Lifeguard Skills For Resume

Lifeguard Skills For Resume – Are you looking to jump into a new career as a Lifeguard? Why not first review our Lifeguard resume sample which explains all the aspects to consider when creating your unique resume content.

Forget for a moment the red dishes, trials, and tribulations of Baywatch. Lifeguards play an important role on our beaches, waterways and swimming pools so that swimmers and swimmers are protected from danger (even if harm comes in the form of riptides or great white sharks).

Lifeguard Skills For Resume

Lifeguard Skills For Resume

The job of a Lifeguard involves more than just being able to swim and rescue drowning swimmers. However, your resume needs to be carefully prepared to include a document that stands out from the rest and will, in fact, get you the job in the end.

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2. Resume Summary: Your job summary serves the purpose of attracting attention to prompting participants to continue scrolling through the rest of your CV. This one field can make or break your application, so make it count.

3. Qualifications: Lifeguards can find jobs with or without formal qualifications such as diplomas and degrees. For some positions, you don’t even need a high school diploma. As with most jobs, the more education you have, the better your options in terms of pay scales.

4. Relevant Lifeguard Experience: Provide your work history from front to back and also provide information about the job training that is offered in most Lifeguard jobs. Lifeguards often start their careers while still in high school or university so remember to add your summer or holiday lifeguard gigs to work days and months. Stick to short but informative assignments and use bullet points to refine the format of your resume.

5. Skills Summary/Key Skills: The skills section is the area that most applicants will look at first. In the role of lifeguard, you need to demonstrate a combination of soft skills, hard skills, and also physical abilities. Besides listing your skills in their section, you can also weave them through the rest of your content like your resume summary and to do sections. This strategy increases the reliability of your application.

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6. Licensing/Certifications/Applicable Coursework/Education: Lifeguards are there to protect and save lives and to do that one needs licenses, accreditations, and certifications. Lifeguards must also maintain their skills by attending refresher courses and training programs.

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Regardless of your experience as a Lifeguard, recruiters, and employers are more interested than you in being a strong swimmer or in good health.

First, you need to state the type of environmental setting you are exposed to again according to your work experience:

Lifeguard Skills For Resume

The second thing to check is the certificates you received. Although you will list your references and certifications in the education section of your resume later, it is important to also detail the extent of your training completed, workshops attended, and professional programs attended. will be required to complete the Basic Lifeguarding Certification. If you want a job in an underwater environment, you need to get the Waterfront Lifeguarding Certification. When applying for a job at a Resort or Leisure Park, the hiring manager wants to make sure you have completed the Waterpark Lifeguarding Course.

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The following are life-saving measures you can take. This includes tasks such as performing surface water rescue, familiarization with CPR, knowledge of first aid measures, oxygen administration and use of automated external defibrillators. Add some detail here by including experience in dealing with head, back and neck injuries and stabilization techniques you’ve used. You can also describe the type of rescues you have done in the past.

It is important to strengthen your physical condition. A clean bill of health from your doctor must be received before you can even apply for maintenance services. You do not need to attach a medical certificate to your resume but provide the date of your physical examination, the name of your primary doctor and the fact that you have been cleared to participate in all safety and training activities. Strength and endurance levels are factors recruiters and employers will focus on when evaluating your application. Be specific about your physical abilities, the speed at which you can run 100 meters, the fact that you can swim 400 meters in 8 minutes and 50 meters in 50 seconds, if you can lift 100 kilograms or more, have 20/20 vision and the best of the lot. – joints of the legs.

A little detail on the part of the training done will give your application an edge over the other. Organizations such as the American Red Cross, the American Lifeguard Association, and the YMCA offer a variety of lifeguard certification and training courses. For example, if you have trained with the American Red Cross, you can say that you can swim 300 yards non-stop using backstroke, freestyle or breaststroke. Proper diving techniques are important for lifeguard training, so be sure to explain how comfortable you are diving to a depth of 10 meters, for example. In this section it also includes the number of training hours you have under your belt (with the American Red Cross this can range from 30 – 37 hours depending on the certificate you have completed).

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Fitness centers, resorts, recreation centers, and government service agencies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sift through the waves of resumes they receive daily and match keywords from job descriptions to those in resumes. No match, no summary.

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In order to beat these “bots” and ensure that your resume comes under the scrutiny of the human eye, you must use the words and phrases of the job advertisement in your resume content especially the job summary. This is called resume SEO. Use this as your SEO resume to highlight technical abilities, soft skills, years of work experience, and qualifications. The more your resume matches the job description keywords, the better performance you will do.

A Certified Resort Lifeguard has five years of full-time experience in supervising and ensuring the safety of surfers with extensive knowledge of rescue techniques, performing CPR, and providing First Aid. Skills include pool chemical composition and the use of advanced pool cleaning equipment. He has an accident-free record and has received the Lifeguard of the Year award for four consecutive holiday seasons.

A Junior Open Water Lifeguard has two years of experience in maintaining the safety of swimming aboard yachts. He passed the paramedic exam with honors and is currently completing the Paramedic Program through the American Red Cross. Adept at using defibrillators, administering CPR, and performing advanced stabilizing techniques in cases of head, neck, and spine injuries.

Lifeguard Skills For Resume

Certified Beach Lifeguard in mint physical condition and more than 10 years of experience in many swimming rescue activities and maintaining swimming safety in many beach areas. Advanced knowledge of tidal patterns, rip currents, and tides. It works well with children of all ages and also runs informal swimming lessons during the holidays. Prior knowledge of first aid procedures and holds Master Diver Certification.

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Prospective employers expect to see basic skills and work experiences in a Lifeguard Resume. Take a look at the example job description below and use this template to create your own unique set of jobs.

Under your action section, you may be tempted to copy and paste a few of your daily tasks to increase your progress, or perhaps you are not sure what to write in the achievement section. Well, this is another example where you can really brag about your prowess as a lifeguard. In this section think about achievements, rewards, or even rescues that you are most proud of or the special contribution you made that contributed to the safety of swimming or had a positive effect on their experience at the beach.

Action statements can lose their effectiveness if they are not “backed up” by numbers, timing, direction, position, and goals. This is also called resume quantification, where you provide evidence of your skills and experience in lifesaving.

When writing down what you did, you should be answering questions such as, What, When, Where, How often, How or How many. For example:

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Lifeguards can hold full-time and part-time jobs without completing any formal education. However, the more accreditations and certifications you have, the better your chances of getting high-paying jobs. You can also include information about tests and surveys completed during your security work.

List all qualifications, references, and certifications starting with completion dates, then specify name, organization, location, and country. List your high school diploma as well, but include this if you have less than five years of work experience.

Employers may have different requirements listed on the job ad, but technical skills, physical attributes, and interpersonal skills are very relevant to Lifeguards because of the strict safety procedures (you are after all “‘lifeguarding”). Put the skills matrix in your resume, instead of presenting your skills and character for a long time

Lifeguard Skills For Resume

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