Lying About Employment Dates On Resume Reddit

Lying About Employment Dates On Resume Reddit – According to a study by reference checking site Checkster, 78% of applicants lie on their resume. These lies ranged from minor tweaks like increasing GPA by one or two decimal places to something big like claiming to have earned a degree from a prestigious university they didn’t attend. But one thing that applicants have consistently acknowledged is changing employment dates on a resume. It’s a common offense to change employment dates on a resume to close gaps in their employment history or to cover a situation where they left on bad terms.

But that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Find out why you shouldn’t change the working dates on a resume and what you should do instead.

Lying About Employment Dates On Resume Reddit

Lying About Employment Dates On Resume Reddit

Despite many applicants lying on their resumes, and a small lie like changing employment dates may be perceived as unimportant, you should still avoid it at all costs. In general, this can have a dripping waterfall effect on other aspects of your life. Because of this, your reputation and integrity may be damaged. Consider these points:

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The truth always comes out months or years later. Read a few stories of people who changed history on their resumes; it never ends well.

A major reason for changing employment dates is the herd mentality. If everyone is doing it, why shouldn’t I? But this thought process is not a subconscious justification for your actions. Being unethical is a conscious decision.

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Think of the situation in reverse. If you were a hiring manager, would you hire a candidate in any capacity if you found out they were lying on their resume? Probably not.

If you haven’t worked in a while or your employment record has gaps, it can be a little frustrating to date your resume. Despite the inconvenience, it’s very important to be honest with work dates when creating a resume. As you approach a job offer, your new employer will almost certainly check your start dates. The odds of a job offer could drop dramatically if they uncover widespread deception in their employment history.

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Instead of trying to close employment gaps, address them by changing your date format, including non-standard work experiences, or by providing a description in your cover letter.

It is never recommended to skip dates on your resume. It raises a red flag on your resume and can potentially land you in the “no stack” almost instantly. Fortunately, you still have some options to support employment gaps or periods of employment that end in layoffs or layoffs. Try this approach to avoid date crossings on your resume.

Employment gaps are an embarrassing part of many resumes. Still, the perception that hiring managers will immediately remove you from a job candidacy for an employment gap isn’t always true, especially for entry-level positions. Instead of filling employment gaps with fake dates on your resume, use these tips and honesty to navigate the situation properly. You might be really surprised how well your resume turns out.

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Lying About Employment Dates On Resume Reddit

If you’re stressed about an employment gap in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, don’t be. The hiring manager will understand one year of unemployment due to leave, layoffs, or the temporary or permanent closure of your old company.

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Unemployment can wreak havoc on your mental state, leading to feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and depression. While you may need a few weeks to unzip, you can’t let your current work situation beat you. Instead, take the necessary steps to stay hopeful and hone your skills professionally. Doing so will only serve as a way to increase your stake as a professional, coveted candidate in the future.

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Besides being dishonest, lying about work dates is often unnecessary. Employers are aware that many good people and strong workers periodically find it difficult to find work. They also know that sometimes people have to leave the workforce to deal with personal or family issues. By addressing employment gaps openly and honestly, you will quickly address your concerns and make yourself a much stronger candidate.

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