Long Term Care Nurse Resume

Long Term Care Nurse Resume – An increasing rate of chronic disease and an increased emphasis on preventive medicine in the United States has turned nursing into one of the fastest growing industries in the job market. For example, registered nurse employment is expected to grow faster than the average for all other occupations. It doesn’t necessarily mean that getting a registered nurse job will be a piece of cake. Job availability means only one thing – it will be easy for nursing professionals to find jobs. Although registered nurses are in high demand and will be in high demand in the near future, no employer will hire a candidate with a run-of-the-mill generic resume. Landing interviews and getting job offers will still be difficult. Therefore, job seekers need to ensure that their nursing resume will be able to give an edge to other applicants.

Contact details, resume, work experience and education should be a solid foundation for your resume. Therefore, we are not going to discuss these sections as they form almost no summary. When it comes to nursing resumes there are other things that hiring managers will be interested in looking at. Including the things outlined below will not mean that your application will not be refused. They may be lost though.

Long Term Care Nurse Resume

Long Term Care Nurse Resume

Core competencies. The best way to do this is to incorporate your core competencies into your resume section so that potential employers can see them immediately. Having the list of your areas of expertise should also help your resume pass an initial ATS scan as most hospitals and health organizations use applicant tracking software. The key is to make your core competencies as relevant as possible. For example, they could look something like this:

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Computer skills. Highlighting your experience and skills in electronic medical/health records is critical. If you monitor nursing job advertisements, you will notice that most of them have EHR / EMR in the requirements section. If you do not have skills in Meditech, Epic software or any other medical record systems, please include any other computer skills you have. Depending on your experience, you can either include these in your resume section, mention them in job descriptions, or create a separate computer skills section.

Availability. Since nurses work 24/7, your resume should communicate the hours of availability (shifts you are willing to take). It’s a good idea to incorporate your hours of availability even if you apply for a job with a specific shift. The reason is that employers may have another (unadvertised) opening for which you may be a good fit. Furthermore, health organizations usually store resumes and CVs in their applicant tracking systems so that you can be contacted when an appropriate opportunity arises. A resume summary is usually a good place to add your hours of availability.

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Nursing Certificates and Licensing. Although for many occupations, certifications and licensing are not very important, but it is huge for nursing jobs. For each nursing license, include type of license (NP, LPN, RN, CRNA, etc.), issuing body (state), expiration date and license number. For certifications, list names, certification bodies, and dates (either the expiration date or the date the certificate was acquired). List all your nursing licenses and certifications in the section following your education.

Honors and Special Assignments. Things like awards and honors can help any resume sound more convincing and a nursing resume is no exception. Anything you gained at school, at work, or volunteering for health organizations should be mentioned in your main marketing document. Also, don’t hesitate to incorporate special assignments (pay duty, mentoring, etc.). If you have contributed to the honors and awards received by teams, don’t be shy to mention them too. You could more easily have a separate section for these or you could add them where relevant throughout your experience section.

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Membership and Links. Many job seekers tend to underestimate professional contacts and sometimes choose to leave them out. The truth is that employers want to know if you have any membership is difficult. Such things show that there is a close connection between your career and your passion as well as highlight your commitment to the industry. Whether it’s the American Nurses Association, the Emergency Nurses Association or the American Red Cross, don’t hesitate to add it to your resume.

Facility Specifications. Job descriptions on resumes usually include the company name, address, job title, dates of employment, and a list of accomplishments/responsibilities. For nursing resumes, it is highly recommended to add facility details to each job. It helps potential employers put your experience into context and better understand your skills. For example, if you are talking about acute care, be sure to indicate whether you worked in short-term acute care, long-term acute care or a senior nursing facility. If you worked in the trauma centre, please include the level of the trauma centre.

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Unit Details and Number of Beds. Summaries are written for employers to help them understand the candidates’ experiences, skills and qualifications. For nursing jobs, the details of units and the number of beds are things that will say a lot about your past experiences (sometimes, even more than the job description itself). Therefore, please include the total number of beds in the unit you worked in and state the type of unit (ie Intensive Care Unit, Radiology Department, Mobile Unit, etc.). In addition, you could highlight the number of patients per day and/or the nurse to patient ratio.

Long Term Care Nurse Resume

When you try to add these things to your main marketing document, it may take some extra effort and time to organize your resume sections. The result is worth the effort though – your resume will likely have an edge over your competitors.

Nurse Resume Elizabeth (liz) Willis

Nursing is a career that brings many challenges and requires a variety of basic, clinical and non-clinical skills. However, this should not be surprising as nurses often work with those whose lives are currently fragile and who require special care. At , we’ve scanned and analyzed thousands of job postings to identify the best nursing skills that hiring managers want to see on resumes and cover letters.

Some of the skills (especially clinical skills) are technical and cannot be learned without attending nursing classes. Fortunately, there are a variety of nursing programs that can help you gain these skills. The soft skills list is also important as nurses not only do technical work but help people.

Nursing keywords are another important aspect of the resume writing process. As you check various job openings and their requirements, you will come across essential keywords that employers want to see on resumes. In other words, there are things you want to show in order to prove that you are the right fit. In addition, using appropriate nursing keywords will help you successfully pass an ATS scan ensuring that your main marketing document will reach the hiring manager’s desk. The reality is that applicant tracking systems list applicants and its assessment is mainly based on keywords. The higher you are rated according to ATS, the more chance you have of being invited for an interview.

However, after thorough study, we have identified the most important keywords common to all nursing jobs: BSN, clinical, license case, care, medical, records, RN, nursing, team, delivery, needs, management, compassion , maintenance, monitoring, vital signs, CPR, support, and ACLS. But again, the job opening should be the primary source for your keyword insight. Using the Jobscan tool you can even match your resume against the job description to see if you are a good fit for the job.

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When you’re done writing your nursing resume, it’s time to start looking for some jobs. Nursing professionals usually have a wide variety of jobs available, to include registered nurses, nurse practitioners, travel nurses, licensed practical nurses, etc. Remember, anytime you want to apply for a job, you need to tailor your resume to make sure it highlights relevant skills and qualifications. Here are some nursing job adverts:

As you browse the list of nursing jobs, make sure you understand the requirements first. We suggest you focus on the jobs you are qualified for. Don’t try to send your resume to every opening that has “nursing” in it. Instead, take the time to study the opportunity and see if it’s something you can and want to do. Hello! We use cookies to make sure you can fully enjoy our website. Want to know more? View our Cookies Policy.

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Long Term Care Nurse Resume

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