.5 million domestic workers employed in 2018, the number of jobs available (primarily in nursing homes, hospitality and nursing and residential care) will continue to increase. more than a million.

With this relatively small demand for housekeepers, a good resume that shows the necessary skills and tailored to the needs of the employer is important to help applicants stand out from the competition. Below, we’ve collected several sample resumes for housekeepers of all experience levels. Additionally, we’ve included top skills, verbs and tips to impress employers and complement your resume and job description.

Maid Job Description For Resume

Maid Job Description For Resume

A recent school graduate with comprehensive knowledge of hospitality management and two years of babysitting and housesitting experience. Expertise in cooking, cleaning and housekeeping. Friendly, professional and hard worker.

Home Service Professional With Molly Maid (belleville/trenton Area)

An experienced housekeeper has over a year of professional cleaning in residential homes. Highly organized, efficient and a hard worker. Received high ratings from homeowners for good cleaning skills including ironing, laundry and laundry.

A dedicated housekeeper with over six years of experience cleaning and managing housekeeping staff in five-star hotels. Developed new best practices to improve customer service and online reviews. At the same time reduced cleaning materials and use of green cleaning methods and improved the reputation of the hotel.

Over 11 years of experience managing housekeeping staff in boutique hotels and five-star, world-renowned hotels for Major Hotels International, Inc. hire and train housekeepers to perform the highest level of cleaning, leading to increased hotel ratings, recognition and awards. including the Best Housekeeping Association Award three years in a row.

Including as many job applications and relevant skills as possible in your resume will increase your chances of catching the eye of an employer. Often, employers quickly scan a resume for words and phrases that reflect the qualities and experience they are looking for. Additionally, an applicant tracking system (ATS) connects employers with qualified applicants and selects those with a number of key keywords and phrases that match the employer’s job description.

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Transferable Job Skills: Housekeeping Industry

Describing your housekeeping experience in as much of your resume as possible can be an excellent way to catch the eye of a potential employer. Numbers like the average number of hotel rooms you clean per season and the percentage of positive reviews you receive from resident customers can motivate employers and make your achievements visible. it is real. To illustrate, here are a few specific examples.

Manage a team of 15 housekeepers and improve work processes to reduce the time spent cleaning guest rooms in hotels by an average of 10 minutes each.

An increase in customer satisfaction rates by approximately 15% within two months of employment, as shown by the company’s research.

Maid Job Description For Resume

In a job like housekeeping where staff work is often done in intimate, private settings like a home or a vacation home, including soft skills in your resume is important. It’s often as important as being involved in hard work, such as being able to mow the floor or wash windows. Qualities such as being friendly, positive, hardworking and a good communicator are often undervalued qualities that not everyone has. To make them read more, emphasize the qualities you have that are specifically mentioned in the job description.

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Excellent communication skills demonstrated through well-written reports and providing managers with timely and professional updates over the phone

After a job is posted, recruiters are flooded with resumes, sometimes from multiple candidates. The more your resume shows that you match the characteristics, skills, experience and certifications listed in the job description, the more visible your resume will be.

To optimize your resume and job description, it’s important to understand exactly what the employer is looking for. Often, job descriptions will mention the most important skills or qualifications first or list them more than once. Remember these key words and details as you write your resume, and when you’re done, review it for other ways to include them in your profile, experience, and skill areas.

Housekeepers are looking for a reliable, hard-working housekeeper to clean our clients’ homes. The candidate is good at multi-tasking and can clean the kitchen, bathroom, floor and other areas. Duties include washing, cleaning and changing beds, doing dishes, mopping floors, washing hair and washing carpets, vacuuming and cleaning toilets, and more.

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Housekeeping Resume With Examples (job Description, Skills)

Housekeepers must be friendly, detail oriented, good at following directions and able to document completed work. They should have good communication and time management skills, being able to report any incidents such as delays or accidents that lead to damaged or broken items. Also, housekeepers should have physical strength and be able to lift up to 40 kilograms.

Now, use this method to see what job postings you’re responding to to uncover what employers are looking for most. Highlight job description keywords, and review your resume to make sure you’ve used them. Here’s an example: A brilliant home care system will be seen. Like a well-rounded bedroom, your home should be fresh, clean and organized. But just as visitors expect a reception room free of dust and debris, so it takes work to expect a resume free of errors. For writing tips, check out the concierge resume expert Kim Isaacs created below.

To stand out from the competition, consider writing a home resume article, as shown below candidate contact information.

Maid Job Description For Resume

Then, you can replace the traditional housekeeping goals with a qualifying summary, which is common in hotel maintenance resume examples. In two to three sentences, let readers know what makes you successful at your job. A summary for a home office resume should be short and to the point.

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A qualified and reliable housekeeper with experience in private residences and large hotels. Useful for impeccable standards and maintaining a clean, tidy, clean and beautiful environment for guests and hotel customers. Expert in choosing the best tools and methods for all cleaning jobs.

After initial success with the housekeeping staff at ABC’s flagship Sometown property, was promoted to lead the housekeeping staff of the newly opened lounge at the flagship Sometown hotel. Currently oversees an 8-person housekeeping staff, answering personal and team questions for daily cleaning of 200 guest rooms as well as meeting facilities and public space areas.

The median wage for janitors is $11.80 an hour, according to the data. You will find great demand for housekeepers in these cities:

Find out what you can earn in your area by checking the Salary Tool. Additionally, you can search for housekeeping jobs and or read through our list of housekeeping interview questions and answers to prepare for your interview.

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Capture Your Housekeeping Skills On Your Resume

One way you can convince the finance manager that you are the right real estate agent for the job is by making your resume as clean and professional as possible. Could you use some help? Get a free introductory survey today from . You are an expert at keeping things organized; Let the experts give you a search service with white glove treatment. Then it is important to look at the famous and accurate Housekeeper resume samples. Why? With competing real estate agents looking for new posts every day, you want to make sure your resume stands out by being informative, interesting, and different.

No matter how long you’ve been a housekeeper, there are three main things employers want to see on your resume.

First, be sure to identify the type of foundation you have worked on. This can include either a residential / residential building, in which you work in a private building, or a business / company, in which you are responsible for maintaining a building. hotel or business.

Maid Job Description For Resume

Second, describe the size of the area that you are responsible for cleaning. For example, if you worked for a hotel or business, include details about how many floors or rooms you have to clean. There is a big difference between cleaning a 10-story office building or a small one-story business.

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Finally, you want to include any areas of specialization. This may include setting up and taking down meeting rooms or acting as a nanny and housekeeper in a family home. Whatever you think you are good at your job, you can explain here. Depending on the employer you are looking for, you can tailor your professional description to what they might be looking for in the perfect candidate.

How we will write the above information is seen in the beginning and the beginning view. You can click on them at the bottom of the page to download a sharp and detailed PDF version.

If you click on this link, you will go to a resume builder tool ($2.95) that helps you quickly create, for example! You just fill in your details and choose a design for your resume and download it. Start up nice and clean in minutes.

Sentences 1-3 give a detailed description of the length of time

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