Lululemon Educator Job Description For Resume

Lululemon Educator Job Description For Resume – Recently completed your YTT course and ready to start teaching in the studio? Looking for another educational gig? Hoping to find a job teaching yoga in another country? … then this is for you!

Submitting your professional resume to the studio owner can set you apart from other teachers at your yoga audition.

Lululemon Educator Job Description For Resume

Lululemon Educator Job Description For Resume

I can speak from experience – I am a graphic designer and a yoga teacher. I’ve had several studio owners comment and ask about my resume, “Wow, your resume is so professional!” and, “I’ve never met a yoga instructor before!” and so on.

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Because I took the time to make it easy to read, provided valuable information about myself, and used design techniques to create a beautiful document.

PROTIP: While having a resume is a smart move.. a resume alone won’t cut it. A resume is no substitute for a website. Yoga teachers still need a website 🙂

I cover the standard yoga resume format. Make sure you include each of the following sections…

If space permits, include this at the top of your resume. A sentence or two about who you are, what you do, and what you want to do. Make it simple, unique and please make it original.

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Take the time to think about why you want to teach, what your classes offer, and why the studio would want you on their team. Let your personality shine!

Studio owners want to see if you have the ability to teach: your Yoga Alliance certification, how many hours you’ve completed, and where you’ve trained.

Studio owners can scan this block of text in about 3 seconds. The first bold line helps call out the most important information.

Lululemon Educator Job Description For Resume

Additional Education: Have you completed any seminars or additional training related to education? If so, list it under your basic information in the same format. This includes CPR and first aid training. Do you specialize in physical therapy, psychology or anatomy? Make a list!

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List your official information here as well. If you have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, it shows that you are well-rounded. List these in the same format you used for your yoga study so it can be easily scanned.

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I know, I know, how does a new yoga teacher get teaching experience when every studio wants an experienced yoga teacher?! Keep applying to many studios and you will find a place to teach. I promise.

Meanwhile, create your own experience. Hold free classes in the park or public spaces for family, friends and colleagues. Once I was teaching at the park for my friend’s bachelor party. It was the start of the day and everyone loved starting the day with some movement and breath! Every class you teach is a great experience to add to your resume.

Be sure to include your yoga instructor job description on your resume as well. List points that show your experience in a positive light. If possible, focus on quantitative achievements.

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After your yoga experience, list any other work experience. Select your last or current job. Customer service skills (people skills) are a huge plus for yoga instructors. If you have experience working as a barista, in a retail store, etc., put it on your resume! This shows that you can adapt to work in many scenarios with different people.

If you want the studio owner to call or email you after the audition, make your information easy to see and read.

Place your contact information in the column to the left of your resume or somewhere at the top or bottom.

Lululemon Educator Job Description For Resume

*Disable your address – it takes up extra space, no one will send you anything, and it’s a potential security risk if your resume falls into the wrong hands.

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Not necessarily! If you have a professional photo that matches your yoga brand and personality, feel free to include it on the left or right side of your resume. Avoid selfies and low quality images.

Tip: Leave photos alone. They take up space, can be difficult to type, and sometimes feel unprofessional. Additionally, your yoga instructor website should have enough photos so that the studio owner recognizes you.

The most important goal for your resume is to provide clear and readable information about yourself. Anyone reading your resume should do so within minutes.

Example: See how “Yoga” is drawn in larger and colorful text. The next most important thing is the title of the practice or ‘Yoga Teacher’ in this case. From there, the information is organized so that the reader can scan it and understand what the position means.

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Black, white and maximum 1-2 colors. Preferably the same colors you use on your yoga teacher’s website and logo. Don’t assume that everyone will see your resume on a screen or print it from a color printer. If you make the text light blue, check how it looks when printed in black and white.

If it’s not possible, I promise it’s not. Download my free yoga instructor resume sample to show you how creative layouts can save space on your resume.

If you want to use a unique font, do so only for your headings. If no one can read your resume, they won’t hire you.

Lululemon Educator Job Description For Resume

Here is an example of a yoga teacher resume that I created for myself. You can see how the colors are minimal, there is white space and the content is organized. Start with this sample yoga resume as a guide and feel free to modify it as you see fit.

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Go ahead and get started on your yoga instructor resume. Remember, the most important thing is to show studio owners/managers that you have the skills to train them. Display your information logically, make it easy to read, and make sure a little bit of your personality shines through.

We’re offering this free download so yoga teachers like you can learn what it takes to build your own website! The guide is free and you can download it to your computer immediately. Join the hundreds of yoga teachers who have already downloaded the guide!

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Lululemon Athletica Job Opportunities: A Complete Guide

Seasonal Floor Manager for the 2012 holiday season, working with the management team to manage the floor during store hours

Regularly coaching team members to develop mining personnel to meet their high potential and ensure a fluid management pipeline

Served as event and admissions chair on the 2012 HeartChase event board to coordinate marketing and public relations.

Lululemon Educator Job Description For Resume

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Wrote nearly five published stories for website, produced stories for radio and video, demonstrated strong and versatile communication skills

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