Lying On Resume Reddit

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A highly successful salesperson took to social media to explain why, when it comes to job applications, honesty may not necessarily be the best policy.

Lying On Resume Reddit

Lying On Resume Reddit

In a post that has been upvoted more than 12,000 times on Reddit, he detailed how he overcame “depression and suicide” after years of being broke and earned $65,000 a year.

Dad Won’t Pay For Daughter’s Tuition Because She Lied About Her Major

He wouldn’t be the first applicant to do so of course. In fact, a survey conducted by reference checking company Checkster found that 78 percent of candidates questioned admitted that they have done or would consider misrepresenting themselves in a job application.

This particular candidate went a little further and while his methods may be on the dangerous side, many online applauded his approach.

Writing under the handle CherishBean, the man revealed that although he was “always good at talking to others” and came across as “charismatic, intelligent and helpful” in the workplace, he had a troubled existence in his formative years. managed.

“I was kicked out of the house early and was addicted to drugs and alcohol for years,” he wrote. “Daily life high or drunk at bars, house parties or whatever.”

Words And Phrases To Never Include In A Cover Letter

Things started to change about 18 months ago when he got clean and sober. Even then, however, he admits that life with his job at a furniture store was difficult and left him “broken and depressed.”

He said he decided to change his career one day when he was looking for his CV online. He realized that he was “rubbish” and that it was impossible for him to do what he wanted to do. “I won’t even employ myself,” he said.

Now in his mid-20s and unable to go back to school, he decided to completely overhaul his resume and add “more customer service experience, sales experience, management experience and more skills.”

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Lying On Resume Reddit

He then went and got his hair done, bought some “tight dress shirts” and started watching YouTube videos on “how to present myself in interviews” and “how to be a good manager” among others. .

How New Reddit Features Are Born

After applying for “many jobs” he eventually landed a sales role with a base salary of $65,000 and the potential to earn more on commission.

A year later and he said he’s on track to earn $85,000 this year, while he’s become “healthier” both physically and mentally and for the first time in his life able to budget, save and invest. “So many things I thought I could never do,” he wrote. “That’s crazy.”

Although he admits he was “lucky” to have falsified his CV, he now aims to earn a promotion to manager within the next 2-3 years and is working on getting a degree in his spare time. works

“Whoever said ‘cheats don’t thrive’ has obviously lived in the real world,” the man wrote in a Reddit post, and as cynical as he may be, most on the internet were inclined to agree.

I Just Got A Job Offer Based On Lies

Uwatfordm8 commented: “There are tons of people in management roles who are completely useless. I’d rather have someone with no qualifications who can actually do a good job than someone with any qualifications who is lazy and useless.”

Fiend_Nixxx was equally supportive, writing: “You have no idea how many people thought about this and never did it… a lie on a resume got your foot in the door. You got the job because of how they treated you and saw. hidden power.”

BobbleNtheFREDs said: “Fake it till you make it is some of the most honest advice I’ve ever received” with RoadRunner0 adding: “You just cheated a system made by cheaters. Gotta play the game.” ThrowRAhelp331 also claimed “There are a lot of rich kids going through the same process and nobody bats an eye at the nepotism.”

Lying On Resume Reddit

Meanwhile, Needasaviorhere, took it a step further. “It’s all a lie guys,” they said. “Everything we were told was a lie. A rich man didn’t work for what he got. It’s all an elaborate game some d*** made up a long time ago to make sure the people at the top are willing to pay every do what it takes. go there.”

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Lying On Your Resume: Consequences And Workarounds

Stock Photo of a man in a job interview – a man explained how, when it came to applying for a job, honesty was not the best policy. fizkes/Getty A resume that includes bullet points like “the fraternity record for most shots of vodka in one night” got “Angelina Lee” interviews at top companies.

Angelina Lee, a software engineer in the Bay Area with a resume of top jobs at Instagram, Zillow and LinkedIn, had no problem landing interviews at Reddit, Airbnb, Atlassian and other big tech companies. Lee cites skills such as “Coffee brewing team – ensured team of 6 were decafed with Antarctic coffee beans with 14 nm particles” and achievements like “Connected with Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn” as bullet points and continued interview requests from Robinhood added to Dropbox, Airtable and more.

The only problem is that there is no Angelina Lee. When I called her on Monday, a deep male voice answered the phone. “Hi. It’s Angelina, I guess.”

The person who posted this resume is a software engineer, and he lives somewhere in the US, but agreed to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from his current employer and future job prospects. He started this little job experiment with a fake resume because he and his fellow software engineers have always had a hard time securing interviews, even when they send out hundreds of applications. (He said he chose a woman’s name because he thought it would make it harder for him to come up with a fake last name.) He wanted to test whether an understanding of where you worked and where you went to school really was. there are. make all the difference.

Job Postings Are Lying To You

Turns out, it’s more true than he could have guessed. Of course, getting interview offers just because of a resume makes sense to a degree — what tech company wouldn’t be impressed by jobs on LinkedIn, Zillow, and Instagram? But when Lee took things a step further the experience became surreal. No matter how many strange, dishonorable shots they added, the interview went on. “Phi Beta Phi – the fraternity record for most shots of vodka in one night” even gave him some shoutouts. He reviewed the footage of his conversations with reruiters.

Lee’s experience shows that many tech companies have not taken seriously the opportunity to recruit and hire them, even though they are in an uphill battle to hire someone they see as a “top tech talent”. And it is not the only application phase that shows significant errors in the system. At Google, there is a notoriously brutal recruitment system where many people turn down interviews when they realize that the process can involve months of preparatory work. At Facebook, nearly half of the company’s engineering candidates turned down job offers in the first quarter of 2021, prompting a senior staff member to write a “Why hiring is hard now” memo for engineering workers.

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Once when a recruiter asked Lee for an interview even after adding “Phi Beta Phi,” he wanted to know if they were actually reading his resume. His personality began to ask “Would you be able to tell me which parts of my resume stand out for this job?” And recruiters will respond with general comments about his previous skills and accomplishments.

Lying On Resume Reddit

“It just went downhill from there. I tested how long I could take these shots before I stopped responding. I really didn’t stop responding,” he said. “There were so many, I didn’t want to deal with it. I tried to, like, have them look at my resume, I answered, ‘Hey, what part of my resume is best for this job?’ ‘Oh, your skills and the company you work for are solid.’ And I say, ‘OK’.”

Don’t Lie On Your Cv; Untrue Credentials Can Land You In A Soup

Lee’s experience also lends credence to the anecdotal stories that pop up almost daily on Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere accusing tech companies of targeting people with experience at elite institutions. While almost all companies tested by Lee have hiring practices that consider people with a variety of backgrounds, here is a clearly designed system that streamlines certain elements on a resume.

The most likely explanation for what’s happening here, of course, involves automation. Many companies use an electronic tool that filters again based on keywords—in this case, those keywords probably include Microsoft, Instagram, and UC Berkeley. While it’s slowly becoming common knowledge outside of the recruiting world, the average job applicant probably assumes that the recruiter at least reads resumes that are successfully filtered through the system. Because of Lee’s experience, they don’t reveal it.

“I don’t know from the recruiter’s side, maybe I’m completely ignorant, but it’s not that hard to read a few shots,” Lee said. Last time

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